Chelsea legend Hasselbaink pionts out the problem with the team

Chelsea legend Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has revealed what he thinks is likely the cause of the wrong turn of result being recorded by the team recently.

Hasselbaink questioned the attitude of the players as he makes shocking revelation.

The Blues were leading the way at the summit of the Premier League, until defeat at West Ham United and a home draw with Everton.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Hasselbaink said: “We’re talking about them having a blip, but actually, they have been doing so well, absolutely magnificently, that people are looking at them conceding a few goals and a few things going against them like the West Ham game, and thinking there is something wrong. It happens.

“Yes, they have conceded a few more goals than normal, and it might be that certain individuals might not be as focused as they were because it was getting a little too easy – so they might have to reset themselves on that front to put that right.

“It’s more complacency than going off the boil. Not putting in 100 per cent, putting in 90 per cent – and 10 per cent is a lot in the Premier League.

“So looking at the West Ham game, they were winning and cruising, normally they don’t look back, the opposition don’t come back. So there must be some kind of complacency involved…”

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