Rudiger and Silva frustrated reactions as Alonso gifts free header to Wolves captured on camera

Chelsea are gradually drifting from top of the table as they battle from injury and Covid-19 cases. Meanwhile, Marcos Alonso who had a strong start to the season but has not been at his best ever since he’s had to fill in for the injured Ben Chilwell.

There was an instance in the game yesterday evening which caught our attention. Wolves were attacking and a cross was lobbed into the box in the first half.

Alonso saw the ball being delivered but decided, for some reason, to let his man have a free run at the header:

Luckily, the header was weak and was saved by Edouard Mendy. However, Antonio Rudiger and Thiago Silva were clearly not happy with Alonso’s decision-making and man-marking here.

They threw their hands to the side and leaned towards the defender almost as if to say: “What the hell are you doing mate?”

Chelsea fans on social media could not believe this either, as one of them tweeted:

It certainly wasn’t a moment Alonso would like to remember and Chelsea were lucky that the header was a weak attempt.

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