Review; A Practical Make Money Online Website in Nigeria. Join Now Review; Here is a Practical Make Money Online Website in Nigeria which just works like the NNU, and the rest others but with a difference.

  • Disclosure: The links in this post are our direct services links, you can buy directly from us but we promise that this will never harm your experience with our website nor will incur additional cost to you. is one of the Nigerian most trusted, legitimate online money making website that pays Free & Pro subscribers with affiliate commission for being members and also for Reading News online Daily.

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It is no longer any news that Nigeria is filled with make money online platforms that helps people to make little earnings online and get to withdraw weekly or monthly.

In our last review, we talked about the and how they help people make money online without spending anything and today we will focus our dive on review.

I always served myself a disclaimer whenever I am writing on all these make money online in Nigeria and this is the fact that I do not affiliate with these make money online programs and as a result, all reviews written here are written with severe and thorough checkout as it doesn’t add any income to our pocket.


We will be writing this Review and we will focus on everything you will need to know to be a participant in this Get Paid To website here in Nigeria and we believe you will not have any questions to ask after reading our Review.

So, lets get started…

What is

In a nutshell… is a social network that does not require selling of products, referring of people and maybe having to do tedious tasks online to make money just like every other program have been.

Here at, you do common task you used to on Facebook,Twitter, IG etc and get paid just as you are doing these tasks which is not what we consider to be too hard to do.

Is legit? is registered under CAC as WINI/NDS SOCIAL NETWORK LTD (RC 1608648) and I could presume you know exactly what that above certification means. is a legit company with a very good reputation and besides, no one has ever said anything too bad about them before in their comment sections and also everywhere else.

I did my digging of course and I could not find out any trace of the Get paid to website being labelled as a scam network so I think you are safe to invest in

What has come to do?

This should be the simplest thing to answer here.

We all do know tat Jobs in Nigeria is like a goldmine and not just as easy to get, most people say things are not rocket science which means they are near to easy to get but here in Nigeria, we believe that getting a good job or better still feeding well is something more difficult that rocket science, and a bit harder than cracking a palm-nut with your palm.

This is why is here to stay and Her MISSION is to solve financial problem using the power of social media which almost more than half of everyone on earth spends their day and night in.

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5. is not scam program and I can assure you that, is 100% Real or Legit platform where you earn money daily doing what you do always.

What you gain when you join

With our simple ideology on making sure interested Nigerians experience and enjoy online earning opportunity, is dedicated to make you earn money as a member once you join the platform.

How to earn money on

Below are the ways to earn money as a member and a full participant…

  • Monthly Revenue Share

Our Users / participant earns money via activities point by login in to their account daily, reading news and reacting to post just like facebook liking, and commenting, posting relevant Articles unlimited and is free to post and sharing promoted post on Facebook.

  • Earn Affiliate Commission

As a member, you are also an affiliate after successful registration (Free or Pro). You will be earning a huge commission of 75% of any package your referral upgraded up to ₦2,250 per each person you refer to joins through your referral link.

The more people you refer to join, the more 75% commission you earn.

So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantage of Income opportunity daily, you will be earning ₦11,000 to ₦22,500 Naira in a day.

How much can you earn from

As a pro member, these below are what you earn and how you get to earn them on

  •  Minimum Withdrawal on Points System ₦2,000 (only for Pro Users)
  • Minimum Withdrawal on Referral System ₦1,000 (including Free Users)
  • Earn Referral Bonus: 75% upto N2,250 each
  •  Earn Reading news 200 points Per News You Open
  •  Earn Commenting 80 points
  •  Earn Login to your Account Daily 5,000 points
  •  Earn liking 60 points
  •  Earn Post Article 1000 Points (Free To Post Many Article and Earn more Points) 
  •  Earn Sharing Sponsored Post on your Facebook 10,000 Points Daily

How to register on

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Disclaimer; Below, we will be using a detailed guide and screenshots from the website itself to illustrate better on how to register on

  • Head over to and create an account

Click on Create an Account as seen below Review

  • Enter your details just as you will in every Get paid to site

After You Sign Up by ensuring you enter all the details and if you have any error it will show you with red color below so you read and correct it.

  • Verify your account in your email

A verification link will be send to your mail box from then you will have to click on it to activate your account but if you didn’t see it then check your spam box in your email and if you do not still find it kindly come back and click on Resend Verification and you will receive it or you can check if your email is correct and you can change it by clicking on CHANGE EMAIL as seen below; Review

Activate your account and get on

Then After You Activated your account then you can now UPGRADE HERE to any plan of your choice to get started with earnings. Review

  • Start making money

Then start earning cool money daily by Reading Unlimited News HERE

NB: if your having any challenge like finding it difficult to Activate Your Account, Upgrading, Earning, Cashing out etc you can Call support line 09077445115 And you will be assisted sharp sharp or Chat wini Support HERE payment proofs and screenshots

Just to prove a point, I will use the screenshot proofs in the website to disclose earnings screenshots with full credit to

Checkout some people that have been paid on;

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5. Review


Can I vouch for income program? ( review)

Truth remains that I will.

A whole lot of people cannot just be lying owing to the fact that these people are Nigerians and have been paid by the program itself unless there was any other reason which aroused later which I do hope they do not just come up.

Wrapping up on review

I cannot turn away from the fact that several Nigerians based their income daily on these get paid to websites so, my only obligation currently is to bring in the best of them for these people to know and not make any mistakes.

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

Still, here are my best recommendations to get paid online doing what you love (The Capterra and G2).

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