‘Lukaku has learned his lesson’: Ian Rush applauds Tuchel’s handling of striker’s interview antics

“There’s no one bigger than the club, that’s what it is all about,” Liverpool legend Ian Rush told Football Italia when asked about Romelu Lukaku’s scandalous interview and Thomas Tuchel’s handling of the issue.

“The club comes first and I thought it was an excellent decision by him to drop him.

“Lukaku will come back stronger and better. Lukaku has learned his lesson.

“If there are individuals that think they are better than the team, that creates problems but I think the coaches nailed it, it was an excellent choice from him.”

Rush is backs Tuchel’s management style. The head coach dropped Lukaku for the Liverpool game, waited for Romelu to apologise and calmly re-introduced him back to the team.

There was absolutely no drama involved as Lukaku admitted he was wrong and all parties have moved on.

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