Amazing Chelsea Kepa finally reveals his penalty saving secrets

Chelsea goalie Kepa Arrizabalaga has made 8 penalty shoot-out saves, surpassing Petr Cech’s previous record of 6.

“I’ve liked penalties all my life, all my career I’ve saved penalties,” Kepa told Chelsea’s official website when asked if there is a secret to his ability.

“I don’t want to say I have a secret, because maybe I don’t, but I feel well in that area.

“It is like some players feel comfortable in free-kicks or penalty shooting, like Jorginho. It’s one quality that I have, so I try to put my quality in this area at the disposal of the team.

“I think success in penalties for a goalkeeper is down to a bit of everything. It’s a bit of preparation, it’s a bit of luck, it’s a bit of mental strength, it’s a bit of your quality – it’s a mix.

“Right now every team, every player, has information about the other players, so it is about how you manage that information. This is not mathematics, it’s not just two plus two equals four, so the instinct and how you approach the penalties is also important.

“Before the penalties start you are talking about it with the goalkeeper coach, with the other goalkeepers, more or less knowing who is playing in the other team, because after 90 minutes or 120 minutes, normally the other team make subs.

“So you are making your idea of who could shoot, who cannot and just being ready to go to the goal. But there is not too much time to think about it, you know already how to approach it, how to stay in the goal, so it’s just about being relaxed but being ready.”

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The 27-year-old Spaniard has lost the starting spot to Edouard Mendy. He has started 3 games for the Blues so far this season, keeping in a clean sheet in a 3-0 victory at Spurs.