Chelsea fans rates 18-year-old Harvey Vale’s Blues debutant tags him a superstar

Harvey Vale has received massive accolades from Chelsea fans after making his professional debut for Chelsea in the win against Brentford in the League Cup.

Primarily a midfielder, Vale is capable of playing in multiple attacking positions and had a great game for the Blues.

After the game, Vale tweeted out his happiness at his debut:

Chelsea fans in the replies sent their best wishes to the 18-year-old, congratulating him on the match and hoping to see him more as time passes:

bryanrole: “Harvey Vale I have photos of you in my house,wallpapers of you on my phone, drawings of you on my wall, succeed my superstar”

HB_Headcoach: “Delighted for you mate! Just the start of things to come.”

Jahdie14: “Well played! Keep up the hard work and it is sure to pay off even more.”

_CFCLiam: “You’re already better than Joao Felix.”

TOSOT_CFC: “You are going to be a superstar Harvey. Stay focused and I’m sure you’ll be a huge player for us.

SmithiVega: “My G!!! Was impatiently waiting for ur performance today and u didn’t disappoint.. your skills were so top-notch… Hoping to see u more often this season.”

We could see Vale making an appearance in the FA Cup or even the semi-finals of the League Cup. The teenager surely has great things ahead of him if he can keep up the hard work.

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