Tuchel sends warning to Barkley after quality Burnley display

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed what he thinks of Ross Barkley and his future with the club after despite the impressive display against Burnley.

“It depends on himself, first of all, and it is ongoing,” Thomas Tuchel said at a press conference after the Burnley draw of Ross Barkley and his future with Chelsea.

“If he stays positive and hard-working and at the same time I am happy if he is not fully happy. I am happy if he is not satisfied with what he has.

“At the same time, it is necessary that he appreciates where he is right now and his hard work and effort and he was very serious from the first day in pre-season, but there is a lot of competition going on in his position.

“You need to be ready if you play for Chelsea, if you think you are ready and positive there is always a chance to come onto the pitch.

“Unfortunately, we have only three subs so it is not always easy but there is always a chance to prove a point with your performance.”

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Barkley has shown that he can play an important role in the Chelsea squad this season. He was impressive against Villa and Juventus as a substitution.

He was a starter in the game against Burnley which is his first Premier League start this season and had a good game, starting in the number 10 position.

Ross linked the midfield and the attacking line well and could have won the game for Chelsea in the 72nd minute but his effort went over the top.