Tradsmedia Review; Read This Review Before You Signup on Tradsmedia

Tradsmedia Review; Read This Review Before You Signup on Tradsmedia to know if Tradsmedia is actally a scam or legit platform.

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We have on several cases seen many make money online platforms come and go but one thing we cannot do is stop writing about them as it seems like the better the day get the more they come out with many other interesting features I must say.

Tradsmedia review

Tradsmedia is a affiliate advertising network Start-Up Launched in 2020.As an business owner/agency If you are thinking of promoting an app, website,Goods and services, Programs, MLM or social network, we can help you reach a wide audience with the help of our affiliates (called promoters/members).

And if you simply wish to earn while online , you can become our affiliate Promoting our advertising offers and getting revenue for every offer you post.

Just like many other make money online websites that have emanated but all gone in now just as Racksterly, Skulpay and Mulabux.

Introduction To Tradsmedia

This platform is an innovation in affiliate marketing that speed-ens up commission earning process and generate massive audience reach for merchants within a short period of time. Our business model is Innovative,highly rewarding,sustainable,top-notch and second to none and in just a short period of time we are already changing the way People view online earning platforms

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Members can earn additional income by referring their friends.We pay affiliate commissions for referred friends .Join us today !

Commissions are paid in dollars because we are growing and expanding daily and our vision is to reach into the markets of “West Africa” and then Go Global !

Our mission is to give everyone the power to grow their finances and change the outlook of “earning online” in Nigeria And West Africa at large

How To Register On Tradsmedia

To Register On Tradsmedia You will have To Buy A coupon Code From Vendor and not just like many other refer and earn program and this is where the authenticity comes into first hand play.

List of Coupon Vendors On Tradsmedia

Buy coupon from an agent

For coupon code, you can get from any of these of contacts below. Please  they are all authorized agents, I just wanted it to be easier for you that is  why I created their contacts like this

  • Hamzat Basit Adeyemi
  • Ekwueme Wisdom
  • Mr Mike
  • Omotoso Olamide
  • Adegoke Nofisat Ayobami (AngelNiffyy)
  • Adeniyi Micheal
  • Alieyou
  • Yemkem Yemight

After getting the coupon code from the vendors…

You can Now Select The plan You Want to go for and complete your Registration

Tradsmedia plans for members


If you are to subscribe for BIGGINGER you’ll be require to Pay $5 = which is ₦1800

You’ll be getting $0.5 =175 NGN daily for 30days.

₦175 x 30 = ₦5,250 each month.


If you are to subscribe for plus you’ll be require to Pay $13 = ₦4550

You’ll be getting $1 = N350 daily for 30days.

₦350 x 30 = ₦10,500 each month.

Now, some people may not get paid in the end and this will be a red flag that will make many people start condemning this legit income program and saying they are scam.

Please be mindful of these below criteria and make sure you are not messing any of them up before shouting that Tradsmedia is a scam.

  • Fail to Advertise leads to not payment for that day.
  • All payments are made through your bank .
  • withdrawals should be made after 29th day of subscription

Tradsmedia Payment proof 

As at the time of writing this review, a payment proof on Tradsmedia is not ye published and as such we will not say that this income program is not legit but we will work on the fact that we can get to update the content all the time and provide the payments proofs to you.

Can I trust Tradsmedia?

I will categorically state and ask you to trust Tradsmedia and work with them as they are the best shot you got to make money in a legit way in these recent times that many make money online platforms have chosen to become scams.

Wrapping up on Tradsmedia income program

Well, this is still legit but we will always advice you to be among the first users as no one can ever for-see what these make money online programs will always turn around to become in the future.

But for now, we can vouch for them.

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