Whogohost vs Garanntor. A Detailed Comparison Between The Shared Hosting of The Two Local Hosting Companies.

It is without a doubt that the claim leveled to the audience by the hosting provider “whogohost” as the best web hosting provider locally seem to be true considering all odds they may be facing currently with the ever-growing tech-savvy world where other hosting companies have started competing with the best local hosting provider of yester-years.

The same claim about being the best hosting for web developers was some months back taken up by “Garanntor hosting” and we here @blogincomes.com.ng decided to draw a table for comparison between the two local web hosting companies according to facts gathered from their individual patronizers.

Still on the issue of web hosting, I suggest you should know this, several if not all the hosting companies in the world will claim to be the best in the field of web hosting but to be sincere, even the best web hosting companies do have their flaws, so in effect we urge our readers to take every bad side of these hosting companies not too serious.

  • As stated by Brad Pitt “All businessmen are liars”

We cannot keep mentioning that one of the basic steps to launching a website is hosting the website and therefore in this, you should keep two critical things in check before you decide which hosting to go for. These things are:

  • How much you have to spend
  • What quality of service do you need
  • How much do you have to spend

If you have yourself a little income or a little cash as a beginner blogger, I suggest you start with these cheap Nigerian Hosts eg. Speedyconnect, whogohost, phimorehost, Garanntor and a host others for the start so as to enable you to scale through trial times blogging.

If you have much capital set aside for the business of blogging, then I suggest you patronize hostgator, bluehost, ipage, siteground, hostmonster and a host of several others whose prices are twice the price for local hosts.

What quality of service do you need

This basically depends on the individual and for what purpose a website is. If your website is a personal blog, then you can seek moderate service which can be given by the local hosting in Nigeria but if your website is an official business website that requires high-quality services then you should choose from the list of above foreign hosting providers.

NB: I wouldn’t want to sound mean but read me, Nigerian web hosting services is too bad. I once had an experience with philmorehost.

Let us quickly dive into the reason for our article here today.

Knowing fully well that we cannot analyze every part of the two web hosting companies above, still, we have to cover some parts of the web hosting service for full comparison. In this effect, we shall be comparing the two web hosting companies with their shared hosting plans as they are considered the best local web hosting providing shared hosting web owners.

Whogohost shared hosting detail

Premium plan

  • #6,000 yearly
  • #6,00 monthly
  • (Standard site with low traffic)
  • 4GB web space
  • 15GB bandwidth
  • Free.NG domain
  • 10 subdomains
  • 2 Hosted addon domain
  • 2 Parked domains
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited SQL Databases
  • PHP, CGI enabled

Pros of whogohost

  • #8,500 monthly
  • #8,50 monthly
  • (standard website with moderate traffic)
  • 6GB Web space
  • 25GB Bandwidth
  • Free.NG domain
  • 15 Subdomains
  • 3 Hosted Addon Domain
  • 3 Parked domain
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited SQL database
  • PHP, CGI enabled

Let’s look at the Garanntor web hosting

  • LH-Micro
  • Disk space 1GB
  • Traffic 10GB
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 2 domains allowed
  • N300 paid monthly


  • 5GB disk space
  • 50GB traffic
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited database
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Domains allowed 4
  • N500 paid monthly


  • 30GB disk space
  • 100GB traffic
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Domains allowed 10
  • N1,200 paid monthly

As our comparison above stands, if you by chance happen to wish for a website, at an affordable plan and price, you should give either of two local web hosting companies above the chance to host with them.

Personally, I recommend “Garanntor” as their package is cheaper than that of whogohost and also according to host advice, the editors choice in Nigerian local web hosting companies still remains “Garanntor”.

Adding some discredit to whogohost is the current negative reviews which everyone using their services seem to be giving out against them. Although nothing to fear because all hosting companies have stories to tell.

The good side of both the hosting plans is that allow average Nigerians to own a website by supporting monthly payment.

Wrap up

I wouldn’t say our review is 100% of what you may want to know about the two local web hosting companies “Whogohost and Garanntor” but I can assure you, our review covers the most important part and aspect of their service. These two local web hosting companies are a good shot to start your website with.


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