Olist; Here is Everything You Need to Know About The Olist.ng Marketplace

Olist; Here is Everything You Need to Know About The Olist.ng Marketplace and how best to buy from the Olist marketplace.

Opera have given us the Opay, what is more to ask for?

But they just found a way to outsmart their league and provide us with a marketplace as well. Now how amazing could that be?

Recently, I was introduced into a free marketplace owned by Opera known as the Olist and I was just amazed at what I saw as the products and the sellers are really arranged very well and I suppose so will the buyers be.

The Olist is a marketplace that allows people buy and sell stuffs online which facilitates business and help people make money from home as well as sell from home.

I thought Jumia and Konga was going to seal the day when it comes to buying and selling online in Nigeria but I guess I was wrong by my presumptions.

But, as you may have seen, many people do ask questions around which makes it seem like Olist is a scam or not a scam so we will be glad to attend to every question you may have which may be;

  • olist by opera
  • olist nigeria
  • olist store
  • olist seller
  • olist jobs
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Now lets give out little explanations about these above related searches to Olist.

Olist by opera

We do know that Olist is a sub company or sub website of Opera and this is just a marketplace that you can buy and sell as many types of appliances as possible which will range from cars, Cosmetics and many other variable products sold online in many other online stores like Jumia and Konga.

Olist Nigeria

Nigeria have their own brand of the Olist which is the Olist.ng and this is the official website of the Olist in Nigeria where Nigerians can buy and sell products and also make money online.

Olist store

Though assured to enjoy the best deals on new and used care and other vehicles online from the best brands which includes as Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Lexus, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mack and much more.

Seriously, discovering the latest ads on audio and music equipment, TVs & DVDs, laptops and computers and more from known brands like Apple, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Hisense, Polyster, LG, Sony and others.

Users can also find new and cleanly used mobile phones, tablets and accessories at OList Nigeria at the lowest prices from known brands like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Infinix, Tecno, LG, Nokia and more.Get access to a great database of property owners and potential apartment seekers anywhere in Nigeria on OListHomes.

Let hit the review now.

OList.ng Review

Finding Real Sellers and Real Buyers face to face in this advanced century with virtual marketplace everywhere is an unnecessary stress.

Reviewing OList Nigeria,

acclaimed by the moderators, it’s a trusted free online marketplace and e-commerce platform connecting real sellers and real buyers.

Buying and selling online at OList is easy and seamless, but the steps involved as a seller or buyer must be cautiously followed.

But importantly, all you need to do is to register with your accurate details and follow the required steps to post your ads for free.

Now your product ads can reach more people and you can start earning money. At Olist Nigeria you can buy and sell almost anything and be rest assured of running a secure business transaction. So whether you are looking for where to sell or buy cars, electronics, health and beauty products and fashion items, we’ve got you covered but that’s not all.

You can also find and apply for jobs, buy and sell real estate properties and much more on OList.

How Do I Sell A Product On OList ?

To sell a product, use the laid out step primarily.


The first step is to register using your email. You can alternatively do this using Facebook or Google. It’s necessary you input the right credintials, so your forthcoming customers and purchasers could get in touch with you effectively.

Quality Image Impression

Posting an advert with a great and clear quality photograph pixels best depicts your things. Ensure they show subtleties of the thing you wish to publicize plainly and in the best light in order to draw in more buyers in the most ideal manner conceivable.

Click  POST AD.

When done choosing the right category then subcategory for your items, upload a good quality image of the ad. Enter a honest reasonable price.

Select attributes, write a clear title and a detailed description of your item. Click post ad, then await review.

Respond to Potential Clients

In the event that all is well with your advert, it’ll be on OList site in a few hours after it’s  sent to the arbitration team for review.

You will get a confirmation mail and notification when your advert goes live. Check your email box and be ready to earn if you make sales.

How Do I Buy A Product On OList?

Store Search

Find your ideal need the search palette and filters or under the categories and trending section. OList acclaim to have over a million adverts, pick precisely what you are searching for.

Contact Seller

You can use the chat function or alternatively call them directly via the telephone. Examine every one of the subtleties in detail, negotiate shrewdly about the cost until you are satisfied with the price of the commodity.


OList check their merchants cautiously and regularly, yet it’s in every case better to double check. Undeniably, it’s safe to meet a seller in a public place or an open spot and be sure to pay only after collecting your item.


Don’t hesitate to enlighten team OList regarding your transaction. Your criticism will be distributed online on the merchant’s page and will be extremely useful to other  subsequent purchasers.

How to post an Advert on OList Marketplace.

Posting and advet is simple using the 5 outlined steps Below.

Step 1: Click on the “Post Ad” button after login.

Step 2: Fill out all necessary detailed information about your items and click on the “Post Ad” button.

Step 3: Your advert will be shown on OList soon after the verification.

Step 4: An email will be sent to notify you when your Ad is online.

Step 5: Get ready to deal with calls from buyers and be careful to have a safe transaction.

Is OList.ng a Safe and Legit Marketplace or Scam

A safe Market is honestly a happy and satisfying one. Safety is what everyone cherish no matter the product in question.

Safety is everything to us. And that’s why the question :

  • Is OList a safe marketplace?
  • Is OList a secured online store?
  • Is OList scam or legit marketing platform?

They noticed that some users are requested to make a payment under the so-called ‘OList Buyer Protection’ to handle a secure online transaction. The person tries to convince you to transfer the amount, often the full total, via MoneyGram to their account.

‘OList Buyer Protection‘ is not a service that OList offers, so do not transfer any money. Instead, stick to cash wherever possible, follow the safety tips and please report these cases immediately to us.

Currently, the OList marketplace is legit and not scam.

Contact Us

If your question is not in olist FAQ page, use the contact medium below.

Mail :- service@olist.ng

Phone :- 09094353535 or 09069270580.

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