Kashforum Review; Make #10k Weekly Working from Home

Kashforum Review; Here everything you need to know about Kashforum and how to Make #10k Weekly Working from Home.

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Just when you think get paid to programs in Nigeria will be laid to rest, a whole new one just comes up.

A few days ago we wrote on digiadd, jobirra and others but today, it seems we will have something else to talk about.

Lets walk you through kashforum and everything you need to know about kashforum.

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Kashforum review

KashForum is an online business platform with vision to create quality and credible information,news from a reputable source regarding various types of news and technology information to meet the awareness of the public.

We also serve as source of income (passive) for the youth and students (especially Nigerians) as a form of eradicating poverty in a gradual process.

How does Kashforum work?

Kashforum is an easy and straightforward platform,you don’t have to go through series of explanation before making some money here,just go through the write up below.

You can also visit the FAQ page of the platform should incase of anyquestions. Using ourplatform you can use a stone to catch two birds..wanna know how??

Yes! You get awared of your environment through series of news and post you might have read on the platform,likewise you are liable to make some mula through the activities performed on the platform..

  • Per sponsored post ₦100

For every sponsored advert you shared from the platform to your Facebook timeline, you earned ₦100 instantly.

  • Earn by reading news ₦150 (₦10 per news)

This simply means that whenever you click to open a news on the site, you’ll be credited with #10. You can read a maximum of 15 news daily which gives you ₦150

  • Earn by submitting a relevant post ₦50

Whenever you submitted a post or news on the platform, you’ll be credited with #50 immediately the post is approved.

  • Referral bonus ₦500

When you referred a new member to register on the platform using your referral link, you’ll be credited with ₦500 immediately.

  • Withdrawals

Minimum Withdrawal for Activity earnings ==> ₦4,000. Minimum Withdrawal for referral/affiliate earnings ==> ₦2,000. This means that you can request to withdraw your earnings every Saturday once it accumulates up to #4,000 for Activity earnings or ₦2,000 for referral earnings.

  • Registration fee

₦1,500 (one time payment) with an Instant activation of account.

To register click here.

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Still have some questions? Visit the contactus page to reach us directly.

Kashforum signup (Kashforum Review)

Follow the screenshot guide below;

Kashforum Review

How to Contact Kashforum (Kashforum Review)

Have some troubleshooting, use the support line below to reach us.Always ready to be of help..

Support Email


Support line


Kashforum coupon vendors (Kashforum Review)

Below are our verified vendors and their whatsapp contact. Get your coupon codes now!..

  • Ayoola


  • PrincessNoella


  • Hayzedkayos


  • Khadsab


  • Kayodetawa101


  • HeartGold


  • Jerriy


  • Olamide36


Kasforum FAQ (Kashforum Review)

What is Kashforum?

Kashforum is an online affiliate marketing system that allows members to earn passive income from the comfort of their residence without much data and time wastage.

How do I earn on kashforum?

You earn daily simply by sharing sponsored post (promotional adverts) from the platform to your Facebook timeline and also by reading news on the platform.

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What do I need to become a member?

To become a member and start earning massively, all you need is an active Facebook account, a mobile phone and a one time payment of #1,500 only.

How do I make payment after registration?

For faster account activation and membership verification, we limit our payment method to coupon only. Click Here for a list of authorized vendors to get your coupon code from.

How do I register to become a member?

To register and become and active member is as easy as ABC, simply click here to fill out the registration form.

Still have some questions? Visit the contact us page to reach us directly.

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