WritersGut Review; Read This Before Joining This Refer-and-Earn Program

WritersGut review and our detailed guide.

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Just on a good morning as I went over to my favorite bookmarked website to read the trending news and updates I was seeing an Advertisement of the platform called Writersgut but at first I gave it away.

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On a second thought, I was coming closer to this Ad and I decided to check it out. It didn’t seem to be anything more or less what I envisaged it would be.

A refer and earn program so to speak.

If you always read our blog, you will be cozy with the fact that I do not  endorse all these refer and earn program online as majority of them have proven to be pure scam and this is why I do recommend Capterra and G2.com as the reliable make money online doing nothing platforms.

Besides, we offer a guide on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on G2.com writing reviews online for only $5.

Now I heard that Writersgut has something quite different to offer as judging from the layout and the website concept, it is not that different from what I already knew these stuffs of get paid to websites are already made up of.

This WritersGut review features the Writersgut refer and earn program which also follow the same sequence of other scam get paid to refer people platforms such as the NNU, Newspay, HIWAP and a host of several others which have closed down and some have just stopped being functional but are still online such as the NNU.

However this is true, I wanted to put you up on speed on how to earn the alleged over 50,000 weekly directly to your bank account on writersgut income program using this detailed guide on the WritersGut review.

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  • A brief background of the writersgut income program

Professional disclosure: I did not partner with the Writersgut refer and earn program while writing this review and as a result, every link on Writersgut in this article is their homepage link and not an affiliate link. Meanwhile you can use the link to our Fiverr Ebook for $5 as that is a direct service link from us.

Writersgut income program is a newly launched get paid to refer friends affiliate programs that promises to pay its users not only when they refer people but also for just performing just some activities like sharing sponsored posts, reading posts ad commenting o posts already written and stuffs.

Just exactly the same way NNU used to work.

It’s an online earning program that’s gives you ways of earning money online without stress as the users would say when they needed to make you join the program.

But come on, people can say a whole lot of things to get you do what they actually do provided they will bank some commissions from it even when it will be to your own detriment.

Without any further ADO, lets get up on speed on Writersgut…

  • Is writersgut Legit or scam?

Big question it is really but…

Writersgut is 100% Legit and paying members without Referrals. You can check via scamadviser.com and find details about writersgut income program just for formalities sake.

Another truth is that people can get paid to drop some positive reviews of a very bad product or software anywhere online without even using these products and as such, you should trust online review websites like Capterra, G2, and gartner peer insight as they have been valuated by us and we saw they provide real and unbiased reviews for products and software.

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get your reviews from personal reviews websites such as blogincomes and the rest others out there who write true reviews and not paid reviews.

  • What the heck is writersgut income program?

Writersgut income program is an online income earning platform mainly for Reading News. It has an opportunity for its users to Read News and Make Money on their website without Referring any single person, but that would be just a little fragment of what you will earn without referrals.

You might want to consider that as cool right?

Yes that’s the true definition of Writersgut but something can be quite different here though.

This is a refer and earn program and not where you earn without referring people. Read on to get it.

The fact about verifying the authenticity of businesses by the founder cannot be overemphasized and we cannot leave this crucial fact out of the table in this discussion which brings us to the question..

  • Who is The founder of Writersgut?

According to thisWritersGut review, the Writersgut income program is created by an internet geek by name Commrade Armstrong and this happened to be a new name to me in the refer and earn website niche.

Writersgut income program have being running smoothly, paying it’s members without issues as a member reckoned and I would kinda take his word for it as he claimed never to have been delayed any of his payments which has never been above #20,000 monthly as he stated.

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But that still is a good income stream when it has been established in many places.

  • So, what makes Writersgut income program legit and truthful?

Writersgut income program is a Registered company under the federal cooperate affairs company with the Number  (1526865).

As an online geek, you know what the heck this means?

Well if you do not, then let me explain to you

Once a company is Registered under a Federal cooperate affairs,this means the company is 100% Legit and cannot afford to conduct scam in any form!!

Well, I would give them the credibility of being legit as no complaint have lingered yet.

Now let us talk about why you are here reading this article.

How Writersgut income program work ( WritersGut review )

  • Writersgut income pays its members N50 daily login
  • Writersgut income program pays its members N70 for sharing sponsored post on there Facebook timeline
  • Writersgut income pays its members N2 for every successful comment they drop
  • Writersgut income pays its members N1,000 For each approved original blog post content you write
  • Writersgut pays its members 1,100 for every successful member they refer to there system
  • Writersgut pays its members N100 on every welcome bonus

believe me,with the above listed,you will be able to be earning a hoping of 1,000 daily or more into your writersgut account.

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Joining Writersgut income program can get you some cash when you joined but be it as it may, this is not a solid online income plan for anyone even when yo have #2,500 earnings daily.

Once you Are a registered member on Writersgut income program, below is how you earn money with them…

  • On Writersgut, you actually earn #50 when ever you Login to your account
  • You earn #70 per sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline
  • You earn #2 per successful comment you make on the site. This can be done unlimited times on the site,as its increase your earnings on your Writersgut income program account, but do not spam the posts just for #2..
  • You actually earn #1,000 per interesting and educating post on Writersgut income program
  • Lastly,you actually earn 1,100 per friend/family you invite into Writersgut income program

With the above written there you are 100% Guaranteed for Earning #2,000 per day into your Writersgut income program account.

Still up for debate as many factors will still come into play.

This can be done in an easy way.

Assuming you refer 10 people daily, you earn a whooping amount of #11,000 daily.

I know some persons will complain about referrals, as you might not get paid without having valid referrals down in your name but, this does not mean that Writersgut income program is not paying it’s members without Referrals.

Because that’s to be considered the Number 1 rule Writersgut income program have written all over their platform judging from this our WritersGut review.

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  • Now, lets get to how to get registered and get started on Writersgut income program

How To Register ( WritersGut review )

Registration on Writersgut income program is #1,600

Registration steps

First,there are two methods of  registration on Writersgut income program online via paystack with ATM card and coupon code)

CLICK HERE To Register

NOTE: On writersgut you can register an Account for free and Later upgrade when you have money and this is one of the good sides t the program as this gives it an edge over the previous NNU scam.

  • Click and register a free account NOW and upgrade after registration

On this guide, I will show you how to register using your ATM card online,easy steps and approval of account

  • First click here on this link Writersgut Registration and it will take you to Writersgut registration page
  • Fill in your personal and required details

Is Writersgut income program legit? ( WritersGut review )

Here is the big question which I will say the plain truth in…

Yes Writersgut income program is 100% paying members without issues.

If you never got paid by the NNU, Mewspay, HIWAP and a whole lot of others, that doesnt mean you will not be getting paid by the Writersgut income program as several people have been paid without issues and we promise to update this post regularly to meet their recent state in payments of participants.

  • Now I know that someone might be asking if Writersgut income program pays without referrals?

Yes they do.

In-fact that’s the number one Rule that governs  Writersgut income program, as they pay without referrals and it is 100% aasured.

Meanwhile, there are two methods of payment on Writersgut income program income program, which are the GADS and the GIPS method.

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Let me walk you through

Payment is done weekly on every Sunday and also monthly. As for the GADS

(is referral earning which there payment is done weekly) and GIPS (payment without referral,which is paid monthly 29th of every month).

  • What is the minimum withdrawal of a participant? ( WritersGut review )

The minimum withdraw on Writersgut income program is 3,300 (for GADS earners and 5,000 for GIPS earners) payment is made directly into your local bank account.

  • Added tip for participants

After you have done your registration on Writersgut income program, go directly to your Facebook account and search for Writersgut income program and join there Facebook group for updates.

I believe at the end of this post, you have known how Writers gut income program works.

  • Wrapping up

As much as this program works well for people out there, I do not affiliate with these refer and earn programs but I do on a special form, affiliate with the G2.com and Capterra.com as they are the only real make money online from home without investment that I have seen.

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Also, I have also put up an ebook that will help your way to how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on G2.com writing software reviews for only $5.

Check it out here and CHEERS!!!

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