Jurgen Klopp showers praise on his team as the qualify for next UCL round – full excerpts

Klopp showers praise on his team as they qualify for next Champions League rounds after 2-0 victory against Atletico. The manager said he never expected it to be easy games, however, the team had won each of the four games played. He further hailed the boys for the feat.

“In the end, it’s 2-0 – a great night!” Klopp said while speaking to BT Sport after the Atletico win.

“The game was almost perfect. Two incredible balls from Trent and fantastic finishes as well – especially the Sadio one.

“He keeps the ball, passes the ball and then greedy enough to get into the right space in the box.

“When I saw the group, I didn’t expect to be through after 4 games. But the boys did it.

“The first target was to get through the group. To get 4 wins out of 4 is absolutely insane to be honest.”

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Liverpool have defeated Atletico 2-0 and have qualified for the Round of 16. They will win the group no matter how they play the remaining two games.