Blog24 Review; Here is Everything You Need To Know about this income program and how to make money on blog24.

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Here we have been a group of professional make money online review writers and as such we will be writing the Blog24 Review and everything you need to know about them.

Blog24 review

Blog24 is a social platform acclaimed to empower, inspire youth, community development, educate and train the youths through sponsored programs and schemes.

Although, this is a platform for users aiming to earn online with little or less stress, they are here to help you make money and be financial free with the help of our System called Share to Social Media and Earn.

About Blog24

BLOG24 is a online earning platform lunched this year 2020. It’s is owned by BloggersTv, a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with Registration Number – RC 2895858.

Blog24 could be considered as legitimate for now.

Now lets go deeper with blog24 review.

Steps to register on blog24

New member

Sign up as a new user with your Personal details.It takes less than a minute

Share and Earn

All You Have to Do is to subscribe to any of our plan and keeping Lodging In Daily to Share Our Google Advert to Social Media


Earn 30% Referral for bring new Members

Get Profit

Get your Profit as stated on plan, your account will credited automatically

Blog24 membership plans

There are many membership plans which include…

  • Blog24 Premium Plan

Login Bonus= 100Naira.

Google Advert Share=200Naira

Referrals =30% Cashout any time

Registration fees= 1000naira.Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

  • Blog24 Gold Premium Plan

Login Bonus= 200Naira.

Google Advert Share=400Naira

Referrals =30% Cashout any time

Registration fees= 2000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

  • Blog24 Master Premium Plan

Login Bonus= 300Naira.

Google Advert Share=400Naira

Referrals =30% Cashout any time

Registration fees= 3000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

  • Blog24 VIP PACKAGE Plan

Login Bonus= 400Naira.

Google Advert Share=450Naira

Referrals =30% Cashout any time

Registration fees= 4000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

How To Make Money On Blog24

A system have being designed to allows users to make funds with packages like Premium, Premium Gold, Master Gold and VIP members.

Blog24 Referral Program has an affiliate program where you earn 30% for each referral. This is the person that joins the program through you by signing up with your referral link. Members earn 30% from their referrals.

However, you must register successfully, then have a unique referral link generated for you.

Is Referral Mandatory on Blog24?

Happily for persons who don’t like stress, referral on Blog24 is not compulsory.

Minimum withdrawal on Blog24

To withdraw on Blog24 income program, users must have N3,000 in their wallet.

Other things you should know in this Blog24 review…

Blog24 Login And Registration

More information can be found on Practical steps for blog24 login and registration.

Here comes the bigger question…

Is Blog24 Scam or Legit

Team Blog24 haven’t held anyone payment when this article was published, additionally it has kept it promise.

Although, recalling income sites like Racksterly, NNU, among others, we can’t tell if the future with Blog24 isn’t secure, this is just a blog24 review update.

Blog24 3rd Party Referral & Support Link

Blog24 WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group Link

Personal Dm Support

Click here…


Before we wrap up read from blog24 themselves here…

How To Make Money on Blog24

It’s no longer news that Bloggers makes big money every month and do you know how?

It’s simple! Google and other adverts Companies pay Bloggers to place adverts on their blogs/websites and the bloggers get paid when you visit and click on those adverts!

This simply means that bloggers make money when you visit their blog or website! So, the more you visit, the more money they make!

The question is, why do bloggers take all the money for themselves without giving a dime to the visitors who help them make the money?

This is the unique difference we are making on

We have designed a system that allows us to share our Revenue with our Premuim, Premuim Gold, Master Gold and VIP members every Week, for Login into the Site..

How genuine is Blog24?

You may be wondering, is this another scam? No, It’s not at all… But unfortunately, the only way to prove that is to show you evidence so I would like you to click on any of these links below and see testimonies of members yourself.

Blog24 is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture. We have successfully proved that we keep to our promise over-time. We make bold to say that we have employed and weekly paid many Nigerians more than some of the state governments.

We believe that since it costs money to be online (data, time, energy and phone/laptop), you should also be making Money while online!

Who Are We And Why Should You Trust Us?

Blog24 is owned by BloggersTv, a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with Registration Number – RC 2895858.

This platform is just a new vision and strategy of directly reaching out to the average populace in order to help eradicate poverty and the increasing joblessness.

Who can become a Member of Blog24?

Anyone who wants to make money online can become a member.

We accept membership from anywhere in the world!

We provide a platform to help you earn money by referring your friends and performing activities.

How can I Earn Money on

Members of naijavevo earn money in various ways depending on their levels of membership.

When you register a free account, you will not have earning ability until you upgrade your account to Premium or any other membership. .

Wrapping up on Blog24 review

Blog24 is no scam but i will urge registrants to be quick about it as things may change anytime sooner.

Be guided.