Man United legend hits hard on Maguire explains how hard Varane absence affects team performance ahead of Manchester derby

Manchester United legends has predicted another dreadful day at Old Trafford as the Red Devils inconsistent performance leaves them vulnerable.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side were once more reliant on the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo, as his stoppage-time equaliser saved a point in Bergamo for the Red Devils on a difficult night.

With Varane and Lindelof uncertain to feature in the derby game on Saturday, the load will be more on Eric Bailly as they tag Maguire ‘not getting it right’.

‘With a performance like that second half, and no (Raphael) Varane on Saturday, it has to be a worry,’ Scholes told BT Sport.

‘City will think they have a good chance of winning, and with no Varane it makes it more difficult for United…

‘It was a little bit messy. When Varane went off it seemed to go all over the place again. They were really shaky, the quality in the middle of the pitch wasn’t great again, giving the ball away far too often.

‘I don’t know if Harry Maguire is still injured or has got a hangover from the Euros, but he doesn’t look right, he’s not with it at the minute.’

Rio Ferdinand added that the team will get slapped again if they go out against Manchester City on Saturday with the present form.

‘If United go out with that second half performance against Manchester City they will get slapped again, three, four, five goals,’ Ferdinand added.

‘The intensity was not there. You look at it and you say what formation are they playing? They were in disarray… Cristiano Ronaldo saved them in the second half.

‘Varane covers both sides very well and as soon as he went off they just looked so shaky, a complete lack of confidence.

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‘They went to a four and it looked like Atalanta could get through this team at any time. United were fortunate Atalanta didn’t score any more and the great man stepped up.’