Why are Chelsea called ‘Chelski’? Answered

As Chelsea continue to get increasingly popular, rival fans are constantly aiming to put the Blues down and they’ve come up with a variety of ways to do that.

Chelsea are often referred to online as Chelski, something that is clearly baffling people, since it’s one of the top searches on Google when looking at the club.

Russian Connection

Chelsea’s defining moment in the modern era occurred when the club was bought by Roman Abramovich in 2003.

While rich people have always bought and owned football clubs, a Russian billionaire walking into the Premier League with what seemed like an unlimited supply of money rubbed the media the wrong way.

Thanks to this, the term ‘Chelski’ came into existence to denote the new Russian ownership of the club in a demeaning manner.

It was coined by the English media, an example of which can be seen in this Guardian headline from 2003.

Is it derogatory?

Obviously, Chelski is used by rivals to somehow imply that because the Blues are backed by foreign-wealth, their success is somehow undermined.

Considering that since then, most club have been bought by non-British interests though, the insult has stopped holding so much power.

Of course, the usage of ‘-ski’ in itself is a stereotype but neither the Blues nor Roman are likely to care.

Trademark shenanigans

They care so little that Chelsea apparently tried to trademark the term ‘Chelski’ so that they could use it for merchandizing as a way to earn more revenue.

However, courts rebuffed their attempts to do so, which while slightly disappointing, still pales in comparison to the success the Blues have enjoyed since said Russian ownership came into the club!

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