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Hey’ this is only temporary.

I wasn’t happy as no result matching the fully well-constructed question of “Why did topbuzz referral stop” in google, bing, and yahoo as no one have ever deemed it fit to tell the whole wide world why topbuzz referral stopped.

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I am not supposed to be the first to write about this review about topbuzz referal programme being stopped as there are several authority domains out there who should have first taken this up to inform the rest of the world.

“topbuzz is a global service like youtube and google Adsense so we take no exception on where and how you publicize it as your opinion always affect the world”.

Although, quite consequently as I browsed the internet to get a reliable result on the reason why the topbuzz referral programme ended, I couldn’t find any reasonable result and per se, I didn’t see it as alright as no information was held on the stop in topbuzz referral programme.

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Since there were websites that wrote a full guide to the topbuzz referral programme, why wouldn’t there be anyone who wrote about the stop in their referral programme?

I suppose everyone wants to keep this programme shady and no one ever wants to discuss it.

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Here, we love to keep our dedicated readers updated with any singular issue we knew and saw to be befitting.

This is the solemn reason we wrote the Topbuzz review in our previous article and we are here now to make you know why the topbuzz referral programme stopped.

Let’s dive in to discuss why the topbuzz referral programme stopped as I supposed you’re here for the obvious

My story

Note: I took an already made topbuzz referral account.

When I got into topbuzz which was dated around 24th April, 2018, the programme had existed since the beginning of March till April but was stopped in late February 2018 and it resumed again on beginning of March.

When I joined topbuzz referral system, I asked several questions which seemed they could never get a better answer from anyone and I began to quest for answers myself.

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I learned that topbuzz referral is a start-stop programme which doesn’t have a specified date for starting and stopping as it has always been right even before I joined the programme.

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The reason why topbuzz referral stopped (An assumption from a topbuzz pro.)

The company topbuzz themselves have never disclosed any reason whatsoever why they always stopped and started their referral system on monthly basis.

So as a topbuzz professional contributor, I have decided to bring up two assumptions based on the reason why their referral programme stopped.

This reasoning I am about to share with you doesn’t really mean that this is the core reason topbuzz referral stopped but after much brainstorming thinking, I could give you these as their reasons for putting a stop to the programme.

Note: these below stated and explained reasons do in no way represent the full opinion or idea of the topbuzz community but the simply represent the critical thinking of a top contributor.

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Since several answers are being sought online daily on this said topic, I suppose you’ll chew on this till the topbuzz referral opened again (Presumably by early June).

Two reasons why topbuzz referral stopped

. Increase in publishers without the same increase in content in the topbuzz system

Topbuzz is a platform that works like youtube.

This simply means that the content you upload in their platform earns you money instantly as people watch them and react to them.

Here your views turn into money as you get paid.

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. Now here is the logic…

As several people and contributors join topbuzz, they would experience a push in quantity in their publishers and quite frankly they equally expected a push in contents quantity so as to keep their viewers active and entertained.

The data of the statistics as I supposed could mean that “the higher the participants, the more same quantity of articles seen on their platform”.

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This wouldn’t interest anyone, would it?

Topbuzz may have taken a precautionary measure to check this fluctuation by placing a breach on their referral programe so that many people wouldn’t join the system and the said system still experience a stagnancy in contents.

This number one stated reason may be as a result of;

  • . Naturally inactive members
  • . Non-interested users in the system
  • . Those who intentionally left as the system couldn’t make them enough money
  • . Members who joined the system for incentives for the referrer
  • . Members who are too eager to make money but just quit because it wasn’t a money making machine.

This above stated reason may be the reasons why topbuzz referral programme stopped for now.

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. The GDPR (General Data Protection Rule) effect

You know the European GDPR just came into effect on 25th May 2018 and equally topbuzz gave their own warning towards it as they would party in compliance to the GDPR.

As top buzz is a programme that deals on handling several personal data, they may have taken another turn to this said effect of the GDPR but we wouldn’t consider that much as this stop-start with topbuzz referral isn’t something new to the system.

Although notwithstanding these reasons, we still have every tenacity to believe that several companies would react differently towards the compliance to the GDPR force as it took effect by may 25th, 2018.

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We have every reason to believe that this might have accounted for why the topbuzz referral stopped for the meantime.

Wrap up

Topbuzz referral programme being stopped will only last for a few weeks before it will be reopened again as this isn’t the first or second time its happened.

One thing is for sure here, we have tried to explain by assumption the reason the referral programme stopped but still we take no claim that this is the specifically the reason they stopped the referral programme.

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Only topbuzz itself has the legitimate answer to that question.

If we did serve you well with this write-up, we could use a comment for your appreciation.