ChopBarh Review; A Whole New Way to Earn 5k Daily

ChopBarh Review; Here is A Whole New Way to Earn 5k Daily just playing games online with your mobile phone.

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Chopbarh Review

Chopbarh has been one of the latest online platforms in Nigeria which gives its users the opportunity to get paid while performing some activities online.

You will learn everything you need to about chopbarh registration and other things you need to know about the Chopbarh app.

What is Chopbarh?

Chopbarh is an online gaming app where you can get paid for playing various local games online such as Ludo, WHOT, etc.

The app was released earlier in 2019 by the company and for you to earn money; you will be required to pay a certain amount of money.

That looks a little insane right?

How to Earn On Chopbarh?

Here are some of the activities you can partake in to earn on chopbarh;

  • Playing of games

There are several games available for you to play on chopbarh and get paid each time you win or accomplish a task in any of the games.

The available games on chopbarh include; Dice, WHOT, snooker, and LUDO. Preparations are also being made to make other types of games available on the app.

Some of the games to be available very soon of the app are table soccer and draft.

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  • Affiliate Program

Another interesting way to make money on chopbarh is by partaking in their affiliate program.

You will earn as much as 30% commission for each person you invite to the platform upon their successful registration using your referral link/id.

Although, this feature is still in development mode and hasn’t been released yet.

  • Agent Partnership

Also, another way you can earn is by going in partnership with the chopbarh company and officially registering as their agent. There are lots of benefits attached to being a chopbarh agent. In case you want to learn more about this, click here to learn more.

How to Register For Chopbarh?

Follow the steps below to register an account on Chopbarh.

  • Click here to download the chopbarh app and launch the app.
  • Allow the app request to have access to some configurations on your phone by clicking the Allow button.
  • Wait for the app to load and take you to the login page automatically.
  • On the login page, click the back icon at the bottom left corner of the page.
  • Now, you need to click the Register button shown on the next page.
  • Fill the registration form by putting in the requested data and info about you (i.e Your name, phone number, date of birth, desired 4-digits pin, and your email address which isn’t mandatory).
  • After filling the form, click the NEXT button to proceed.
  • The Next page will now require you to enter the OTP (One-Time Passcode) sent the phone number you provided while filling your registration form. Check your message inbox for the code, enter it, and click the NEXT button.
  • Set your profile picture and enter a nickname you will like to use on the chopbarh. After you might have done that, click the NEXT button.
  • You will now receive a message that your registration has been completed successfully.
  • All you need to do now is to click the NEXT button and log in to your chopbarh account, deposit, and start earning while playing games.

Wrapping up On Chopbarh Review

Chopbarh is yet another Legitimate way to earn some cool cash online for just playing games and participating in other activities on the app.

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I hope so far in this article, you’ve been able to grab all you need to about the chopbarh app and can now register an account on chopbarh and get all the registration procedures right.

In case you have anything you will like to let me know, please drop them in the comments section below.


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