Chipper Cash App Review; Earn #150 For Every Valid Referral With No Charges

Chipper Cash App Review; Earn #250 For Every Valid Referral With No Charges and also request global payment and sending of funds with this perfect money App.

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Recall that we Have talked about many make money online platforms in Nigeria and as such, we do well to bring you the best of them all the time and this will not be an exception to what w do.

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We basically talked about  paid platform like Racksterly, NNU version 2, Atpays and a host of several others and they are all still paying their users as we write this review.


Today we will be talking basically on Chipper Cash , Chipper Cash is absolutely free to join , no registration fee , All You have to Do Is to take a strip of Tea and Chile when I walk you through on How Chipper Cash work and how you can make a cool Cash From Chipper Cash

My Chipper Cash App Review

Just like Sendvalu, Chipper Cash App is a simple way to send, receive and access your money known as an online wallet, so with Chipper Cash App you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

We initially wrote a review on how to receive payments from payoneer to your bank account using Sendvalu and this is the same thing that the Chipper Cash App does but in a more advanced and profounded way.

Chipper Cash offers N250 for every viable referral in their referral program when you invite someone to join  chipper cash through your unique affiliate Link, both of you will get N250 credit balance which can be sent to your direct bank account or you can use it to purchase airtime or any of its equivalent.

Truth be told, if I was you reading this post, I will be dying to know the next step to get started on Chipper Cash and as such, I will be moving over to that.

How To Register On Chipper Cash App

Chipper cash App review

To register on Chipper Cash, you will need to download the app using the link below;

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  • Download Chipper Cash Apk Here 
  • After Downloading Chipper Cash Apk , install and open
  • Then register with your phone number and
  • create a login pin
  • And then get started by logging in

How To Refer And Earn #150 Naira On Chipper Cash

Here is Chipper Cash registration guide with screenshot;

  • After opening Chipper Cash App, at the bottom tab on the Earn area, copy your referral link
  • Anyone you invite will need to verify their account using the last five digits of your referral code; something like ACD12
  • Their account will be verified and you will be given #150 (You and your referral)
  • You can send the money to your bank account or by airtime
  • Every person you invite must verify his identity with the last five digits of your referral code before each of you get free #150
  • When anyone that you refer, refers someone you will get the bonus of #75

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How to Verify Chipper Cash App account

  • On the bottom right-hand side tab on Profile, scrolls down to see where Verify is
  • Tap it
  • Snap your identity like National Id Card or Voters Card
  • Snap yourself with the card
  • Write down the card numbers eg National ID or Voters Card
  • Wait for three days before your verification is complete

How To Withdraw Money On  Chipper Cash

  • Go to the profile floated at the right Check where Cash Out is
  • Click on it
  • Fill your bank information
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Send it.

How to send and receive payments in Nigeria on Chipper Cash App

If you wish to send and get payments in Nigeria on Chipper Cash App, then go to the bottom menu and click on send money.

Follow the due prompt you will see in your screen and make your first transaction as they will guide you fully through it.

How to buy airtime on Chipper Cash App

Simply follow the same process you took to send money and click on buy airtime and you will be asked how much airtime you wished to buy.

Just enter the amount and phone number and get your airtime immediately.

How to make money on Chipper Cash App

You can make money on Chipper Cash App by referring your friends and family and you will get paid a flat rate of #150 for each verified referral.

But they must verify their accounts using the last digits f your referral code just as explained above.

Chipper Cash App Affiliate program

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The Chipper Cash App affiliate program is a very lucrative business when you have people and family that you can invite to join the program and make use of it.

You get paid #150 per verified registrant and this is a very big opportunity to make good income online on Autopilot.

Payment Proof On Chipper Cash App

See Chipper Cash payment proof below;

chipper cash referral payment proof

chipper cash referral payment proof

Image credit:

Wrapping up on Chipper Cash App Review

It doesn’t Cost You Anything To Register, so try it out and see the other side of things and earn from your referrals on autopilot.

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Chipper Cash App is legit Kindly Follow The links scattered in the post To Download The Chipper Cash App And Start referring People to Register and start smiling To Your Bank Account.

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