Twitam Review; Make 5k Weekly With This Income Program

Twitam Review; Make 5k Weekly With This Income Program created by Paul Samson of the NNU income program sometime ago.

We all know NNU fucked many people up but that is no reason to not believe PSO again as his claims to why NNU failed was clear.

So in this Twitam review we will cover what you need to know .

Who is the founder of Twitam?

Paul Samson also called Oracle PSO is the founder of Twitam just as NNU and HIWAP.

What is Twitam?

Twitam is an online social media platform initiated by Paul Samson the Oracle as an alternative for NNU members to freely share sponsored posts with Facebook bans or restrictions.

Twitam Review

Generally, it was announced that regarding a plans to improve and adding more value to NNU Forum subscribers, team NNU came up with a diplomatic means to make sure all members earn more money and cash out in due time.

Therefore, some activities earning were disabled to be replaced by other valuable means, including compulsory user account on the new social platform called No better Twitam review is on the web and I believe this overview can help.

Though or the Twitam Android App have amazing features like facebook to convince users to stick with, it can’t beat the reach.

Twitam Login

Lately, the web version is currently available, so to login it important to go through Twitam Android App registration.

The Twitam Android App registration info is shared below.

Twitam login requires information that must tally with your NNU account information too.

Twitam Registration

Unlike it competitor and similar to NNU, registration is not free at all. The membership fee for registration is ₦3,100. This is pretty unfair as so many members and down lines haven’t been paid for long.

Those who have or never receive payment, after registration, your promised to receive payment.

About the Twitam Android App

Founder Twitam and Co-Founder too of NNU, a fused program turn offed major activities earning to move users to Twitam. Compulsorily, the main activity included compulsory user account on the new social platform

Anyways, before the Twitam Apk Download, a brief summary and features of the app will be examined.

The pre-launch was on February 2020 restricting NNU users from sharing posts to Facebook, commenting, and creating post.

Reasonably, the reason was because the NNU link was overly spamming Facebook system.


WEEKLY DRAWS: Each week top active twitam member of the week goes home with $100. That’s equivalent to N30,000.

  • POSTING: You’ll get 10 points on each new post you create. You can post unlimited. But don’t do spam posting
  • LIKING & REACTING: You’ll get 2 points whenever you like or react to your post and those of your friends. So it’s recommend that you have enough friends.
  • COMMENTING: You’ll get 5 points for each comment you make.
  • CREATING GROUPS: You’ll earn 10 points for joining twitam available groups
  • REFERRING: You’ll earn $0.10 each Person you refer to join twitam with your referral link. It’s should be easy for you since Registration is FREE

All this points automatically converts in dollars, which you can transfer to your PayPal account and withdraw to your local bank.

How To Verify Your Twitam Account

Kindly follow the steps listed below to verify your personal profile/page on twitam website.

  1. Login to your already created account and click on the (3 dot) at the top right-hand side
  2. Then click on “General Settings” and let the page loads
  3. Now click on the “Verification button” from the right-hand side panel
  4. Fill in your correct details like, Name and other information
  5. Submit your valid ID Card and a clear picture of yourself
  6. E.g Voters Card, Drivers License or International Passport
  7. When done, click on “Submit”
  8. That’s it, now wait patiently for your account to be verified.

Twitam Android Apk Download

The Valid Link For The App Download Is Still On Test for now.

Features of Twitam Android App

Download Option

Relevant and quality content files that you will find useful and exciting as part of a means of adding value to the NNU Forum is now made available for download.

Twitam Free Mood

Team Twitam is seriously working to have a free mode like facebook too. It’s acclaimed that they partnering with different networks to make this possible as soon as possible.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for this new platform is only ₦3,100, which can earn instant returns from ₦5,000 and above without doing anything or referring anyone. Don’t forget the early birds benefit more.

Incentives and Rewards

Coming up with incentive and reward plans for the best performance both in activities engagement and referrals is in motion. Different star levels with different reward including millions cash award, trip and car award is promised.

Somehow, this can’t be ascertained yet.

Is Twitam Scam or Legit

Team NNU claimed to have major setbacks on social media sharing, especially Facebook suspending it link.

Saddening, to some anyways, Twitam social media account is 100% compulsory for all members, including referral and non-referral earners. Otherwise, no payment at all. Incredibly, just like the free Facebook Free mode, a bid for Twitam free mood is seeked for.

We are partnering with different networks to make this possible as soon as possible for Twitam Free Mood.

Team Twitam

Honestly, having members pay N3100 for the Twitam registration isn’t so much a good move for many.

But understandable, the platform is colorful and amazing to check out.

We could say its legit.

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