Chelsea hero Canoville reveals his biggest Star among Club players

Former Chelsea winger Paul Canoville has revealed that he is convinced Trevoh Chalobah is destined for an England call adding that he is the one of the biggest stars in the club so far.

Chalobah has been outstanding this season – his first as a senior Chelsea player.

Canoville told The Sun: “[Chalobah’s] a very humble guy, very honoured.

“I love what the youth academy has done… Neil Bath especially.

“It’s a project of getting the young players to understand how the first-team plays and acts.

“That’s what they’ve picked up.

“As soon as they’ve come in, right away they understand the system and that’s what makes them gel, that’s what makes them not look out of place – they look like they’ve been there for how long.

“Trevoh, he’s unbelievable. So down to earth… family orientated.

“He was given his chance and he took it.

“That’s what any young player wants to be, he wants to be in that first-team and when he gets in that first-team he has to take his chance, and that’s what Trevoh has done.

“He’s still willing to learn and that’s the main thing, and he’ll continue to do that.

“He has great pros around him that will teach him even more.”

On England, Canoville continued: “(Gareth) Southgate’s got a great assistant (Steve Holland) that we all know came from Chelsea as well, so he’ll know the background, he understands, he’ll be in connection with Neil Bath and several other players.

“It’ll be a great opportunity, don’t get me wrong, and I know Trevoh will be up for it as well as the other players.

“They’ll all be up for it, representing their country, so look out for him definitely.”

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