The 3 Basic Things You Need As A Blogger. A Guide From An Industry Blogger

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Note: Most times learning the hard way could be the solution to teach us what we never knew and what we ever dreamt to come accross.

It was quite bad the experience I had from the point I viewed it when I started as a blogger and started creating my online presence. I struggled to make my headway through making several contacts with other webmasters and seeking the only way to survive in the blogosphere and I learnt nothing was ever worth it.

I have tried educating several webmasters on the do and donts of websites and blogging but it seems I have never gotten to the basic point of it and this is to my utter dismay.

We all know making cash from websites is the basic thing everyone online ever wished for and this is to a great extent what the whole blogging guide is all about. Blogging guides are created to help several people who have been into the system earn money online through several means.

People make good cash online believe me and this is not because they choosed to but the system is inevitably paying them for their long term efforts into making the blogosphere a better experience.

NB: in any case if you happened to see these statements by bloggers on how they made a whooping $5000 a day, it will oblige me to tell you that this is a big fat lie.

Recall we do not write out of what we do not know so basically, we write all contents out of what we already do know and have experimented.

I know several blogging platforms pay bloggers very very well and basically, google Adsense is used to generate much revenue. Several others use better platforms which is direct sales, affiliate marketing and sales of digital products.

Now let’s get down to business

Looking at the topic of this article, we featured The Basic Things You Need As A Blogger. A Guide From A Renowned Blogger, there are basic things you need as a blogger and sometimes they are qualities you must posess so as to last in the blogosphere is you wanted really to make passive income through this source.

Most times we do see quick guides to making money online the easy why, where you’re told to just;

. Think of a niche you’re good in

. Create a website using wordpress or blogger

. Write contents

. Apply for google Adsense or buy an already approved account

. Start monetizing

It sounds as easy as this but need I remind you that making money online isn’t that easy as it sounds online with several webmasters.

NB: Nothing that will fetch you money could be such easy as they do say.

There are certain things you must do in order to keep the good side of your website coming up in no distant time and these are tried and proven ways to monetize your website but note: they aren’t a get rich quick programme.

What you must do as a blogger to earn better income

. Patience

You must learn the art of patience if you want to make money online doing what you love as a blogger.

I believe you could use an instance here;

Which Renowed Nigerian blogger ever made cash blogging or made a good and reputable income as a blogger when he haven’t stayed in the system for longer than four years?

If you have an answer to this I would love to hear it.

Several good and reputable Nigerian bloggers spent years and years and years in the blogosphere to be who and what they are today and we practically look upto them to be our mentors and our motivation and not as a stepping stone to be above.

. Less optimistic

Being too optimistic about making the cash just as you jumped in would be a very bad idea as it have never happened that way for anyone before.

“I was once told that to own a blog is to be a problem solver”

Notwithstanding how true the assertion is, I still maintain the fact that before you can start earning with your website, you must be able to point at some problems relating to your readers which you have successfully solved for them.

This is one true quality you must posess as a blogger and a serious one at that.

. Experimentations with trial and error

Trial and error also Is a very incisive part of blogging.

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re the person who decided your monetization platform with your website or if you followed the bandwagon only to crash with it?

Google Adsense

They say is the best monetization platform but it doesn’t work for everyone does it?

Carrying out several experiments to know which monetization will work for you is a straight up action from a pure blogger.

I once switched the positions of my Adsense ads and my whogohost affiliate and it still performed better than Adsense and equally also performed better as well.

Now I asked, what if I sticked with Adsense and never gave these other platforms the benefit of doubt, would I have known how good they seem to be?

You could equally do such with your website and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find out to be your best shot for earning good income with your website.

Wrap up

I am not trying to be decisive here but what is worth doing is worth doing well. give your website other opportunities to perform what you never expected it to do for you and believe me you will come out with what i have to say its a huge success for yourself and you will have your own story to tell.


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