WWE star throws a fight challenge to Former United player

WWE star Sheamus had alot to say about former Man United player Gary Neville. He clearly expressed his dislike for the way Neville makes his criticism.

“Gary Neville, he’s not playing anymore, but Jesus, I can’t stand him,” Irish wrestler and Liverpool fan Sheamus said when asked which footballer he’d like to face-off against, as quoted by MEN.

“He looks like he’s chewing a mouthful of bees. I have to say, I probably dislike him more than I dislike Kyle Walker.

“We know that you’re Man United mate, we know you are, but he’s one of these people who gives his opinion but he can’t take anyone else’s opinion, thinking about it or agreeing with it.

“Even Carragher, he’s die-hard Liverpool, but he’s always open to opinions or suggestions.

“Neville, he can’t admit when he’s wrong and he’s wrong a lot. He wasn’t even the best player in the team, he’s a journeyman.”

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