Top 7 Linkcolider Alternatives; An Updated List for 2019

Linkcolider Alternatives that you must check out are here now.

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If you are anything like me you will be highly tasteful about web traffic and how bes to acquire it.

Now, I am going to be plain with you here in these Linkcolider Alternatives.

Linkcolider is not a good tool to build website on basically but you can use this tool to get some unqualified likes and following to your website which I must say is not a very good idea.

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I have used linkcolider in the past and I can tell you in a wholesome note, the services they provide to websites is not just worth it and these alternatives listed below will not be much different than the linkcolider.

But, we know that there will be many people who will feel interested in getting;

  • Social media likes
  • Website traffic
  • Youtube subscribers
  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook shares
  • And many more

I cannot say that the linkcolider cannot be overemphasized because I know you already know about the platform.

But for the sake of convenience, let us talk about what the linkcolider is about

LinkCollider as you know is a website ranking tool that uses social media sites to improve your blog seo and social signals so to say but also permit me to say that social media signals do not have any meaningful impact on a websites SEO.

Linkcolider offers several SEO benefits and services and they are listed below;

  • Backlinks Generator
  • Article Rewriter also known as content generator (This could be very wrong to use as an Adsense publisher as Google frowns at Auto-Generated contents
  • Dropmylink: For building .edu backlink (These back-links are not always true and you will successfully blast and spam several websites while using this link-building method from linkcolider)
  • Social Bookmarking: You can submit your contents to digg and many others for higher indexing rate (Which in turn isn’t always what you are told because you will never get featured in the first pages of this web directories)
  • Search Engine Submission (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and many others. These will do good to bring you fake visitors from places you do not know but will be seen as Direct or Organic traffic which will never result on any sales)
  • Linkshortener (This is a perfect service from them)
  • You might get to be penalized by Google and many other search engines if you mistakenly use the services of linkcolider and most specially their link-building service and also blog submission service.

So, now let us talk about the Linkcolider Alternatives that you can use to generate fake following and traffic to your blog.

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  • FollowLike

If you check the keyword Followlike review and see what the users say he you will agree no less with what we said above but that notwithstanding, followlike is a linkcolider alternative that works just the same way as the linkcolider but this time, they deal more on social media while linkcolider builds visual links.

I have used the followlike platform to work for some of my clients and they ended up having fake followers with nothing close to a real profile and also the followers they built to their social media profiles never converted as traffic to their websites and this got them having to think the platform was a fake.

  • Socialclerks

This is where you get to trade website traffic, social media followers and a lot more.

With the increasing number of members in this platform currently, I do suppose they do what they do well that is why their number of registered members is quite on the increase.

Currently, the boast of over 120,000 members courtesy of their good services.

They do promised t bring quality web traffic to websites but this is not the case here as it is quite difficult to get quality traffic to websites through these social aggregation tools.

The socialclerks is really a competing alternative to the linkcolider platform but as a study showed, the linkcolider still have a headway on them for now.

  • YouLikeHits

Youlikehits is a linkcolider alternative that is capable of bringing you the desired results just in matter of minutes after initiating usage.

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Did I mention that any method that brings a fast a quick result is almost likely to be a fake?

No I did not but I just did now.

This promotion service will help you increase your Twitter followers, retweets & favorites, MySpace friends, StumbleUpon followers, VK Page Followers & group joins, Vine followers, likes, SoundCloud followers & plays, YouTube views, video likes & subscribers, Google+ circles, ReverbNation fans, Keek followers & subscribers and websites for free.

These followers that you see from this platform is just as good as fake as they will never buy from you, be your steady visitors, react to your posts ad even click on your Ads.

  • Like4Like

Now I think the header we have here pretty much explains what this is all about.

You like a users profile, they like yours in return and so on.

This is a free network that will enable you to promote your social presence for free on almost all social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Instagram, SoundCloud, MySpace and Vkontakte.

Through this website, you can easy get likes, followers, subscribers, views, comments and much more very easily while understanding the risk at the bottom of it all.

In addition to increasing promotion, you can also get traffic to your website with its unique protection option.

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Now if I were asked to say, I would say that this is one of the best linkcolider alternatives that I do know of and have used before as their services is 100% okay but I cannot verify the authenticity of the traffic but while I used this service for a client of mine, He got opt ins on the affiliates he used but never got any sales.

But this did proved something at least they are human visitors and they are real websites visiting your website while you promote with them.

Truth remains, there is not even a trick or any way to program and zombify bots to make affiliate opt ins.

So I suggest they are human traffic.

  • MySocialFollowing

This is another linkcolider alternative and yet a very competitive one too.

One thing I can guarantee that this site that knows how to do well is that they know how vital online networking is for a business and this is where their social offer comes in.

On the off chance that you need to keep up with the view-ability of your business then my social following offer is for you.

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Whether you are hoping to get more twitter adherents or need to develop your Facebook fan base, you could use their services and they work just fine.

  • Share-Ex

You know that some organizations needed to increase their reach and also make more people see what they offer but something else plays a better role here other than wasting budget on facebook Ads and twitter capaigns.

Now, with the enormous impact of online networking site on our lives, organizations can’t disregard social networking.

Indeed, they should utilize it further bolstering their good fortune to grow their business reach and make new clients.

Gratefully, numerous online networking trade alternatives can help your business develop. Another social sign deal site which is not that famous but rather does the employment well is Share-Ex. With a little more than 25,000 reach in members can guarantee an organization much exposure.

Making use of this service will make people go hard on you and also bring yo the brand awareness that you need.

But it is not for use in any website with sensitive Ad network like Google Adsense in it.

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  • Instagress

One thing I like about this platform is the fact that i is always free to use.

Did I say anything wrong?

No I did not.

This is for Android

Instagress is free to use Android application that helps you get more Instagram likes and followers.

It is one of the best and easiest way to add most relevant, effective quotes to your photos.

Use quotes for your posts such as videos or images will make your posts easily found by other users around the world, that means you get more likes and more active followers.

This is yet another linkcolider alternative for websites and free and cheap SEO services seekers.

  • Wrap up on Linkcolider Alternatives

If you own and run any professional website online and you value your SEO results too well, do not involve in all these petty SEO services and fake linkbuilding practices and using linkcolider or Linkcolider Alternatives as they may constitute some blackhat techniques and actually get you blacklisted by Google or any search engine.

I suggest you try out the services of THEHOTH SEO services as they do a perfect job and I can guarantee that.

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