Marketmoni Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out now

Have you heard about Peer-2-Peer platforms? There are lots of platforms online where members can earn but are all safe? Reading a Review is very essential. Welcome to my Marketmoni Review otherwise known as Review.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Have you been asking the questions, Is Marketmoni Legit? Is Marketmoni a Scam? Read this Review to get some hint on this.

What is Marketmoni Investment?

Marketmoni is a social financial program which simply appeals to anyone and everyone and its daily payment system can be lightening fast!”

“You too can be a part of the thousands of people around the country, reaping the benefits of Marketmoni”.

The above information was seen on their platform and it gives some information about this Investment platform.

This is a Peer-2-Peer platform where you get some percentage of your investment in some days. You already know how these platforms work if you are already a member of any of them.

This is a risky platform where some members can cash out while some might (conditional statement) not because of the system crashing although no one can say when or if the platform will crash.

The Domain name ( was created on the 28th of March 2019. That means as at the time of writing this Review, this Investment Platform is 1 year 7 months 11 days old.

And judging by this fact, is not a new investment platform because it is more than 2 months old.

Information from a source says this platform will be launching on the 11th of November in 2020 which means this is a Pre-launch Review.

How Does Marketmoni Work?

This is a platform where investors earn 50% of their in 3 days (72hrs). As seen on the platform, when you invest an amount, in 3 days you get a GH of 50%.

Note that this is a typical Peer-2-Peer platform where your chance of earning is quite risky because it is a Ponzi scheme.

How to Earn on Marketmoni

If you have been following up this article carefully, you will notice that a way of earning here is by investing (as claimed by the admins of this platform).

For instance if you invest N5000, you get 50% which is N2500. You can withdraw a total of N7500.

Who is the Founder

Since there is no information seen on the website about the CEO of this platform, tags it one of the Red flags.

Marketmoni Review | Review

Since this is a Pre-launch Review, it has not been confirmed if this platform is Legit or Scam because they are yet to launch. Do you know if they are legit or scam as at when you are reading this article? Drop a comment.

One thing about platforms like this is that their status of yesterday might not be the same with today. They can be legit today, and crash tomorrow (I’m not saying they will crash soon because no one knows).

It is advised that you stalk them on their social media channel. Keep reading this article to get the social media (Telegram) link of this platform.

If you want join any investment platform, try to invest wisely with an amount that you won’t feel pained if you lose it. Based on research, those that benefit more from platforms are early joiner.

One thing you should know is that some members will earn while some might not. It’s like a 50 -50 game.

A Review is supposed to contain Red Flags and Green Flags, you will find them as you keep reading

How to Join – Marketmoni Registration

This is a very simple process on any online money making platform. Below are steps you have to follow to accomplish this.

1. Visit their website (
2. Find their registration page
3. Fill the form
4. Activate your account with N1000

N/B: is not trying to endorse this platform neither are we trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece is just for informative purpose.

Since we are not affiliating with the platform, we won’t be held responsible for any action by this platform therefore you are advised to invest wisely.

Marketmoni Login

This is one of the simplest tasks to accomplish. After doing the Marketmoni Registration, for you to login all you have to do is visit the site ( Click on Menu and then on Login.

Red Flags for Marketmoni Investment

1. Unknown Owner: After going through their site carefully, there is not information about the owner of this platform. What if they become a scam or crash and run away? How do you apprehend them?

2. Unknown Address: There was no address found on the website and it happens to be a red flag, what it you want to meet with the owners physically?

3. Domain Duration: This is not really a red flag but I felt like including this. This website domain will expire next year -2021 (although it can be renewed if they wish to do it).

Green Flags for Marketmoni Investment

1. Social media Presence: It is noticed that this platform is present in some Social media and it happens to be a green flag.

Overview of Marketmoni Review

Age: Launching on the 11th of November 2020
Registration Fee: Investment (Min. of N5000)
Authenticity: Yet to launch (too early to judge)
Domain Duration: Up till 2021

Is Marketmoni Legit?

As at the time of writing this Review, the platform is yet to launch therefore no one can say if legit or scam at the moment. Since no payment proof or report has been heard.

Drop a comment if this platform is legit as at when reading this review

Is Marketmoni a Scam?

Do you think this platform is a scam? Have you been defrauded by the platform? Make sure to add a comment so that others can see. If you think the platform is suspicious, try and contact us as soon as possible.

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