Repixel Ad Network Review; Make $20 Daily Without Displaying Banner Ads

Repixel Ad Network Review; Now you can make money without displaying Ads.

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You can otherwise refer to this as data monetization.

Now I know what kind of blogger I am and I know that Google Adsense is not the only way to make money online and I can quite quote you that service affiliate Ads and affiliate marketing is not the only way to make money through a website.

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Anyone ever thought of the fact that they should stop monetizing their websites with display Ads?

This question above might seem stupid but it is true by the way.

Sometimes if not all the time, we do obstruct the views and comfort of our visitors in our websites and not making them enjoy the content we are sharing with them and this makes them not to feel comfortable with the content of our websites and this is the reason why our principal website has no Ads in it.

Websites with the likes of,, and many others do not serve Ads (Display Ads) in their websites but they do make money from their websites a the same time.

Truth is, it will be a very difficult way to go down if you tried to follow in their footstep.

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Now since it has been very difficult to make money without using display Ads on your website, a new study shows that there is a way to make even more than what you make with display Ads and in a more simpler way.

This is where the Repixel Ad Network comes into play.

This is not a display Ads or a native Ads or a push notification Ads or an overlay Ads. It is an Ad network that makes you money without being visible to your website visitors or obstructing their views and the way they enjoy your content will never be interfered with.

Now how cool is that?

Cool I suppose.

So, mind if we moved into the Repixel Ad Network review?

What is the Repixel Ad Network?

Truth is, I just came across this Ad network not too long ago and I am happy with the current earnings but I cannot publish the income report now till I am certified about what I am going to say about this Ad network but it is worth the HYPE.

The Repixel Ad Network is a new Ad network with a very whole new idea and concept about website monetization.

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The Ad network uses peoples profiles and data to monetize your website and make you a very nice amount of money daily from your website. I have always been surprised about how people do come up with ideas about how to continue monetizing the publisher websites without disrupting their viewers views and comfort.

The Repixel Ad Network promises that none of your visitors will get lost as you will be able to monetize every of your visitors and make the most from them.

The history of the Ad network is quite not clear too but one thing I know for sure is that they wil make you good money.

And they do accept almost every kind of website for monetization.

So how does the Repixel Ad Network work?

Have you ever advertised on facebook?

If yes then you must know how to integrate the Repixel Ad network on your website to start making money.

The Repixel Ad Network works on CPM (Cos Per Mile basis) where you as a publisher get paid by the advertisers for every thousand impressions generated by you as a publisher.

Here, the advertiser gets to access the profile of your visitors to get the data they need so as to re-market to them in the future with their products and this is where they said that every of your visitors must count as they will monetize everything.

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You can get paid by as many advertisers as possible through the Repixel Ad Network and this is when you can make up to $20 daily.

  • Lets take an example here;

You can sell your data to as many advertisers as is interested.

In theory, 10 advertisers may pay your CPM rate.  If you set a CPM of $2.00, that’s $10 CPM in total. 

In other words, there’s theoretically no limit to what you can make.

Here you are the boss and you will have to decide how much you can get paid for every thousand impressions you generate to your website.

So who can use the Repixel Ad network?

Every publisher can make use of the Ad network and the good thing is that there is no traffic requirement so it is an open source for making money by every publisher but the thing is that you will need some traffic to be able to make good money on CPM basis.

How do advertisers pay the publishers on the Repixel Ad network?

Notwithstanding the fact that advertisers bid on your visitors on CPM basis, there is actually a metric they use to get you paid as a publisher which is;

The advertisers that are interested in targeting your visitor profile with ads, they can bid on your visitor profile on a CPM basis.

For example, if you operate a plumbing website, large plumbing stores can pay you for access to your visitor profile for re-targeting them with their ads.

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Is this not when you ask how much can you make as a publisher?

You set your CPM. 

Personally, I’ve seen CPM rates range from $1.00 to $5.00+. 

I started low ($1.00) because I’d rather have several advertisers very happy and stay for the long run.

Besides I was just starting out with the Ad network

Now let me explain to you why the CPM rate ma be misleading and that you can potentially make much more.

You get paid whatever you bid for and also what your advertisers feel your traffic quality is worth so you can even get paid $5 CPM.

Good thing is that you do not get to see obstructing Ads in your website and so will your visitors.

Are there any downsides to this Ad network (Repixel Ad network review)?

Yes there are apparently downsides to this Ad network and I am will be listing them below;

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  • Your visitors get re-targeted with Ads which ma encroach on their privacy
  • Your visitors data are collected which may be a breach to privacy so I suggest yo write a disclosure while using this Ad network so your visitors would know
  • If the re-targeted Ads are too disturbing, it may pose a threat for your visitors not to return to your website if they found out that they actually got into the mess through your website
  • Might cause website loading time lapse

What of the upsides of the Repixel Ad network (
Repixel Ad Network Review)?

well in my own opinion, I would say that the only upside I see with this Ad network is that they do quite well in;

  • Serving non-visible Ads to your visitors
  • Everything happens just behind the scene
  • You get to choose your own CPM to be paid by Advertisers
  • You do not get to obstruct the views of your visitors by any means possible as they will enjoy Ad free content

My verdict of the Repixel Ad network (
Repixel Ad Network Review)

I would not say that I have a very distant idea of this Ad network but I must say at the same time that they are a very very good way to monetize your website where every visitor counts as revenue and this way you do not get to loose even a dime.

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I am currently using this Ad network but I have not cashed out from them and from the look of things, I do suppose they have really enough to offer so yes you should give them a shot and I bet you would never be disappointed that you did.

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