IBTForum Review; Make #5k Daily as IBTForum Gets Even Better. Join Now

IBTForum Review; Make #5k Daily as IBTForum Gets Even Better. Join Now and start making money with IBTForum income program. IBTForum just launched a very new income program termed IBTForum and and this is not going to be a joke this time.

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I know I have never been any positive about any of the make money by refer and earn processes in Nigeria but this could be the game changer we are looking out for.

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Disclaimer; I did not partner with the IBTForum income program to have written them a good review but this is as a result of their good conduct and active nature till now. I serve myself the respect to say I do not affiliate with get paid to sites but I can always recommend Racksterly, G2 and Capterra if you want to make some extra buck online.

NNU, HIWAP, and several others decided to be a pain in the ass as they did fail but the IBTForum income program is a referral program that as come to stay and stand the test of time.

I do not always seem to jump into writing when it has to deal with these make money online programs in Nigeria and this is why this IBTForum program review will be thorough.

With having spent a whole lot of time taking several experiments, asking questions, consulting the current users of IBTForum income program, I have drawn a conclusion with this IBTForum income program review just to share how good this program is.

Of course we have to praise whosoever that is doing it well, won’t we?

The IBTForum income program is another legit platform in Nigeria which focuses on helping students keep some chunk of income in their pockets and this is why most times, they refer to it as student Naija.

With IBTForum income Program, you may have the answers to your financial problem because on this platform, there are many smart ways to make money daily without much issues.

But this would not be for those who wanted a solid stream of income but only for some kinda students out there whom little amounts made from not much jobs can help immensely.

Fact is that the society we are today have made making money online to sound like a nightmare or child’s play even when millions of people are smiling at it daily.

This is due to the fact that several online make money programs that came out such as the NNU and Newspay did not do well in making the masses feel at home.

And we hate them all now, but sure there will still be good ones out there.

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There could really be no point doubting every opportunity that comes your way because you might not know which one that might turn things around in the good light.


IBTForum income program is another opportunity that you should probably take advantage of today.

IBTForum review ( An Insight into IBTForum )

IBTForum income program is a Digital Marketing Agency with origin in direct marketing.

They do promote Advertisers articles by sharing their monthly ads revenue with their valid members thereby creating an effective means of engaging the use of Social Media as a digital marketing agency.

IBTForum income program was established with the hope of helping Nigerians and non-Nigerians at large to deal with daily/monthly financial problems as it affects everyone.

The IBTForum income program lays great emphasis on mostly the youths, students, middle class and who ever that dreams to make clean money online.

Here is a contentment filled quote;

You won’t regret this platform as you will learn a great deal from reading news and you will be getting paid for doing that on IBTForum Income program. BlogRabbit 

What changed in IBTForum compared to Nairatime version 1?

I must confess, the IBTForum  has many changes as compared to the version one. Here are the changes made below;

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  • You get #100 per sponsored post
  • You will get to share from 2-5 sponsored posts daily unlike the former IBTForum where you may get just one or no sponsored post in a day
  • You get #1,000 affiliate bonus when you refer someone
  • You earn #1,000 for every post submitted and approved
  • You get weekly payments and referrals are optional to getting paid

Now, here is a quick one;

You can make Money Online With IBTForum Income Program By Sharing Sponsored Post On Your Facebook Timeline And Earn Passive Income.

IBTForum is not a ponzi scheme or a double your hustle platform.

They are not sharing free money just as many may have deemed it but he do work on earn what you worked for basis.

You might also be skeptical about where IBTForum source money to pay its members as we already discussed that above.

But for convenience sake…

IBTForum income program actually generate revenue through paid ads from their clients.

They advertise products and services like every other advertising platform.

How to make money with IBTForum

There are legit ways to make money on IBTForum income program and they are discussed below;

  • Sponsored Post

You Earn N150 per sponsored post. For every sponsored post, you share on your Facebook timeline, you earn a whooping N150,

  • Log in Bonus

Join IBTForum group chat here and register to start earning income today. Click here to Join.

When you log in to share sponsored post, you earn N50 daily.

  • Survey/Discussion

Anytime you participate in our Survey/Discussion, you earn N100 per survey.

  • Referral Bonus

When you refer your friends and family to register with IBTForum income program, make sure you guide them to input your user name as their referrer or ask them to use your referral link to register so you can get paid.

You will earn N500 instantly.

If they fail to input your name as the referrer, you might likely not get your referral commission or bonus.

This is real and legit, there’s no limit of how you can refer in a day.

And this is the reason they say you can earn as much as #10,000 daily from the IBTForum income program.

PS; IBTForum pays without referrals, but you can earn more by referring your friends.

You don’t need any skills or talent to be become a IBTForum income program member, all you need is N1500 and an active Facebook account where you will be sharing sponsored post to.

IBTForum income program review ( When do you get paid as a member )

IBTForum income program pays its members on a weekly basis.

You can cash out your money every week when it sums  up to N2,000 and above.

When requesting for withdrawal or payment, you will have to provide your correct bank details.

You might not get your pay if your bank details are incorrect.

PS: payment will be made directly to your local bank account either by mobile transfer or Internet banking.

How to make payment on IBTForum

IBTForum income program accepts only two methods of payment.

You can make payment online using your credit/debit cards or you can purchase coupon code from IBTForum authorized coupon vendors via bank deposit or online transfer here and apply the codes to your registration page for automatic activation.

PS: Before you proceed with your registration, if you are having difficulties with paying online with your credit/debit cards.

Then proceed to purchase coupon code from IBTForum authorized coupon vendors through bank deposit or mobile transfer. The Price is N1,500. Don’t pay more than that.

How to register on IBTForum income program

So, to become an eligible participant of IBTForum income program, you have to make a one time payment of N1500.

Join IBTForum group chat here and register to start earning income today. Click here to Join.

This payment is a lifetime payment, no hidden charges, not refundable and no upgrade.

Registration on IBTForum so easy for anyone who wants to register. Just like signing up on Facebook, twitter or Instagram, all you need to do is to provide your correct details on the registration page.

  • Click on REGISTER at the top navigation menu
  • Fill The Registration Form And Summit,
  • Make Payment Online Or Apply Coupon Code

No more steps.

Your account will be activated automatically.

Just share the assigned sponsored post on your Facebook timeline and start earning.

How to Submit sponsored post on Facebook on IBTForum

  • Click on SPONSORED POST at the top navigation menu when you are logged in,
  • Follow the detailed instruction written before proceeding to share the sponsored post.

That’s all.. Your N100 will be credited automatically.

Do not delete the sponsored posts after submitting them in your Facebook timeline, better still, publish them again on your Facebook page if you have one and do not spam the platform.

This is because on pay day, you will have to provide your profile link to the withdrawal form so that your timeline will be accessed and if you have been sharing sponsored post, then you will be paid but if you’ve not, your payment might be denied.

Now this is one thing I love about the IBTForum income program, they do not take their advertisers for a spin and also their participants income are checked.

Join IBTForum group chat here and register to start earning income today. Click here to Join.

In a nut shell, sharing sponsored post on Nairatime V2 is kind of a compulsory thing.

How about the pros and cons of Nairatime V2 income program?

IBTForum income program review (Pros)

  • Pays weekly
  • Pays without referrals
  • Enough post to navigate with
  • Good earning strategies

IBTForum income program review (Cons)

  • The registration fee may be considered higher compared to other platforms.
  • Poor referral bonus.

Wrapping up on IBTForum review

IBTForum income program is an open opportunity for all Nigerians who wishes to make extra money online in a less worrisome way and also a less scam oriented website.

IBTForum income program is legit and not scam, so you might want to take a step towards it and you will enjoy making money with it.

Join IBTForum group chat here and register to start earning income today. Click here to Join.


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