Racksterly Review 2020; Please note: Racksterly is a SCAM and Not Legit

Racksterly Review 2020; Here is What is Actually Happening Now With Racksterly and why you should avoid them as much as you can ever do.

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Note: Racksterly have proven to be legit again and no longer a scam. Please use this link to sign up for Racksterly income program.

In the recent times, I have had a very bad time as a result of the Racksterly Review I published and this got me thinking what is really going on and how best to stop these silly things happening currently.

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My ordeal with a Racksterly user that prompted this Racksterly Review 2020

A few days ago I received an email that nearly pushed me into a trance from a user on Racksterly but I was sure I am not in any way affiliated to Racksterly and as such, I do give an honest review of every income program I write about as these do not add any income to us.

This email I received is the reason I am writing this content this day and I am still surprised why and how no one has ever been out to say what is going on with racsterly recently.

Without further Ado, here is the email and the conversation I had with the so called user whose name is; gujja walmaste.

I mentioned this name because I needed to clear myself and the other users as well.

Recall that this user never talked to me via email or phone call before they got registered on racksterly but somehow got my email immediately they stared having issues making money on racksterly;

Here are the screenshots below;

Racksterly Review 2020


Racksterly Review 2020


Racksterly Review 2020


Racksterly Review 2020


Racksterly Review 2020


Racksterly Review 2020

The apology was the last email I got from this person and I never responded to it and I will never do so.

This above has been backed by many other questions as you can see in our first Racksterly review we wrote and published but none of these people have become as hostile as this person has become in their emails.

Now, these has posed the question of many sorts which I intend to answer as many of them as I can before I finish writing this article and I believe you will also know what you are doing while joining these make money online programs.

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But first, let me answer this question…

Is Racksterly Scam or Legit

A few weeks ago, I published a report here on Racksterly that they just turned a scam.

I want to clarify this review here;

I have gotten many bad emails that made me ask if this program is still legit or not but after many considerations, a friend of mine uploaded his photo and proof of payment from Racksterly which are videos and photos and I will make this video in essence of this review to clarify everything and promise you that, Racksterly is not a scam.

Have yourself a look below;

Image Proof of payment on Racksterly;

Racksterly proof of payment


Racksterly proof of payment


Now, I am going to present you a video which is dated yesterday 28th December 2019 and to prove that Racksterly just paid a friend of mine and this will be enough proof to say that Rackstely is not a scam.

Video proof of Racksterly review and its not scam;

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Why will Racksterly not end? (My Racksterly Review 2020)

Have you ever asked yourself, when will life end?

Well if you have ever done that, you will know that there is no end to life and this is same with Racksterly and every other make money online program in Nigeria and the world at large as this is now becoming the only source of livelihood to many people more than the physical jobs.

I inclusive.

But there is a bitter truth to this which is the fact that, these platforms will not always stay long in the blogosphere before they go extinct and their successors will come up.

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And people, no matter how they criticized the former failed ones, will rush into the new one and the circle will continue.

This is why you must make use of these platforms when they are new to avoid being a victim of circumstance.

What people are currently looking for on Racksterly and my real and unbiased answers to them (Racksterly Review 2020)

Recently, Racksterly started to misbehave and this is why I have pulled out the search terms people are using to ask questions about Racksterly and I am giving off my legitimate answers to them as regards to what should be said and how right they should be said

Please note that these responses are from my own experience and not affected by any biased reasons so as to clear the air about Racksterly and how to make money with it.

Top searches related to Racksterly and their truthful explanations (Racksterly Review 2020)

  • Racksterly

This is a website developed to pay their users while they read news and also share posts online to their Facebook users and make sure they also like what they share.

  • Racksterly news

These are the news you get to read and also get to share to your social medias.

  • Racksterly review

This is an honest statement by bloggers about the Racskerly income program to save people from joining if it was a scam but it is very bad that many people will never tell you the truth about Racksterly but they just want you to register and then they make money off your pocket.

  • Racksterly.com

This is not the offical Racksterly website but Racksterly.co

  • Is racksterly legit

Currently I will say no unless otherwise proven.

And this has been proven by the photos and videos above.

Since people cannot get to login to their accounts and make changes when they want to and also request their withdrawals, this is no longer a legit program and also a scam for anyone who wished to join it.

  • Google racksterly

for those who wished to know more about the racksterly income program through Google search.

  • Sites similar to racksterly

There are many sites which are similar to Racksterly which includes NNU, Atpays (Which is now a scam) and many others.

  • Racksterly subscriptions

These are the payments you get to make before you can join the Racksterly income program and get to make money with it. Sometimes called the Racksterly subscription plans.

  • The truth about racksterly

The truth about Racksterly is that they have turned out to become scam from their website going down to not allowing anyone log into their accounts and this is a very bad Idea I must say. Racksterly is a scam please do not invest in it.

  • Racksterly.co

This is their official website domain name.

  • Which online business is like racksterly

If you are asking of the businesses that will start and fail at some points then you are welcomed to speak to programs like NNU, Newspay, HIWAP, MineNaira and many more. But for legit platforms, there is none until otherwise proven.

  • What do you know about racksterly

I know that Racksterly was a good refer and earn program that makes people money without doing much job online but now I know them as a scam network that takes peoples money and shut them out for no reason without actually telling the why ad shutting everyone out from contacting them.

Racksterly is currently legit as before.

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  • Racksterly having problems with login

Just as the screenshots I shared above, Racksterly have been having problems with their logins and this is the biggest issues people are facing now and this is one of the reasons we say they are scam coupled with the number of emails I got on the same thread.

  • What you need to know about racksterly

You only need to know that Racksterly is fake and a scam nothing more or less. Since they started to make people regret why they trusted them to this extent.

  • Racksterly scam or legit

Simply put, Racksterly is not a scam.

Believe it or not, you will know why I said this one way or another. And this may be when you get scammed too by the same program.

  • How does racksterly work

You can read this up in our first racksterly review but currently, they are no longer working and now a scam.

  • How legit is racksterly

This is no longer legit and I will vouch for racksterly no more as they have turned out to become a scam.

  • What about racksterly income, is it genuine

Racksterly is not genuine and please do not invest your money in this refer and earn program. Doing this will be 100% at your own risk.

  • Racksterly ‘scam

Yes, Racksterly is a scam and it is not worth your time and the hype given to it.

  • Changes in racksterly this 13th december

The scam side of Racksterly just got started out well on the 13th of December giving it all the authority to be a scam program and launder money off people in a very bad way.

This was just an upgrade but this never meant that they are now a scam as before stated. Racksterly is now legit as proven by the photos and video above.

  • Racksterly legit

Please note that Racksterly is legit and they have just paid a friend of mine in the photo and video above.

  • Why is racksterly not working

The answer is simple, because Racksterly just turned scam just like many other make money online platforms in Nigeria.

But it is working now as good as ever.

  • What happened to racksterly

We believe that Racksterly just turned to become a scam that is exactly what happened to Racksterly and this is not just close to ending as many people will still get scammed by this platform if they do not heed my words.

But this was as a result of a system upgrade which we mentioned earlier and now they are workin and paying well as stated in the video above.

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  • Racksterly latest news for today

The latest news on Racksterly today is the fact that they are still a scam until otherwise proven, then I will update this review.

  • Racksterly not loading

Racksterly is now loading but you cannot login to your account and this has been on for a very long time now and everyone is worried.

Racksterly is a scam and do not invest in it please.

  • What does MTN know about racksterly?

Unfortunately, MTN does not know about Racksterly. In fact who asked this question and why if I may ask?

  • Is racksrerly a ponzi scheme?

Racksterly is nowmore or less a dark ponzi scheme but we did not know in the first place it got out newly.

  • What is the meaning of topup in racksterly

This is for advertisers when they want to ass money to their advertising budgets.

  • Racksterly latest news

Racksterly is still not a scam program till today.

  • Is racksterly real

Well, I must say I do think so. Racksterly is a legit program.

  • What is activity balance in racksterly

These are your balance for sharing news and also referring people.

  • How to earn on racksterly

We covered this here in our previous review but you will only need to share news and refer people.

  • Meaning of racksterley

Means a website that you can use to make money online which is now a scam.

  • Racksterly real or scam

Please note that Racksterly is not a scam and perfectly real.

These series of questions above are what people asked about Racksterly and I am obliged I was able to answer them all.

For the records, Racksterly is a scam and not a legit program. Please take note.

Wrapping up on Racksterly review 2020

Racksterly has proven to be a legit platform which is no news to us who have been into online programs in a long while but still I maintain that if the owner of Racksterly reads this and decided spread the news to people so they know too.

You can get in touch with me on Admin@blogincomes.com.ng to edit this review and if these conditions are not met, then I will not be writing any other review and will not edit this content.

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To everyone who use to make money on Racksterly, I sincerely urge you to continue as they really were good.


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