Why you should register your domain with a .ng instead of .com as a Nigerian Blogger

Seeing the volume of .com domains in Nigeria when you look up a search keyword in google search engines these days is almost next to none and this is not all good for your business.

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Let me explain something here before we move further with our article, I believe the reason why the .com domain is more common in Nigeria is that of its popularity, price and most importantly, the attitude of Nigerian bloggers to follow up their partner’s footprints.

Now having explained this…

“let’s ask ourselves this crucial question, why am I not ranking higher on search engine results for my keywords in Nigeria notwithstanding the fact that I was targetting Nigeria in my webmaster”.

The answer to this never-ending question lies inside your decision on a .com domain and .ng domain. Several Nigerian blogs using the .ng have always ranked better in search engine results than the .com domains.

To spice this article up, a .com.ng website tends to rank better than a .com domain in Nigerian search result and we have concluded this with a proof.

A six months old website mrppblog.com.ng wrote an article about diets for monkeypox patients and was able to rank the fourth position on google first page out of 660,000 results in (0.56) seconds ahead of several other websites that have survived years in the blogging industry eg vanguard.com, dailytimes.com, naij.com and a host of several Nigerian top blogs.

The amazing part of this observation was that the post was only a day old before it was searched over the web and it came up in the first page and was still there till date.

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We have taken some time to evaluate the pros of using a .ng domain specifically in Nigeria than a .com domain and also to suit the comparison we have also compared the cons of using a .ng domain over .com domains in Nigeria.

Using a .ng domain serves some pros and cons here are the pros and cons.

.ng domain pros

  • Ranks better and higher in local search terms than .com domains.
  • It better represents the brand of the country you’re serving your website from.
  • It builds a stronger reputation from the local visitors.

.ng domain cons

  • It is relatively costly. Accounting for approximately #15,000 on registration.
  • Can only be offered by local domain sellers eg whogohost.com but cannot be offered by foreign domain sellers eg namecheap.com.
  • It cannot rank better in foreign search results only locally.

Having taken down the pros and cons of a .ng domain name, we should proceed to write about the .com domain name its pros and cons.

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.com domain name pros

  • It is relatively cheap. Accounting for #4000 on the purchase. Almost three times less than a .ng domain.
  • It can rank better in universal search than a .ng domain.
  • It is used to build a stronger reputation with your foreign visitors.

Cons of a .com domain

  • Doesn’t rank better than a .ng domain in local search results.
  • It is almost too common to everyone who owns a website and as such reduces search engine ranking.
  • Hides a newly launched website from its competitors as its SEO is less strong in local search results.

Wrap up.

If we could accept to use a .ng domain instead of a .com domain we could create a website to rank higher in search engine results than any other website with a .com domain extension.

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