TheExoduses Review; Make #5,000 Daily Using This New Income Program

TheExoduses Review; This New Income Program Allows You Make at least #5,000 Daily Using Your Facebook accounts to share their merchants products.

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I recall someone asking this question;

Racksterly has gone down, then what next?

Truth is, we move on and this time much safe and secure than before.

About Theexoduses

Theexoduses is an affiliate network startup which was launched in January 2020. According to them, they have partnered with some of the websites like Jumia, Konga, Payporte and the likes. The platform generates revenue from the sales they direct to those companies.

TheExoduses review

TheExoduses has probably come up to make things right. This income program was launched on the 10th of January, 2020 and it has begin to gain popularity as its competitors are already dead.

Read their own words here…

“Exoduses is not a financial institution, it’s a marketing platform. Exoduses only works as an online channel to connect merchants and their prospective buyers. We aim to empower and improve on individual standard of living, everything is very simple and straight forward: share our merchants link daily and in return get paid.”

Do not think this is a just refer and earn program as it is not and also this will help you gather much income when you share a merchants product and generate a sale through your link shared but you can still refer friends and get paid but this is not a pyramid scheme as many online programs have proven to be.

How can you join Theexoduses income program?

Well, we have a detailed and laid down procedure for the joining of Theexoduses income program below and make sure you follow our guide to have a swift signup.

Please note: We do not affiliate with Theexoduses in any way and as a result, we will not be writing this review based on what we were offered but based on facts and figures.

How To Join Theexoduses Income Program

  • Go to Theexoduses website via
  • Register an account with them and confirm registration from your email.
  • Then, accept their TERMS and proceed to complete registration.
  • Add your bank details for withdrawal by entering your bank name, number and account name.
  • On the next page, copy the link of your Facebook account and paste it in the box provided. You have successfully added your Facebook account to the platform.
  • Once done, you can then select any of their subscription plans aforementioned and complete payment.
  • Now, you have successfully joined Theexoduses Income program

How To Make Money On Theexoduses (Theexoduses review)

Theexoduses as a money making program, allows users to share affiliate marketing links to their Facebook timeline to earn. Those affiliate marketing links are from Whogohost, Yudala and Konga and other popular websites with affiliate program feature.

You get paid when you share these products in your facebook timeline and Theexoduses also receive their commission from those companies.

We now understand that the aim at which the Theexoduses  income program was created is basically to reach more people.

Now, if you are sharing the post to your Facebook timeline and they get paid, you will be paid half of the commission they will receive from those popular companies.

Speaking of how to make money on Theexoduses, there are two ways to earn on Theexoduses and they are SHARING ADVERTS and REFERRING new members to the platform.

To join Theexoduses or to start sharing links, you have to buy one of their three subscription plans that valid for 30 days and they are:

  1. SMALL subscription plan of $15 (N5,430) valid for 30 days. You will earn $1 per advert you share on daily basis. Definitely, in 30 days of sharing adverts, you will realize a total sum of $30 (N10,000).
  2. BIG subscription plan of $45 (N16,290) also valid for 30 days. You will earn $3 everyday for every advert you share on daily basis. Definitely, you will earn $90 (N32,000) in a month.
  3. MIGHTY subscription plan of $75 (N27,150), you will earn $5 everyday for 30 days and you will withdraw a total sum of $150 (N54,300) in month.

This is not a CPC ad network so to say and this means that, if you share an advert to your Facebook timeline, people don’t have to click on it before you earn. 

This is not to say that this website does not need clicks from people, no they do not besides that is how they get sales and stuffs but this doesn’t mean you will not still get paid when these clicks do not eventually come.

Just as an add to boost your earnings, you can refer new people to the program and wonderfully, they have MARKETING REWARDS. 

TheExoduses Referral Program (Theexoduses review)

  1. If the member(s) you referred subscribe the same day you joined Theexoduses program, you get 30% of his or her subscription plan.
  2. Refer any member on the 2nd day of your subscription plan, you will get 20% reward.
  3. On the 3rd day, any member you refer rewards you with $15.
  4. If you refer 10 friends, you get $5 reward.
  5. If you refer another 10 friends, you get $5.
  6. If all the 10 friends subscribed to the highest plan called MIGHTY, you will get $5.
  7. Top affiliate of the month gets a whopping $100 and it requires a minimum of 20 referrals.

Please note that your referral income here in Theexoduses can be withdrawn any day but just once in a day unlike your activity income.

How To Share Theexoduses Ads Your Facebook Timeline

  • Click on “SHARE”
  • Select one of the best adverts available there
  • Copy the affiliate link
  • Post the link on your Facebook timeline
  • You’re Good

Once you have done that, come back to Theexoduses website and refresh the page, your earnings for the share just completed will reflect in your account almost immediately.

How To Withdraw From Theexoduses Income Program

There are two earnings on your dashboard and these are


You will choose any of the earnings you want to withdraw and click on “WITHDRAW“.

Since you have already submitted your bank information to the website during registration, your payment will be processed to that bank account within 24 hours.

Now here is the question everyone has been asking for a long time now…

Is Theexoduses Scam Or Legit?

It seems like having a CAC in Nigeria fornincome programs is no longer a guarantee that that will not become a scam tomorrow and nothing will happen or they will not just close down and nothing will hapen just like the Racksterly did.

But, based on our observation and research, the owner of theexoduses income program is unknown but he has an official Facebook page and phone number (08133957513) on the website.

People, can message them through and even call them for solutions if need arise.

The website is registered on Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria with the name “NAYOUGOD GLOBAL MULTI-SERVICES COMPANY” and with RC2481075 number.

This also means they are ready for business and also, Theexoduses does not have any physical office in Nigeria but our research noticed they are operating from Lagos state, Nigeria.

Theexoduses income program App (Theexoduses review)

This is not to say that you cannot access theexoduses through a laptop, sure you can but for mobile usability, theexoduses mobile app has been created so as to guide people on how best to get their perfect mobile experience on the theexoduses income program.

Theexoduses review

Here is a link to download theexoduses App.

Can I trust Theexoduses income program and is their website hosting reliable?

Naturally I will never recommend whogohost for any of my clients and this is because of their very low up-time and very poor services but as they may have it, Theexoduses income program is hosted on Whogohost and this simply means we should expect a lot of downtime with this new income program and most probably website malfunction as this is what Whogohost prides themselves with.


Theexoduses is hosted under Whogohost and I think the reason is because they partnered with them to promote their affiliate program.

However, some of Theexoduses details are still unknown: name of the website owner and images. This is said to be a company policy but it looks very shady and not open and clean and I do not recommend such from online program owners as it proves you can shut down anytime and no one will know you.

But, based on our past experience on other programs that operates exactly like this, because they are not the first to bring this type of money making program, even Mulabux and Racksterly used this same method, definitely you can only get paid successfully if you join very early.

Like now.

So, here is the catch; Subscribe with what you can risk and if you have a big heart, you can register multiple accounts on the program, this will enable you cashout big.

But you may be advised to risk wisely!

If you are afraid, you can try out the lowest plan before going for the bigger plans.

Some of the open facts about Theexoduses income program

  1. Theexoduses was launched on the 10th of January, 2020. It’s a registered company under CAC in Nigeria with RC2481075 number, you can search it out. The company is operated from Lagos state.
  2. You can withdraw your REFERRALS earnings at anytime you feel like but the MAIN BALANCE valid for 30 days for withdrawal.
  3. You need 100+ Facebook friends before you can register because someone has to know about the adverts you share on daily basis.
  4. They have official WhatsApp number and is 08133957513 but you can also message them from their email via
  5. Theexoduses is also called Exoduses. They have no company yet in Nigeria but have only register them.

Theexoduses payment proofs

Below are the proof of payment to theexoduses so as to prove to people that they are no scam, At least for now.

Theexoduses review

Theexoduses review

Wrapping up on Theexoduses review

We are not affiliated to Theexoduses in the first place and still not now but we are just looking for ways to make money online and in such mindset, you can join Theexoduses and make money with them but this will be for those that joined early as they may fail in what they promised to do in no distant time just as racksterly did.

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