NNU Version 2 Review; NNU Version 2 Now Released; Read This Before Joining

NNU Version 2; A detailed insight into what the NNU version 2 is all about and how to make money on the new NNU forum.

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Introducing the NNU Version 2

Now we believe that the official launch of the NNU version 2 is here now look below to see the key points of the NNUforum.com.

Get to read how this NNU version 2 works here is you are still new to the platform.

The registration for the NNU version 2 is now enabled and you can get registered just right away and get to be among those that will be paid out good amount of money at the start of this NNU version 2.

When the NNU version 1 started that we all know as the NNU income program, the first group of persons who started it got paid out more than hundreds of thousands and as such, you can be among those to benefit the same in this new start.

The NNU version 2 claims to start out with millions for their users and those that will register currently.

If you share the love, you could help the NNU do it again and again and reach their target audience while you make good money for yourself too.

If you wish to join the NNU version 2 E-pin distributors, then you can get started by sending a whatsapp message to this whatsapp URL; https://wa.me/2348169787210

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NNU version 2 review and insight

Following the recent inactivity of the NNU income program platform and the disappearance of its members as a result of a breech in agreement, and non-payment of the members, a new income program emerged with the same likelihood and creator which is the HIWAP income program is health is wealth income program but not after too long…

Another brand of NNU income program re-emerged and this is now called NNU Version 2.

I always served myself a disclaimer whenever I am writing on all these make money online through refer and earn in Nigeria and this is the fact that I do not affiliate with these refer and earn programs and as a result, all reviews written here are written with severe and thorough checkout as it doesn’t add any income to our pocket.

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The NNU Version 2 Mobile App insight

But before we got started, the NNU version 2 creators made sure they did something which I really loved and that is, creating a mobile Android Application for the NNU version 2.

The NNU version 2 Android mobile app has been launched following the release of the referral program but that was not all that matters to it.

You can download the NNU version 2 Android App here!

But the downside to this App is the reviews of people towards this app as the person we know to be the initiator of the NNU income program Paul Samson categorically stated that this Android App was fake.

See screenshot below;

NNU version 2 Android App

And this has got a lot of persons worries how an Android App can be created for the NNU version 2 and this is not the owners doing.

This is more reason we put up this piece of content below to try as much as we can to get the owners of the NNU version 2 to do things right and by the perfect way so that this NNU version 2 will come to stay.

What to know about the NNU version 2 Android App are;

  1. Category: Free News and Magazines App
  2. Where to get it: Get it on Google Play Store
  3. Latest version: Version 5.0
  4. Publication date: 2019-05-03
  5. Requirements to use: Android version 4.1 and above
  6. Reports: This App has been flagged as inappropriate as this wasn’t developed by the owners
  7. App size: 6.3MB


My NNU Version 2 Review

What is NNU Version 2?

The NNU Version 2. is just as good as the NNU income program itself with all the same features as the NNU income program and also design but a little thing changed here in the NNU Version 2.

Most times people would think several things stopped working but the NNU Version 2 has come to prove them wrong.

Hey; This video can help you understand better

Now the Question is…

Will more people turn up and join this program given the fact that the first of its kind flopped the whole masses that invested and till date.

I have always written these kind of reviews for other income programs and I have watched them fail not just too long they just started and this is for some reasons which I will mention below;

I understand that many income program platforms like the NNU income program, Newspay and HIWAP income program came into the light to make sure people earn money online no matter how small but certain things stopped them from seeing this feat through, and these vices are;

  • Money
  • Biased nature of Nigerians
  • Insincerity
  • Non strict rules to follow
  • Easy approval
  • Being too vague to opposition
  • No capital
  • Cannot stand test of time
  • Earnings conscious
  • No being hungry for more entries
  • Relaxing

Now, let me explain these vices above as they do affect these income programs as I could deduce that the NNU Version 2 is a new platform and if the owner was reading this, he/she should apply these strategies to avoid getting out of business in the shortest of time.

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Why the NNU Version 2 may fail in due course...

  • Money

The moment money was mentioned as the prime purpose of a program, people can do just as good as anything to get the cash in their hands and damn the consequences of long term and this is a bad idea.

This program should be limited to only refer people and earn as no one pays to read these news and the more other opportunities to earn money on the platform such as read news to get paid, comment to get paid and stuffs still works, several people will not refer anyone but they will spend their whole day and night commenting on posts and also reading news.

Some persons will go to the extent of not reading the news but opening as many tabs in their laptops as they can and close all of them at a time which will contribute 100% bounce rate on posts.

This is more reasons this forum will loose advertisers as none of their offers are converting.

the registrants who just come to read news are basically ten times the ones who came to refer people and this will cause payment issues when money runs out.

Now over to the owners of such refer and earn programs, limit these platforms to generating income through;

  • Referrals
  • Direct advertisement just as Nairaland

Then let the participants earn by;

  • The number of people they refer

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This way you will avoid pollution of your program and let people read trending news just for the fun of it and the need and also letting your direct advertisers offers convert well.

Steemit is a forum that makes people money in such a sense as NNU Version 2 but they do not run out of cash as most do.

Besides, I am huge fan of Nairaland.

Nigerians are too biased that a single person can harbor three or four accounts on the same platform and thereby polluting the said platform but this is because the owners allowed it.

Limit people from being biased and spoiling your long term business just because they are selfish to their own interest.

A single user with the same;

  • Email
  • Name
  • Bank details
  • Identity of every sort should never register twice but once

This way you will limit the biased nature of your Nigerian participants.

  • Insincerity ( NNU Version 2 Review )

This should go to the owners.

you should write a full complete disclosure of how the program works and do not leave people (Blogggers) to make endless predictions to that from how the former ones works.

Always ask people to read disclosure before they sighed up with the platform and make sure everything in the disclosure is what the said program is all about.

  • Non strict rules to follow ( NNU Version 2 Review )

Before anything can work well, there must be some strict rules to go with.

This is why bloggers who monetize with Google Adsense do everything possible to make sue they stayed in line with what Adsense wants or otherwise they will get banned.

This same rule should equally be applied to these refer and earn program and accounts will be put to suspension for some days if you deliberately commented on the same post twice or any malicious act must be checked and awarded the deserved penalty.

This might sound somewhat funny but users should not be approved easily as they can be asked to provide a data that only them wields so as to limit the issue of multiple accounts by a single person.

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Details such as;

  • Drivers license
  • Bank BVN Number
  • International passport

These hen provided will ensure you meant business and will explain to the participants that they will have to respect themselves.

  • Being too vague to opposition ( NNU Version 2 Review )

People must come out to challenge your idea and make something just exactly as yours but its in your hands to keep your standards and not fall easy to their threats.

This is the basic reason there are over 20 scam get paid to refer platforms in Nigeria today.

Even when your competitors go down to #500 per registration, stick to where you are and watch how far they get with the stuff they doing.

Thank me later.

  • No capital ( NNU Version 2 Review )

Capital is the basic of every business.

Do not start up any form of business without any capital as this will render you frustrated. This happens in many income programs as the owner started making use of the referral incomes not remembering he has many others reading only news to pay up.

Make sure you have pending capital before you advance to start an income program platform.

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You must stand your ground when the test comes and as such do not shake or shiver in the face of challenges as they must come.

Its natural in business.

  • Earnings conscious ( NNU Forum Review )

The owners of many income program do not focus on providing value but they all place their mindsets in the money and this is wrong.

Strive to provide value at first and watch everything else follow.

You can get paid by sponsors to advertise for them even more than what you gain from referrals so why not provide value first?

  • No being hungry for more entries

Who said a million members was enough?

  • Keep advertising
  • Keep reaching out
  • Make it a global business
  • Be hungry for more
  • Never relent explaining what your business is about and start targeting other countries

I think the above did the work…

How to make money on NNU version 2

Now, you might be asking how you can make money on the new NNU Version 2?

  • Affiliate referral: You get paid 71.5% of each valid referral you bring into the program. This is to say you will earn #1,000 for every qualified member you bring into the NNU Version 2.
  • Active daily logins: You get paid #50 for active daily logins everyday.
  • View forum topics: You get paid #10 for every post you read in the NNU Version 2.
  • Comments: You get paid #20 for every relevant comment you drop in the NNU Version 2.
  • Article: You can earn #200 for writing a reasonable article and getting approved. But you can earn even higher (#500-#1,000) for writing high quality educative article in the forum.
  • Social sharing: You get paid #100 for every sponsored post you share on social media.

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The process of earnings withdrawal NNU Version 2

You get to withdraw your earnings once you get up to #5,000 in your accumulated earnings.

But please note that you must refer at least two persons to get paid from the program to avoid saying you didn’t get paid but you didn’t refer people also.

Payment is not on reading news and commenting on posts but on referrals.

The payment is always made in the end of the month as always and this is a combination of the activity earnings and also the referral earnings but the activity earnings will never be paid without any referrals.

Notwithstanding that we said the above, we only looked at what could be done by the owners of the NNU version 2 to make sure issues do not arise in this new program but we can vouch for the NNU version 2 to be legit.

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Review of NNU version 2?

NNU version 2 is one of the most relevant refer and earn forums platform in Nigeria, we have packaged this review and guide to help you make the best choice while using this platform.

As such, we could guarantee that the NNU Forum is not in any way a pyramid scheme.

You are welcomed to read on and get to know the hacks about making money with the NNU version 2.

How To Earn Money on NNU Version 2

With our simple ideology on making sure interested Nigerians experience and enjoy online earning opportunity, NNU version 2 discussion forum is fully equipped with the following earning features;

  • Monthly Revenue Share

The NNU version 2 subscribers or participant will have to earns money via activities points by;

  1. Login in to their NNU account daily
  2. Reading and engaging in forum discussion
  3. Posting relevant forum topics
  4. Sharing viral post on Facebook

Pretty much the same thing from what you know initially.

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NIP or so called Affiliate Commission

As a member, you are also an affiliate after successful registration.

You will be earning a huge commission of 71.5% = N1,000 per person you refer to joins the forum through your referral link or username.

The more people you refer to join, the more 71.5% commission earning.

So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantage of NNU Income opportunity daily, you will be earning N10,000 Naira in a day.

Recently, a client of ours just testified to the fact that he has already earned #15,000 from the NNU version 2 and got paid out.

This is the proof to evidence to the fact that this program still pays a least for now before things will go awry.

Who can participate and why should you join the NNU version 2?

Pretty much anyone with daily expenses can take part in NNU Income Program.

It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online.

You can take advantage of your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, WhatsApp, phone contacts, and stop wasting your precious time online.

Please we literally do not mean you should take advantage of them but you should try as much as possible to introduce them into this wonderful opportunity and try to make them become part of it for their own freedom and of course you earn while doing this.

If you happened to be a student, getting started with NNU version 2 will be a great decision as an affiliate or distributor because there are lot of students like you on campus who are in need of cash daily.

Entry fee is affordable for pretty much anyone with any wallet size.

Why you may consider the NNU version 2 as another side of income

Employers are hiring less full time employees and more part timers so they don’t have to pay benefits not minding your school grades.

Becoming an affiliate and getting involved with earning opportunities online is the best option for you.

As an affiliate marketer, you can alleviate poverty, headache and uncertainty of working for someone else.

Keep in mind though that you must have an entrepreneurial spirit and positive mindset.

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Affiliate and online business are not for everyone.

But, if you like the idea of breaking away from financial bondage in this country, working and making money in the comfort of your home or wherever you are with NNU Income and growing your business at your own pace, then becoming NNU Affiliate is a good starting point and a great choice for you.

A pro blogger and a webmaster Prosper Noah once made over #500,000 with the first version of the NNU income program and you can too.

Hacks to make money on NNU version 2

Below Are Six Ways To Earn On NNU Forum

  • As an affiliate, you earn 71.5% per each referral.

As a participant, you earn point for your activities on the forum.

  • Active daily login: You earn N50 when you login to your account daily.
  • View Forum Topics: You earn N10 on each latest forum topics you read.
  • Relevant Comment / Discussion : You earn N20 on each new topics you contributed to.
  • Posting Forum Topic: You earn N200 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that worth discussion and get approved on the website. You could even earn more between N500 to N1000 when you post more relevant, unique and original content on any categories.

Note: copied content including topics from other sites are not allowed.

  • Sharing viral post on Facebook: We assign a viral post to members to share on their Facebook timeline daily, you earn N100 naira daily on assigned post you share on your timeline.

Note: NNU version 2 post must appeared on your timeline before you can get paid.

How To Register on NNU version 2 And Get Started

To join NNU version 2, you need to pay an amount of N1,400 naira only (one time payment).

You can make payment online on registration page using your ATM card or online banking or using registration E-Pin.

And you will be good to go.

How To Cash Out or withdraw earnings on NNU version 2

On NNU version 2, we have come up with a remarkable working plan to make sure all participants benefit and cash out their earnings without losing or ending up getting frustrated.

We want Nigerians to experience online earning opportunity and cash out to their bank accounts while retaining and sustaining NNU Income Project as the most trusted and outstanding earning platform in Nigeria.

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As such, we are using a first come first serve and most active method on our monthly revenue sharing.

Both affiliate commission and activities earning are paid out upon withdrawal monthly based on activeness and membership duration on the forum.

We will make sure no member is left out without getting paid so long you are active and earn up to the maximum withdrawal threshold either with or without referral earning.

Monthly income will be published with details of how revenue is shared in a specific month with beneficiaries list.

Your minimum withdrawal remains N5,000 which is  paid out every last day of the month to ensure stability and sustainability of the system; reasonable and awesome salary payment to your bank account monthly.

Members profile and activities will be duly reviewed on the website from time to time including payment day in order to ensure no member is left out from the  monthly payroll.

More Earning Opportunity on NNU version 2

As stated by the NNU version 2 Admins…

Without waiting for monthly revenue share, you can leverage on our E-Pin selling, agent or distribution opportunity.

You will earn 15% per each E-Pin you sell to any prospective members on NNU Forum. E-Pin wholesale price is N1200 per pin, you can buy bulk from minimum of 20 pins or more.

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Forum registration is N1400 which is the price you must sell to prospective members, while you earn N200 naira profit per sales.

Also your name will be added to the list of distributors on the website so you can be getting prospect from our campaign.

In Summary

  • Registration fee is: N1,400
  • Affiliate commission: 71.5% = N1,000
  • View Forum Topics: N10
  • Agent / Distributors: 15% = N200 profit
  • Daily Login: N50
  • Join Discussion: N20
  • Posting Relevant Topics: N200 – N1,000
  • Viral share on Facebook: N100
  • Withdrawal Threshold: N5,000   Referral or no referral
  • Revenue share and payout every last day of the month base on activeness, membership duration and no members will be left out without payment.

Wrapping up on NNU Version 2

I do not recommend you joining these refer and earn programs here in Nigeria to make money online as I do endorse G2.com and captera.com as these two can get you up to $200 monthly without investment.

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If you wanted to make a recurring revenue from G2.com from $25 weekly and above, you can get your hands on this Ebook on Fiverr for only $5 and get started.


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