‘I played 4-2-2-2’: Ralf Rangnick reveals his tactics in Crystal Palace win and it’s fascinating

“For me, the question was how do we get pressure on the ball, how do we get control?” said Ralf Rangnick in his post-match interview with the BBC.

“So I decided to play 4-2-2-2 with two strikers, not Cristiano [Ronaldo] alone up front, together with Marcus [Rashford], using pace for vertical balls.

“At the same time, with Jadon [Sancho] and Bruno [Fernandes] on the two 10 positions, for the rest [of the players] it was the same.

“We had enough space with Bruno and Jadon in those 10 positions for our full-backs to play forward and ask for the ball on the wing.”

The Manchester United boss continued: “They [Bruno and Sancho] almost played like wing-backs. Especially in the first half, Alex [Telles] and Diogo [Dalot], did extremely well offensively and that’s why I played 4-2-2-2.

“I’m a big fan of every player plays in his best possible position.”

The German added: “The most challenging, demanding positions in that formation [4-2-2-2] are the two 10s but I still think, especially when [Crystal] Palace was in possession, Bruno and Jadon did well.

“It was a little bit new but not that new, it doesn’t make that much difference if Jadon plays a little further inside or outside but defensively, they both did well.”

The Red Devils bagged three crucial points and maintained a clean sheet at Old Trafford for the first time since in April.

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