Soccertok Review; Make at Least #5,000 Every Matchday Using Soccertok

Soccertok Review; Now you can Make at Least #5,000 Every Matchday Using Soccertok by joining as an affiliate and also using predictions.

Read about USA creditcards and follow ups here with onmoneygrounds. is a news lunched online earning site that just does the same thing the NNU, Racksterly and Newspay do but just this time, they do it better.

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Soccertok affiliate program is an affiliate program that is such lucrative that anyone and everyone can earn from it not withdstanding your knowledge of the football game.

  • You might be asking if soccertok legit or scam?
  • Where can I read honest soccertok affiliate program review
  • How do I earn from soccertok affiliate program
  • Soccertok payment proofs

We will do well to answer these questions in this review as you read on.

Lets get started with the first things first…

Soccertok review

we cannot deny the fact that above half of the planet male do watch soccer games and as that, we will consider Soccertok a very big player in the make money online world as we do review these programs professionally.

Soccertok is a Nigerian based income site that rewards users for participating and sharing their love about football on their platform which involves predictions and also betting but you are not limited to these options for earnings.

You can also refer people and get paid but we will discuss that in details as we go down in our explanations.

How to register on Soccertok

At the time of writing this review, Soccertok has been shut down and they promised to reopen by the 17th of January 2020 so we will wait for them as they open but use this link if you wish to signup.

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Soccertok review

Soccertok review

Now; lets look at…

How To Make Money on

There are many ways through which to make money on Soccertok which ranges from…

  • Soccertok Login

When you login soccertok daily, you earn ₦100.

₦100 X 30 DAYS = ₦3,000.

  • Reading News on Soccertok

When you read any latest news you earn ₦10, if you read 100 latest news per day that is ₦10 X 100 news read = ₦1,000.

₦1,000 X 30 days = ₦30,000.

  • Posting on Soccertok

When you post a well structured football news you earn ₦1,000.

Copy and pasting of soccer news will not be approved.

  • Commenting on Soccertok

When you comment on any latest news you earn ₦10. Bare in mind that you Comment only once on a single post.

  • Referring on Soccertok

You earn ₦200 when you refer your friends to join soccertok football affiliate program.

Soccertok Referral Program

Please do note that inactive users are not welcomed on Soccertok.

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All users should be very active.

Additionally, referral isn’t compulsory as users still get paid on Friday without referring anyone.

Can I refer myself on Soccertok?

Trust me, I wouldnt do that if I were you.

Referring yourself will lead to deactivation of your account, you can refer other persons but you must never fake your referrals or your account will be deactivated permanently.

In a nut shell, do not refer yourself on Soccertok for any reason or face ban.

Soccertok payment proof

As at the time of writing this review, Soccertok have not reported any payment proof and we are still to see one.

So we do hope to report them the moment we get any.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings on Soccertok

Firstly, requesting for withdrawal without reaching the minimum amount of ₦5,000 can lead to deactivation of your account. You need attain the minimum amount before you can request for withdrawal of earnings.

Soccertok Registration

This is tricky but you must pay a sum of #1,600 to get started but do not just go ahead and register for demo account and after that you will start shouting that Soccertok is a scam.

Please read further below to understand.

Soccertok registration is 100% free but this is a demo account.

During this demo mood, you can comment, share post, publish post but won’t get paid.

Before cashing out, you need to upgrade your account to premium. This cost  N1,600.

Therefore, you Can’t Withdraw Your Earnings Without Upgrading Your Account.

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Earnings withdrawal is done every Friday when you reach your minimum withdrawal and you get paid within 24hours directly to your bank account.

What is the minimum withdrawal on Soccertok for its members?

Minimum Amount To Withdraw Is ₦5,000, meaning you can withdraw more than that every Friday.

What to know before actually joining Soccertok

Getting registered after earning a reasonable amount is a good idea.

This help you decide if you can make it on the platform before going Premium.

Obviously, this is a big thumbs for that development unlike other platforms

Many individuals love football and go into betting, most times lossing huge fortune in cash and getting into debt. This could be an alternative and it’s great.

Is Soccertok Legit or Scam Site

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We heard of NNU, Racksterly, HIWAP and lot lot lot of them, but we have never affiliated with any of them and same goes to this income program.

This article is merely a guide and overview about affiliate program. Join at your own risk as we are not in any way affiliated to them.

Wrapping up on Soccertok review

Trust us, we have reviewed many income programs here and we know what works and what doesnt. Not minding the fact that at some point, racksterly messed up but they were fast enough to fix it and start paying their members again.

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We do write good reviews of good make money online programs in Nigeria but we do warn that you must join these programs at your own risk and do not blame anyone if anything should go bad but the Soccertok is quite legit and good to join but from the 17th of January 2020.

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