InboxDollars Review; Make $250 Monthly Using This Legit Survey Site

InboxDollars Review; Now you can Make at least $250 Monthly Using This Legit Survey Site in the USA and other EU countries like the Canada and the UK.

Have you ever been keen about making money online but not putting in so much work as many people do? Then you might be in the right place I must say.

Most times, people do have to ask questions online on these make money online platforms and see if they pay and if they are actually legitimate but here is the catch; survey websites are the most legit ways to make money online in your spare time but it will not always fetch you all the income you may need as a man.

This is where the InboxDollars review come into play.

InboxDollars is a paid review website that allows people to share their opinions online and get paid and as such, they have their ways of working and of course many questions which are attached to the survey site with regards to the users and we intend to answer these questions in this InboxDollars review.

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Well, we will base our review today on these keywords and bring you the most perfect of all reviews you have ever read anywhere else.

Background of InboxDollars

InboxDollars was founded by Daren Cotter of CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. in 2000, InboxDollars boasts more than 10 million members, with new members joining this mega-community every day.

Over the years, it has earned a solid reputation for top professionalism, integrity, transparency and exceptional customer service.

The company is the recipient of the prestigious Inc. 5000 award ( 2008 through 2012 and 2014).

The Inc. 5000 is an annual list of the 5,000 fastest-growing US-based companies which are independent and privately held; this list is compiled by Inc. magazine and is ranked based on % revenue growth over a 3-year period.

InboxDollars is a trademark of CotterWeb Enterprises, along with (UK), (Canada) and PaidEmail.

The 6-time Inc. 5000 honoree is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business with an A+ rating as of this review.

The corporation is headquartered in Mendota Heights, Minnesota.

Daren Cotter, founder and CEO is a well-respected investor, adviser and mentor and was recently honored as Technology CEO at the 2017 Titans of Technology awards.

By 2014, the total amount of cash paid to Inbox Dollars members had surpassed a $35 million and a whopping $50 million by 2017.

This generous online rewards club with more than 1 million Facebook fans offers the opportunity to join completely free and at once earn your first $5 by merely signing up.

InboxDollars Review

Now I can tell you most confidentially that the InboxDollars may be seen as the easiest, and versatile way to make money online quickly, legitimately and securely, with little to no effort, by just answering questions and taking surveys accompanied with completing little tasks and getting paid for them.

InboxDollars can be seen as a very very legitimate, popular and highly trusted online reward club that pay people for their activities online with their mobile phones and also their laptops for just sparing their time.

How to Sign Up for InboxDollars

Get started y answering questions.

You might receive questions which will be directing to certain private things about you which may be about;

  • Race
  • Income
  • Degree
  • Marital status
  • Kids 
  • Medical history

These questions are asked as a part of your survey so they will know what survey questions to present to you at any time to suite you very well.

Besides, you might not need to always see survey questions that are out of your field or what you do.


Someone might be asking which activities can you perform online that will get you paid as an InboxDollars user, and these are their paying activities;

What to do to get paid on InboxDollars

  • Online shopping
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos 
  • Using search engines to find the information you need
  • Reading emails
  • Taking online market research surveys

You just name it.

Far from the fast cash you might get awarded with, you will still stand a chance of getting gifts most times as a user and as a member of the InboxDollars paid survey site.

They do really well in connecting brands and consumers so these brands can actually get to know what their consumers think of them and where they really need to improve in their products and their services that the users did not happen to like.

How to earn money on InboxDollars

  • Play Games

I know a good number of friends who just play games and just drain their battery without getting much out of it.

But things are going to change here aren’t they?

Of course they are and this will be your dream come true.

You can play endless hours of games with Inbox Dollars, score points and get paid. Got that 10-minute? Just play a game and earn some cash.

  • Shop and Earn

I know you could have used Amazon to shop a time or two but never got a cashback.

Well, that is about to change.

No one wants to go shopping without getting some money back. This survey site makes it easy for anyone to do online shopping, get amazing deals and earn decent cashback.

Brands like Kohl’s, Target, Walmart and many more will want to give you some cashback here on this.

  • Get Coupons Surveys  

The easiest way to earn money with InboxDollars is to take surveys, like with many other good survey sites.

InboxDollars displays the tiny details like how much time it will take to complete the survey and how much the payout is.

The reward depends on the length of the survey.  Here is a big post about some legit survey sites if you are a super survey taker. 

  • Freely Surf the Web

And I am sure everyone pays to surf the web right?

How about you get paid to do same thing, but this time better and in a more fum way?

Why not use this platform to earn money while you do it?. You can make one cent and some sweepstakes entries for a bunch of searches.

You also earn $0.10 in your InboxDollars account every time you redeem a coupon. It’s saving and earning at the same time.

  • Refer Friends and family

We here @ Moffeckli are all about share the word and get paid for it.

InboxDollars pays you $1 for every referred friend up to five friends. You also earn up to 30% on all earnings InboxDollars receives through your referral.

  • Watch InboxDollars TV

I could sit in my couch and take soda all day watching some interesting programs but no one ever said I could get paid to do so, but I just found out.

You get to watch videos and listen to the radio and earn money. You can choose the type of videos you want to watch.

Why dont you watch videos and get paid?

  • Read Emails

I read hundreds of emails daily without getting paid but what if I could get paid for reading emails?

Many offers matching your interests are sent directly to you via email.

You just have to read the emails and tick them as read below. For this simple task, you get paid in cash or gift cards.

Is InboxDollars Legit or Scam?

This reputable online rewards club is trusted by more than 10 million members for a solid reason.

Over 10 million people cannot be wring thats one thing I know for sure.

It pays indeed, and it is highly guaranteed. 

How do I get paid on InboxDollars?

You need to have minimum $30 in your account to request payment.

You can request your payment by clicking;

  • My account
  • Select Request payment
  • Update/check your mailing address so that your payment is mailed to the correct location
  • Select your preferred payment option (Either a traditional cheque from InboxDollars or an ePayments, or Prepaid Visa and Donations

After requesting your payment, it may take some time to be processed and hit your account and this is why I think you might need to know about;

When to expect your payments from InboxDollars

  • For Non Gold membership

Payment for non-Gold members will be processed 10-16 days after their payout request, on Wednesday of each week. In order to have it processed in 10 days, you need to request payment by the end of the day on a Sunday.

Once your first payout is processed, you become a Gold member, as easy as that.

  • For Gold members

The Gold members who choose the ePayment option ( powered by TANGO) will receive an email the same day the payment is processed before/by 3 p.m. Central Time. All ePayment options will be listed on the same page when a member goes to redeem their payment.

Gold members are given the option to either select the cards without creating an account or create an account for additional benefits.

Account holders with a Tango card can cash out for significantly higher merchant amounts and they can also choose to send their earnings via email to family and friends as gifts/ donations.

There is no additional fee for eCards.

Prepaid Visa cash cards are processed by Swift.

Cheques are emailed through the US postal office, so they typically take around 2 weeks to arrive.

Note that members need to have an active account to have payouts processed. Processing time doesn’t include mailing time.

Members will receive a confirmation email with the expected processing date.

Lets look at the Pros and the Cons of InboxDollars

The Pros of InboxDollars

  • Reliability – rest assured InboxDollars pays on-time, as soon as your balance hits the minimum amount ($30)
  • Flexibility and Transparency – you can select either the ePayment option or the traditional cheque and there are no hidden fees when cashing out
  • Legitimacy – this trusted, mega-popular and established cash rewards club is BBB accredited with an A+ rating
  • Easy Navigation – the website has been specifically designed to allow members to navigate with ease; offers are well-organized by categories and members can always see the amount of cash in their balance
  • Cash, not points: Ka-ching! – reap real cash rewards plus many prizes for your typical daily mobile and online activities, completely guaranteed
  • Versatility – leverage a plethora of easy money-earning options at your disposal, as discussed above
  • Convenience – earn as much cash as you want at your own pace, conveniently and hassle-free
  • Super large community ( more than 10 million members) with an impressive following on social media
  • Rewarding connections – the rewards club has countless connections with high-profile marketplaces and companies including Netflix, eBay and that are known for paying good money.

The Cons

  • There is a $3 processing fee when a member chooses to cash out $30. This fee will be waived when a member chooses to wait for their balance to hit $40 before requesting payment.
  • InboxDollars doesn’t offer PayPal or direct deposits
  • Pre-paid Visa Cash Cards and Merchant eCards are eligible for US residents only
  • Partial payments are not permitted, as payment is made in full on the member’s account.

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