SkulPay Review; Make #5K Daily With this New Refer and Earn Program

SkulPay Review; Now You Can Make #5K Daily With this New Refer and Earn Program in a legit way and please this is not just some scam program.

Skulpay Review

Skupay is a leading make money online platform recently with over 1000 people paid, Skulpay prides itself with helping people and basically students make money online through a very easy and in a straight forward manner and this is very easy to do as a student.

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Making money with Skulpay and everything else you may need to know about this refer and earn program in Nigeria will be all we will be talking about in this content today.

We have seen many income programs such as the NNU, Racksterly and many more come out and perform well only to die off in just the little beginning and this is why we do advice people to make sure they are among the first people who got into these refer and earn programs because there is always a higher chance of them failing in the end.

If you ever must participate in them.

What is Skulpay?

SkulPay is a top refer and earn program in Nigeria currently and I doubt if anyone or too many people knew about them for now as they are still in collaboration with the Racksterly income program and also the ATPAYS.

SkulPay could be the replacement you are looking for in al these programs so you will keep the pay check coming in and never loose out on revenue.

The intent behind the creation of SkulPay

SkulPay is aimed at updating students with latest educational information from across the country. In this process, we strive to generate income for every student as they get updated.

All that is needed for every student and youth is to sign up and start benefiting from it.

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SkulPay is created to serve as a platform that disseminates quality, credible and dependable information regarding various happenings in Nigeria’s education system.

We promote Advertisers content, and also partner with ads company like Google, etc.

We share the revenue generated with our members.

Our particular focus is on youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning the opportunity and making money online legitimately as we create the channel for participant to earn passive income on daily basis.

How To Make Money On SkulPay (SkulPay Review)

Members of SkulPay Forum Income Program can earn money in various ways

  1. N300 – Welcome bonus
  2. N100 – Sharing sponsored post daily
  3. N50 – Daily login to your account
  4. N50 – For posting educational articles
  5. N5 – For reading our educational articles
  6. N600 – Per person you refer to SkulPay Forum
  7. N500 – Every month for being an active member of SkulPay Forum Income Program
  8. You can be making more than N50,000 monthly if you make good use of this opportunity.

Eligibility criteria for SkulPay prospects

You need Just N1,000 to get started on SkulPay.

How to join SkulPay (SkulPay Review)

If you want to become a member, You will be Needing  a coupon Code, To Get that you have to WhatsApp me Direct 08174438178, Before you Do What Make Sure You Have Your Money Ready And You Are Willing To Join

To join Skulpay Income We Have To Buy Coupon Code From Vendor

Pay a sum Of 1000 naira To this Bank

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Chidiebere Onuchukwu


After payment , send your payment proof

Then send these details below to us To register You instantly

  1. Username  :
  2. gmail:
  3. Full name :
  4. Your pone number

Truthfully this pattern of registration is very difficult and consumes time.

Contact Affolabi David 07051650891 on whatsapp for your coupon code

How to register on SkulPay (SkulPay Review)

To Register , Make sure You Have your Money ready With You , Then click on the whatsapp Icon Below To Get you Registered

SkulPay Registration is easy as anything can be.

Steps to get registered on SkulPay

  1. Go to SkulPay
  3. Follow the prompt and then click on done
  4. Now, apply your coupon code
  5. No more steps. Your account will automatically be activated

What Is The Minimum Withdrawal on SkulPay

Minimum withdrawal threshold is N1,200 for referral earnings and N5,000 for activities earnings.

You can utilize your cash out when you accumulate up to N1,200 or N5,000 and above.

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What to know about SkulPay

  1. Payment of referral earnings is made daily.
  2. Place your Withdrawal request and get paid within 24hours.
  3. Withdrawal of activities earnings is on 25th of every month and payment starts from 27th of  every month (Terms and condition applied)
  4. Please do not fill this form if you don’t meet up the withdrawal requirement and for withdrawal below N5,000 you will be charged N100 for withdrawal charge but for withdrawal above N5,000 you will be charged N150 for withdrawal charges
  5. Do not place multiple withdrawal requests as the result may be account cancellation.
  6. Referral earnings withdrawal is daily and you get paid within 24hours
  7. Activities earnings withdrawal is on 25th of every month from 7am to 7pm and payment begins on 27th of every month

TIP: Do not place withdrawal of your activities earnings outside the stipulated date and time. It will lead to deduction of your activities earnings without you getting paid.

There are some changes to the withdrawal policy make sure to read it before placing a withdrawal request

Is Skulpay Legit Or Scam

Skulpay Is Legit And Not Scam/

According to users, it is stated and concluded that SkulPay is legit and not a scam unless otherwise stated.

SkulPay Payment Proof 

SkulPay review

SkulPay review

SkulPay review

Wrapping up on SkuyPay Review

This is a great opportunity To Make more money Online As A Student, The Earlier You Join The Better For You , Is Legit And Paying , Kindly subscribe on our blog.

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Do not see this as some programs like the others that will just fade with time as this program has come to stay.

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