‘They don’t even try to hide their agenda’: Fan’s message to FA goes viral after Liverpool game gets postponed

It is become clear that Chelsea have run out of luck with the Premier League after their request to delay the Wolves game a few days ago denied.

The reason for this was not given but it was reported that the Blues had 19 senior players fit and therefore could play out the game.

Now, Liverpool’s boxing day game against Leeds United has been delayed due to an outbreak at the Leeds camp. Similarly, Everton’s game against Burnley has also been delayed.

A Chelsea fan’s tweet on the situation went viral:

It is important to notice that Liverpool did not request the postponement as it was Leeds who did so. However, it is weird to see their request being granted while Chelsea’s was denied!

The Reds will get a small break as a result and their COVID absentees have already reported back to training, with Virgil van Dijk and Fabinho returning.

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