Over the years, bloggers have grown quite keen trying to find out what really is the issue with their websites being not able to generate a higher cost per click on ads served on their websites.

Strictly we are talking about google Adsense publishers here.

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Trying to explain what truly determines websites cost per click on ads is going to take quite a long time so to say. Hence we advised you keep relaxed as you find what the issue with your website really is.

We estimated the read time of this article to be about 5 minutes.

First let me introduce my own personal experience with a niche blog I owned (An entertainment niche website) which I started blogging with and I was able to get really famous with the website kabsedo.com. During the course of this my ordeal with my website, I was having visitors strictly from Nigeria and also my clicks were coming from the same place.

I wrote basically Nigerian news and for the records I dominated several search terms in the blogosphere and in google search alongside bing search. I was able to get up to 500 visitors from google and bing search engines but I still maintained a consistent low CPC of $0.01-0.08.

I began to wonder if it were a myth behind what many of the wembasters who made the assertion that search engine/organic traffic is the best and pays better with Adsense.

I kept the website strictly to search engine traffic coming from google and bing but the issue is a consistent decreasing CPC of my Adsense. “At this point I wonder why”.

This is where the issue comes in…

What really affects websites CPC on google Adsense, is it traffic source or the website niche or the keyword used (either long tail keyword or short tail keyword).

Since we have been in the blogosphere for too long, we presume we could give our best shot at trying to answer this question above as we have taken time to quietly take good care of the question and consequently the answers that could solve the question.

Before I moved on with this, I would like to talk about something which could open your eyes better to know exactly from what point I am driving from.

The little experiment I took

Knowing fully well that webmasters blog and blogging tips blog pays very well with Adsense, notwithstanding wherever the traffic into the webmaster blog or blogging tips blog is coming from (either search engine or social media traffic or referral traffic), I wasn’t able to make upto $0.10 per click on my blog blogincomes.com.ng.

Here’s is how I did this…

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I sent referral traffic from my entertainment website kabsedo.com directly to the homepage of my website blogincomes.com.ng and the visitors increased by 0.50% but apparently my CPC didn’t increase even owing to the fact that my website has only visitors from search engine coming to it.

Truthfully, I did receive clicks on my ads but they are very low paying on my Adsense.

My CPC as of then was never above $0.10 but initially while I was using a paid campaign with my traffic provider, my CPC was $0.89 and $1.20 respectively.

The traffic from the paid campaign wasn’t coming directly from search engine but a referral traffic from my webtraffic provider.

NB: we carried out this by ourselves and we came out with a confidential result that could stand overtime.

These little happenings just brought me to the point of wondering why all these things do happen to several bloggers and Adsense publishers.

Permit me to say this, several bloggers do not understand the ethics of blogging and also they are not conversant with what is CPC, CPM, RPM and most especially CTR so we are writing this content to just educate on the little side that we can here on in this specific writeup.

Now let us dive into the obvious as I believe you must be here to get solutions.

We shall explose three things under the question “what really affect website CPC?”

These three things that will be discussed below are the basic reasons why your website CPC could either be high or relatively low with proof of our examination carried out.

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Read on to see these below

. Website niche

Wait; how possible was it for a general niche website such as Naij.com make such a huge amount of money daily without being a niche website?

Guess you know what the secret is?

We often believe that website niche has an effect on websites CPC on Adsense but may I tell you that this isn’t much of a truth.

Yes it is and know why?

Since I was able to drive 500 visitors from organic search to my website in webmaster niche and hoping to make the best out of it, I was only able to hit couple cents daily. Since it is said that website niche affects CPC, I do not think it is true as I never met any good CPC as I had search traffic coming to my webmaster/blogging tips website.

What am I trying to say in essence here;

Your Adsense CPC is not at all affected by your website niche whatsoever rather you can say that it is your visitors and its quality that affects your CPC.


When I was an entertainment blogger, I took a little time to purchase USA, UK, Canada and Australia targeted visitors to my website and I was able to meet a CPC of $0.50 as an entertainment blogger.

If you said website niche affects website CPC on ads, what was the issue with the CPC I experienced with my entertainment website above?

I equally tried the same traffic on my principal blog blogincomes.com.ng and it was a boom. I met a CPC of $0.89 –  $1.20 in my Adsense.

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Judging from these explanation above, you could deduce that websites CPC is greatly defined by the traffic and the traffoc quality only and a little by the niche.

. Website keywords (Long tailed and short tailed keywords)

Sometimes they said it is keyword.

Most times we try using long tailed keywords and end up making silly long tailed keywords just through normal fabrication of websites main points to suit a heading.

Most times long tailed keywords are used to drive organic visitors to websites and not necessarily to increase your CPC or indirectly affect it as though we know apparently well that websites CPC tends to be high when visitors come through organic search that’s without any doubt.

As a blogger, making money shouldn’t be of paramount importance but I presume something else should and this is the issue of knowing exactly what you’re getting as a blogger and also knowing what works for you.

Using long tail keyword helps SEO and so does short tail keywords, it all depends on what words for you or anyone else.

I have several traffic coming to my website daily through my articles and when I trace them, using jetpack, they go back to several short keywords I used in each of my articles.

So know this, either long talk keyword or short tail keyword, your CPC isn’t affected by this but by simply your traffic and its quality.

. Web traffic source

This is pretty much what affects websites CPC gravely as it concerns three basic things which are…

The traffic country

The web traffic originator

The web traffic interest (Targeting)

Let’s briefly talk about the above stated…

The traffic country is greatly a reason for your Adsense CPC to increase or decrease and this is basically seen when your web traffic is coming basically from tier A countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

The web traffic originator either organic or paid traffic equally has a great effect on your Adsense CPC and how you make money online.

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When traffic basically originate from search engine (organic) it tends to pay bloggers better as google Adsense publishers and other referral traffic sources pays less on Adsense eg Facebook.

Finally the web traffic interest or targeting also influence the websites Adsense CPC as it when you sell your product to people who need it then the bid on it my be high.

Final words

Take into consideration our detailed experiment and try your best to make your website be strictly about these above stated.

If your web traffic is still coming from some unkempt sources, then you may not be able to make much out of Adsense but if peradventure you happened to monetize your website and your content through other means then you can try other sources of traffic as the guide above is basically for google Adsense users.