NGPublish Review; Formerly Peervally. Make $10 Daily Doing What You Love

NGpublish review and how to make money guide; Peervally moved to NGpublish until recently and the NGpublish website is now fully functional as can be explained in the photo below;

Ngpublish review

In our last review of the Peervally income program, we made mention that the program was taken down but now up and on its feet again but now as NGpublish.

  • Disclosure: The links in this post are our direct services links, you can buy directly from us but we promise that this will never harm your experience with our website nor will incur additional cost to you.

I have not been a very good fan of make money online quick platforms and other refer and earn money programs but I sure do know that some income programs do pay while some do not.

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So, lets not make this about the bad ones in general.

Now, I know someone might be asking…

Is NGpublish A Scam ( Review )?

Do not feel this is a scam by its name as I did at first before things changed for better.

While I am writing reviews for these refer and earn programs, I do serve myself a disclaimer to exempt myself from taking any part in affiliating with these programs and I only write detailed reviews about them and whatever we write here is what you can trust as you will not be adding anything to our pocket if you registered through the direct links in this article.

  • So, lets get started with the question; Is NGpublish A Scam? ( review ).

Do not get me wrongly I will answer your question in one word but this whole review is just aimed at teaching you how to earn at least 5,000 daily on NGPublish income program as I have seen it work for a close friend of mine.


Is NGPublish A Scam?

Well, the answer is a NO. NGPublish is not a scam program.

However true that may be…

Have you literally heard about NGPublish and you might think it’s scam, today we will be writing a detailed review about the NGPublish income program.

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You will find a well detailed and Truthful way of making real money on Peervally using this guide we will be writing on sooner.

Now, here is what you will know about NGPublish.

  • What is NGPublish.
  • Who is The founder of NGPublish.
  • How  NGPublish works
  • How to earn on NGPublish 
  • How to register on NGPublish.

My verification of NGPublish (Is NGPublish A Scam? ).

Without wasting much of your time, let me detail you about NGpublish!!

But, before we continued, let us clear this doubt you might be having…

Is NGpublish A Scam?

NGpublish is 100% Legit and paying members without Referrals. Check via and find details about NGpublish.

What the heck is NGpublish?

Of course it will not be far from the others, would it?

NGpublish is an online income earning platform mainly for reading news, it has an opportunity to read news and make money on there site without referring any single person

Yes, that’s the true definition of NGpublish.

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Who is The founder of NGPublish?

Joseph Joe is a pro-blogger/Network Marketer Joseph Joe is behind and the owner of NGPublish.

NGublish was Launched in Febuary 2019 and since then, NGPublish have being running smoothly, paying it’s members without issues.

What makes NGPublish legit and truthful?

NGPublish is a registered company under the federal cooperate affairs company with the Number CAC (466473).

You know what this means?

Well if you do not, let me explain to you.

Once a company is registered under a Federal cooperate affairs, this means the company is 100% Legit, and No scam will be tolerated.

Enough of the bullshit above, lets get started with the real business of the day.

Disclosure: Please do note that all below statements are taken from the website and not any subject to any kind of modification as what you see here is what the NGPublish income program actually thinks.


How to earn over $10 a day on NGPublish

Now, I want to walk you guys through how to earn Massive income on NGpublish Media.

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Earning on on NGpublish is very easy in-fact one of the easiest way of earning online I have seen recently.

There are many ways you earn on NGpublish media, so without wasting much time let me start listing out way in which you can earn on NGpublish with detailed explanation on how to go about it.

What is NGPublish income program? ( NGPublish Review )

NGpublish income program is a platform designed to connect people, interact, publish articles, sell goods, advertise and make money online.

How to make money on NGPublish income program

Earning on NGpublish is as simple as ABC, immediately you register for free you start earning immediately. Below are the ways and methods to earn on NGpublish.

  • NGpulish Activities
  • Registration Bonus
  • Posting
  • Commenting
  • Viewing post
  • Views on post
  • Post sharing
  • Viewing products
  • Viewing Classified ads
  • Referring visitors (cpc)
  • Daily Login
  • Sponsored Post
  • Refer Affiliate.
  • NGpublish Market, Affiliate & Classified
  • Sell Product
  • Advertise Products (classified)
  • Affiliate

Above are some of the ways to earn on NGpublish Media.

I will explain them in details one after the other and  how to earn using them.

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  • NGPublish activities

This simply means the task you carry out on the site on a daily basis, and for each task you are rewarded with POINTS, these points are converted to cash and withdrawn to your bank or PayPal accounts.

Below are the activities and how to earn on them.

  • Registration bonus: As a registered member on NGpublish, you earn 1000 points for registration. So register a free account now and earn your bonus.
  • Posting: Here you are required to create a post and publish and you earn 200 points for posting. You are required to make at most 3 post per-day which is 600 points in total. Now here is what you will do, when creating a post, make sure it is interesting and it’s what people will love to read and engage in, also your post title should be very attractive because this is what will prompt people to open it. Also note that not all post are displayed on the front page of the site to get your post appear on the front page make sure your post is interesting with a good title. They is an advantage getting your post on the front page, I will explain it below keep reading.
  • Post commenting: This is one of the simplest you are just required to comments on published post and you earn 4 points for each comment, you are restricted to earn for just 150 comments per-day which will earn you 600 points a day. You should note that there are guild lines when commenting make sure your comment is in-line with the post and keep your comments at least 20 words long. Don’t just comment for the purpose of earning because there are so much moderators on the site once they see any invalid comment and they delete it, you will loose 50 points for each comment deleted so be sensible when commenting.
  • Viewing post: For you post you view, you get credited with 4 points for each view and you are restricted to earn for just 500 posts you view. you will be earning 2000 points viewing post alone. There are lots of post on the site over 1000 post are publish daily by different users.
  • Views on post: This is one of the most coolest ways of earning too, this is how you it works remember you can create a post and publish, now when you publish a post, this post is live on the site and users click on your post and view it, you will earn 4 points for each view your post get and you are restricted to 300 views per-day. Here is what you need to do create and interesting post with a good title and publish share the post to your Facebook timeline and groups, whatsapp contact or groups, twitter etc. also if you post is good enough to hit the front page then you are guarantee of unlimited view. and you will be earning 1200 points in total. Can your post hit the front page? its up to you.
  • Post sharing: Here you are required to share post to social media like facebook, twitter whatsapp etc and you get credited with 20 points for each share with a maximum of 5 post shares per-day. All you need to do is share the post you have publish or you can share any interesting post on the site.
  • Viewing products: There are lots of products display on the site right from the front page to the market place. You earn 2 points for each product with a maximum of 50 products views per-day. Who knows you might be interested in one of the products.
  • Viewing classified Ads: These are adverts members place on the site to promote their business, You earn 2 points for each classified ads viewed with a maximum of 50 views per-day. Who know you might be interested in one of the services or business there.
  • Referring visitors: Here when you share any post to facebook, twitter etc and anybody clicks on that post you have shared, you will earn 5 points for each click and its restricted to 500 clicks per-day. Here is what you will do share very interesting and attractive post with good title what will make people click on it, share these post to your facebook wall, friends wall, facebook groups, twitter, whatsapp etc, if you are sharing to facebook it should be a maximum of 10- 15 post per-day and it should be shared with different time intervals else facebook will block you from sharing due to spamming. you would be earning 2500 points in total.
  • Daily login: Make sure you login daily to receive your 100 points.
  • Sponsored posts: Here you earn 200 points for each sponsored post your share daily to your facebook timeline, so make sure you check for sponsored post daily and make sure you share daily.
  • Refer free members: You can refer free members to register with your link and you earn 200 point for each signup and it’s restricted to 30 signup per-day. you will be earning 6000 points perday referral free members to register using your link.
  • Refer affiliate signup: Let me explain this in detail, here when you refer anybody to NGpublish and the person register with your referral link and upgrades his or her account to either starter or regular membership plan, you earn referral bonus of $1 for starter and $2 for regular. Here when you give out your link for someone to register and the person does, make sure you follow up the person I also suggest you give the person your username because when he or she is upgrading and referral options shows up the person can add your username there so you don’t miss out the referral bonus. I recommend this because most people might not upgrade with the same device or browser they used during registration so the cookies will not be available on those browsers. This option is only available for starter, regular and pro members only.

In total, you will be earning as from 12,000 to 20,000 points and above per day if you carry out the activities listed above.

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More interesting points to know ( NGPublish Review )

  • NGPublish market, affiliate and classiifed Ads

This is an interesting feature, here you can upgrade your account to become a seller/vendor and create your store for free and upload your goods for sale, Affiliate promotes your goods and earn percent, and with the classified you advertise your services all for free. See detailed explanation below.

  • Sell a product

As a member of NGpublish, you can create your store and upload your products for sale and people interested in this product will buy.

  • Affiliate

For all products listed for sale on the site, they is an affiliate bonus of 30% attached to it, you can promote any of these product and earn referral bonus of 30% for each sale generated.

To get started on how to create your store and upload your products, promote as an affiliate, please click on the help button on your dashboard.

  • Advertise products (Classified Ads)

As a member of NGpublish, you can advertise your services and reach out to more people for free.

This will boost your business and you will generate more customers. Click on classified to get started.

These are the ways and how you can earn on NGpublish Media, if you follow my methods you should be earning at-least $10 daily.

I hope this will help you, if you have any question, just leave a comment below and I will be glad to answer you, and I will also be updating this post frequently if I find something new on the site.

Also done forget to find other answer at the help section on your dashboard thank.

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How does NGPublish work? ( NGPublish Review )

  • Affiliate commission

Here you earn $3 (₦900) per anybody you refer to register through your referral link or username, the more you refer the more $3 (₦900) you earn.

Note that the person must upgrade before you earn your bonus.

  • Monthly Revenue Share

Here you earn base on the activities you carry out on the site on a daily basis and we reward you with points which is converted to money at 1700 points to $1 (₦300).

The activities are listed below.

Activity earning on NGPublish Review

  • Registration Bonus: 1000 points (Onetime)
  • Daily Login : 100 points (Daily)
  • Create a Post: 200 points (3 post daily)
  • Sharing of Post: 50 points (5 post daily)
  • Viewing of Post: 20 points ( you will be credited for 100 views perday only)
  • Views received on your Post: 5 points ( you will be credited for 1k views Daily)
  • Referring Visitors (CPC): 5 points (you will be credited for 1k visits perday only).
  • Comments: 20 points per comment ( you will be credited for 100 comment perday).
  • Viewing of Products: 10 points ( you will be credited for 50 product views daily).
  • Viewing of Classified Ads: 10 points ( you will be credited for 50 ads views daily).
  • React to a post: 5 points ( you will be credited for reacting to 100 post daily).
  • Referring Free members: 500 points.
  • Sponsored post: 500 points.
  • Uploading profile picture: 300 points ( once per week)
  • Adding friends: 10 points
  • Sending messages to friends: 10 points per message.

Here is an assumed Daily Activity Earning Statistics

  • Registration: 1000 points – onetime bonus
  • Daily login: 100 points
  • Post creation: 3 post x 200 points = 600 points
  • Sharing of post: 5 post x 50 points = 250 points
  • Viewing of posts: 100 posts x 20 points = 2000 points
  • Views on your post: 1000 posts x 5 points = 5000 points
  • Referring visitors: 1000 visits x 5 points = 5000 points
  • Comments: 100 post x 20 points = 2000 points
  • Viewing of products: 50 products x 10 points = 500 points
  • Viewing classified Ads = 50 Ads x 10 points = 500 points
  • referring free members 500 x 30 = 15,000

Summing up all your earning excluding your one time signup bonus we have: 600p 250p + 2000p + 5000p + 2000p + 500p +2000p +500p + 500p + 15,000 = 28,350 points to be made daily, note not all activities were listed in the above summary.

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Our system guarantees every member of earning 20,000 – 30,000 points daily only from your activity earning.

Conversion Rate:  1$ = 1700 points. And $1 = ₦300

Point Conversion on NGPublish Review

Points are converted and transferred to your wallet for withdrawal based on your membership type as seeing on the chart below:

Free Membership 10%
Regular Membership 45%
Pro Membership 75%

The above percentage chart shows what you will get on your total points earned when converted. Example if a Pro member has 100, 000 points and request for points transfer, he/she will get 75% of his points which is equal to 75,000 points

How Much For Each Plan Upgrade

Free Membership: Free + 1000 free points

Regular Membership Nigeria: $4 (₦1400) + 10,000 free points

Regular Membership International: $5 + 10,000 free points

Pro Membership: $14 (₦5000) + 30,000 free points

Minimum Points Transfer on NGPublish Review

Before you make any attempt of transferring your points to wallet for withdrawal, make sure you have up to 50,000 points which is our minimum points transfer to wallet threshold.

When to Transfer Points on NGPublish Review

The points transfer portal opens on the 25th of every month to the 30st of the next month and closes automatically on the 30th of the next month to be open again on the 25th of the next month. So all members whose points are up to 50,000 points can place a request for points transfer on this days.

Affiliate Earnings on NGPublish Review

Affiliate Earnings or bonuses are only available for two (2) membership plans

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  1. Regular membership: You are credited with $3 (₦900) when you refer a regular member with your link or username.
  2. Pro membership: You are credited with $3 (₦900) when you refer a regular member with your link or username.
  3. Note that you can’t refer a pro member.

Paid Percentage on NGPublish Review

All affiliate earnings are paid in full, not in part neither is any percentage deducted from it.

Minimum Withdrawal

Our minimum withdrawal through any payment methods of your choice is $10 (₦3000)

How to Withdraw

Note that only funds in your wallet can be withdraw to bank or paypal. So make sure you have funds up to $10 in your wallet before attempting to make withdrawal from your wallet.

Affiliate earnings are transferred to wallet on a daily basis, once you have affiliate earning, you can transfer it to your wallet.

Points can only be transferred to wallet on 25th to 30th only on a monthly basis.

Payment to bank or Paypal is done  every Sunday, that’s once a week.

With or without referral, you will be paid.

Supported Payment Processors 

The general payment processor supported by our system for foreign users is the PayPal.

Nigerians can receive their payment via Wire Transfer (Bank Payment).

Get registered here!

How do you apply for coupon vending? Or as a coupon Vendor?

Do you wish to earn more through being a vendor on NGpublish, you will earn N200 for each coupon code you sell at N1500 and you will be exposed in getting more referrals and earning more referral commission.

This offer is only open to those who can promote and refer only, if you are not that type, please do not bother applying.

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Click here to apply.

Wrapping up

Several people have been looking for this review and we do know that the shutdown of Peervally made several people loose their trust in Peervally but the NGPublish is just as good as the Peervally as they just moved to serve their members better.

Get on the NGpublish and thank me later.

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