Neville blames the United Players except Ronaldo for the Loss to Liverpool – Gives Reasons

Everyone has something to say about the deplorable state of the club, Gary Neville blames the United players except Ronaldo for the embarrassing 5-0 defeat to club’s rivals Liverpool.

Garry Neville said some Manchester United players think they are Cristiano Ronaldo and haven’t done enough to accomodate him.

Life back at Old Trafford has hit a new low for Ronaldo. While the goals are still going in, the desired results haven’t. The 5-0 defeat to Liverpool on Sunday was United’s fifth in their last nine games across all competitions, and the first time they had lost by such a margin at home since 1955 against Manchester City.

It is also a concern to club supporters why Solskjaer continues to play Ronaldo as a lone forward. And with a lack of support, he was effectively a helpless bystander as Liverpool made easy work of United.

Now Neville, who has already urged Solskjaer to use players who will cover for Ronaldo’s lack of pressing in games, has again reiterated his views.

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“There is no excuse for those Manchester United players on the pitch today…,” he said on Sky Sports.

“Ronaldo coming in has been massive. I said it’s like Elvis Presley coming into Manchester, the impact has been unbelievable.

“It’s not just down to him, but what I would expect is that the group of players around him have to make sure they are a foil for him.

“I mentioned before that [Wayne] Rooney, [Carlos] Tevez, Ji Sung Park, and [Darren] Fletcher were players that played around him, they were a foil for Cristiano.

“These players aren’t a foil for Cristiano. They think they are Cristiano, some of them. They don’t work hard enough.”