UK vs Nigerian adsense; which is best?

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When it comes to Adsense, it’s quite easier for you to earn better than several other ad networks but that doesn’t end there.

You see, to every one that wishes to do something well he must master the secrets in-depth and with the total consciousness of what he should and should not do.

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In this article, I will be writing on why UK Adsense is a good option ahead of USA and Nigerian Adsense for bloggers.

Note: this is specifically for bloggers who earn between $10-80 monthly using Adsense.

You cannot deny the fact that once you’re not a top blogger with several thousands of traffic daily to your website that you cannot make anything more than $3 daily and this is where my drill comes into play.

Let’s assume you make $3 daily and for 30 days its $90 then I suppose you might have a problem here if you’re using Nigerian Adsense or USA Adsense because you cannot cash out and at the same time you’ll be shattered and equally broke just only waiting for the next month to get paid by Adsense.

Isn’t this what you’re going through as a meager blogger?

Well if that is, I might be of some important help here.

Nigerian Adsense and USA Adsense are quite good but there are several advantages that the UK Adsense have over it and this cannot be changed.

Let’s quickly look at why you should choose UK Adsense above Nigerian and USA Adsense.

. Minimal withdrawal limit ( Uk Vs Nigerian Adsense )

We talked about this just right above there when this article started.

The withdrawal threshold for UK Adsense is considered to be €60 while that of the USA and Nigerian Adsense are $100 respectively.

Considering the fact that €60 is quite equivalent to $100 and getting to €60 per month is quite easier and less stressful for meager bloggers, then in my opinion, you should go for UK Adsense instead of Nigerian or USA Adsense.

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Even if you have to buy it.

For bloggers who earn above $100 monthly with their websites, check what a privilege and a boost in income it would be for you to earn the same figure in UK Adsense and be paid in pounds (€).

As we all know, pounds is higher in value than a dollar.

Shall we look at the second reason below?

. Cost of verification and what to verify ( Uk Vs Nigerian Adsense )

UK Adsense is quite similar to Nigerian Adsense when we talk about what to verify as they verify the only pin but the USA Adsense verify the pin and tax.

Nigerian Adsense is better when looked at from this angle.

For UK Adsense, the price for verification is quite cheap considering here in Nigeria we used to verify Adsense through some professionals in the said field and the price is relatively cheap compared to USA Adsense where you pay for pin and tax verification differently.

You do not pay for verification for Nigerian Adsense as you can use any local address or postal address near you.

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. Difficulty in approval ( Uk Vs Nigerian Adsense )

UK Adsense as we all know has an easy approval time span and the equally better chance of approval than Nigerian and USA Adsense for reasons the only Google could give.

So far this is the case, why don’t we concern ourselves on the UK Adsense as it is quite easier to get approved into than the USA and Nigerian Adsense.

Note: it’s almost very difficult to get into Nigerian Adsense or to be approved for it.

. Currency denomination ( Uk Vs Nigerian Adsense )

It is a surface phenomenon that UK Adsense pays in pounds and USA and Nigerian Adsense pays in dollars.

Let’s run through the prices of the said currency in Naira now:

  • 1 dollar – 360 naira
  • 1 pounds – 520 naira

How good is the difference to you?

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Its quite a very large difference and cannot be compared. So let’s imagine when you make $500 monthly with Nigerian Adsense, making the same amount in pounds (€) wouldn’t it be great?

I guess it should be.

The currency denomination is one of the facts that distinguish USA, Nigeria and UK Adsense.

. Withdrawal and cashout ( Uk Vs Nigerian Adsense )

Well, to withdraw earnings from a UK Adsense account isn’t much easy as the Nigerian Adsense but almost the same with USA Adsense as both use the same payment gateway.


Nigerian Adsense pays directly into your bank account but UK Adsense does not and so is USA Adsense.

They pay you through your Payoneer account and you can withdraw your earnings through any local bank in Nigeria.

This is an advantage as it adds a boost to your ego as you withdraw your earnings via the ATM machine.

“Imagine as you walked to the bank and made out your payoneer mastercard and was waiting in the queue to get to your turn, anyone looking in your hand will be quite amazed at the card you held as its not that easy to come accross a payoneer card”

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You see, this is a boost.

Wrap up ( Uk Vs Nigerian Adsense )

With some specific reasons which I believe I have talked about above, I think it is quite easy for you to use and earn very well monthly using UK Adsense other than USA Adsense and Nigerian Adsense.

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