• Believe me, time for joking around is really over.

Mind if we get a little serious here?

I have always used Nairaland as a blogger and a top webmaster to drive high-quality leads and visitors that turned into sales to my website and I couldn’t agree less that the Nigerian number 1 forum isn’t worth giving a try.

During the course when I started making use of this awesome forum, I have been able to increase the number of my website visitors by a huge figure which undoubtedly ranged from 2,000 to 10,000 monthly considering the kind of content I had written there.

No doubt, some newbie bloggers do not know about this platform at all.

You see…..

One of the big questions we ask ourselves as beginner bloggers is how can I increase my website visitors at a little cost to me without burning a hole into my wallet but I guess the answer is always to use social media.

Well, social media my foot.

Social media gets you social traffic without any direct intentions of bringing you sales or conversion or leads but they will only bounce off in a matter of seconds from your website.

Really not a good one is it?

No, it isn’t.

  • This is where the Nigerian number 1 forum comes into play.

But before we went into details and explained everything to you, you must consent to something here!!!

Would you mind if we got more organic here?

Read on!

Nairaland referral visitors background

According to an estimation, Nairaland serves about 60% of its visitors coming directly from search engine and basically Google.com.ng as it is an extension for the Nigerian Google search engine.

The visitors who came through the search engine have a tendency which is above average to buy something from them or to contribute to an immense low bounce rate and thereby increasing the read time of a website.

With an estimated 2 million page views daily, you can believe with me that Nairaland referral traffic can be very good feat for your Ebusiness.

In my experience as a blogger, I once sold a hosting package through Nairaland traffic to my website on a hosting review I made with whogohost affiliate and it really paid off.

Funny thing is, I was able to pull this off with just two days of the article appearing on Nairaland first page but I had tons of visitors from highly targeted Facebook ad to the same article days after the first sales without getting any sales from them.

Approximately, I had 400 visitors visit the same post through Nairaland referral visitors and made one sale but equally, I had over 10,000 visitors to the same post after it went down on Nairaland and I made no sales through Facebook.

Notwithstanding it was perfectly targeted.

In other views, using Nairaland have fetched me more revenue than using any other external traffic source and the best of all was that it was really for free as I did pay for nothing while the traffic was coming in.

  • I just used smart tips to pull this off.

As true as these assertions may sound, may I remind you that using Nairaland sometimes can seem like crap and will fetch you nothing and this is basically as a result of not appearing on the first page.

There are many factors that come into play while determining who comes to the first page and who doesn’t but we shall come to that later.

In my own candid opinion, leveraging Nairaland free and targeted referring visitors can be a very good way to boost your website audience daily and monthly and the best of all is using Nairaland banner ad as it converts best and even more than the Facebook ad itself.

This is still considering you’re a Nigerian blogger.


Let’s get to factors that determine how many visitors (Free) you can actually get from Nairaland

  • Article from

The form or the kind of article you publish or submit to Nairaland determines how many visitors you can generate from it considering they have their specified topics and categories in the forum.

Most times, viral contents drive you the best visitors and trends well in the system considering what their potential visitors do love to see while surfing the system.

So this means that writing almost educative contents will not thrive well with the system and bringing you desired visitors but writing viral celebrity or news can fetch you as much visitors as you want to your website.

I suggest you start writing viral contents to Nairaland and place your link finally.

  • Understanding the different categories and how they work

Writing on Nairaland requires your full understanding of all the categories and how they work specifically in their own respect.


Writing anything on the news related sections of Nairaland will call for you to write a short snappy content and then forward your visitors to your own website using a link.

Of course, everyone who read the news will want to see photos or better still to read the full content.


If you’re in any category that focuses on business ideas, how to make money online and anything else apart from entertainment, you’re highly required to write the full text and place your link as the source below.

This will bring you visitors who need to see more of your contents in your own website.

Writing a short and snappy content here and then placing your link will reduce visitors and their interest in what you’re writing.

For websites that write long articles like us, the short snappy side might be an introduction.

This is written from experience I have gathered for over years writing on Nairaland.

  • Captivating title (Rich snippet)

Believe me, rich snippet still works.

Writing a captivating title for your content on Nairaland will call for several people to click through and this will increase your chance of making the first page and increasing your CTR and traffic to your website.

And in an overall term, increasing the whole business you have to do on your website.

Notwithstanding how different a blog post title is, you can always change the title while publishing on Nairaland so as to attract better click through but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should change your blog post heading itself.

  • Writing on the appropriate section or category

I have seen several people writing about how to make money online in the career section while it was supposed to appear in the business section or webmaster section.

You should take a very good care of where you write your contents because it really affects reach and also increases your sales on your website.

  • Finally, avoid spamming

This can permanently erase your website from the Nairaland database and you will never publish anything again.

Spamming the forum include;

  • Insulting moderator or a member
  • Writing on a post being written before
  • Stealing from an existing members post and republishing it
  • Submitting the same content over and over again
  • And several others but we think you should know the basic ones

So can we wrap up?

Using Nairaland the right way can make your website go viral and increase your potential revenue with the website considering any monetization means or method you’re using.

Nairaland traffic does best for;

  • Affiliates
  • CPC ad networks
  • CPM ad networks
  • PPL affiliates
  • PPC affiliates
  • Pay per call affiliates

That is simply to say that it works best for everything you can ever use to monetize a website as a newbie without any professional skill to offer but considering you have some special skill to offer, this can be a very great place to leverage a very very awesome income through rendering professional services.