Wakanda Nation Income Program.

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We have taken our time to notice that several people do join the make money online platforms in Nigeria and actually pay for them.

But be that as it may, several people with a less deep pocket wouldn’t like to burn a hole in their wallets as a result of registering for these make money online platforms.

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Rather, they do rely on websites like blogincomes.com.ng, prospernoah.com, theprofany.com, blogsng.com and several make money blogs to leverage the best hacks to make money with these platforms without paying much.


If you knew us very well, you will know we write the wicked kind of reviews about how to make money online and we believe that writing about one of the best make money reading news platforms in Nigeria (Wakanda Nation Income Program) wouldn’t be too out of place.

Note: we will not be writing a very long description of the Wakanda Nation Income Program as the reason for this article is to explore the tweaks to earn with it without actually going for a premium account.

What is Wakanda Nation Income Program

Wakanda Nation Income Program is a news reading website in Nigeria that pay its users to read the news, leave comments in them and for their daily login into their accounts and not forgetting to pay them for sharing sponsored posts in their timeline (For premium members only).

This platform pays as this;

  • #50 daily login
  • #50 every sponsored post shared
  • #2 for every valid comment on posts (Limited to 1 comment per post)

Now with this data, let us now see how we can make the Wakanda Nation Income Program pays our debt for the first week without actually being a premium member.

Warning: You must be very much active and hardworking if you need this system to work for you. Remember, no food for a lazy man.

Without further ADO, let us proceed to learn the basic way to earn money with Wakanda Nation Income Program without spending a dime.

Step 1

  • Go to Wakanda.ng and signup for a free account.

Make sure you provided your email address (Correctly) and a password you can easily recall and then move to the next step of verifying your email address in your email inbox.

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When you are done with this part, proceed to the next part which is to log in and earn your first #50.

At this juncture, everyone thinks it’s about going directly to the premium plan option and pay up to get your affiliate link so as to invite your friends and get paid a commission when they signup.

If this is what everyone that gets registered was gonna do, then what is the real joy of the program stated above?

We do not see the real idea in this mindset and as such we have decided to elevate our game a bit to beat others who just think straight about this program.

So this will take us to the step 2 and mind you, this is where the magic happens

Step 2

  • Go to the articles side and open a single article in the platform

When you open up the article, you can take your time to scroll down to the comment box and leave a comment, and at this point, you just secured yourself the sum of #2.


That is a little amount I reckon but HEY!

It will come in handy as we proceed.

With #52 as your current balance, you can now presume how easy earning can be.

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As the statistics read, Wakanda.ng income program website has above 10,897 valid topics discussed on all the categories of the website under different sections which included politics, webmaster, news and entertainment at large currently.

So let’s do a little math here;

  • Say you can leave a single comment on all the 10,897 posts on the platform, and you earned #2 for every valid comment you left in the platform, then you are on the other way around earning about #21,794 as much as you are able to give in to the time schedule.

You see, that was easy right?

We do know you must have a little question to ask about the mobile data you would be wasting to perform this function. Probably the same amount you are making will have to go down the drain as a result of the data.

But wait….

We have got you a solution.

This will be discussed in step 3 so we suggest you read sternly and thoroughly.

Step 3

  • The issue of mobile data to perform this function has been solved with the MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, and GLO midnight data bundle plan.

Yes, actually that’s the solution.

Choose a network sim from the above mentioned with the best network coverage in your area and make for the midnight browsing bundle which is bought for #25 and this will allow you surf the internet from 12:00am to 7:00am in the morning.

In the course, you should make it a point of duty that you opened up to 1,500 posts on the platform and you can earn #2 for every post you opened and with this, you can be making yourself above #3,000 every night with little or no investment.

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Seem time consuming and tiresome right?


This is why we said you must be willing to work on this platform if you needed to make this amount in a week.

Note: please while doing this, you should mark the post you stopped on for the night before resuming with other activities for the day.

To do this, you will need to write out the post number and also the name of the post or the title as it appeared on the platform to avoid forgetting it.

After all, no one is born a machine.

Using this method, you can always take your nap in the morning as you know exactly what you are looking for online on this platform.

Step 4

  • While commenting, try making it look as reasonable as ever.

Do not make senseless comments, as a result, you wanted to complete on time, you could be found out.

While leaving comments on the posts in Wakanda Nation Income Program, try to sound as real as ever and also make sure you leave meaningful comments in them and do spend a little time to seem as if you scanned the news on your screen before commenting.

The above-explained is all you could need for a smooth running of a free Wakanda Nation Income Program and earn money without really paying for premium membership.

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Just note that you will need to be very hard working on this platform to be able to achieve this feat.

One quick guide to easier earning;

You could need a laptop or a tab to offer a broader interface to open many tabs at once and also offering better loading speed to allow you all the easy access you might desire.

Wrap up

We decided to put up this little write up because we were stirred up by the question of one of our readers today asking how she can make money easily with Wakanda Nation Income Program without spending too much and having to work her ass off just to convince people to join the program.

So as a result, we decided to give out this awesome tip as it was already working for her as it stands.

We will urge you to join the program and follow the detailed instruction above to earn money on the platform easily.

We shall also be writing another detailed review of this platform for those who used this method to earn but couldn’t continue earning from the coming week, as a result, all the posts have been commented on.

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We will equally provide you with a detailed guide on how to do this also.

With our detailed guide, you can be earning above #80,000 monthly from Wakanda Nation Income Program.

Just wait for it.