How to Firmly Startup a New Blog and Make Money in a Little While; 2 Months Guaranteed

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Let me start by stating that I have been a top contributor on Quora with over 10k monthly views on answers given on the platform and as such, I have received a lot of questions with the end result of “How can I make money easily from my blog?”

I have always tried my best to explain to people asking these questions that there is no easy or fast way to make money through their websites, every website monetization process is as hard as hell but I never said it was impossible but only hard.

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With respect to these questions, I have tried to explain it as much as I can and quite well many people did understand what I was talking about and they took the desired correction but I felt that I have not communicated enough audience that might find the guide I gave on Quora useful to themselves.

So I decided to bring up a full guide to help the bloggers who are not making enough through their websites and to help the upcoming ones make a better decision before they started their online presence.

In this guide, I will be writing vastly about;

  • What newbie boggers actually need to make money online
  • What the existing bloggers without much online presence need to make a good income online
  • What actually you should do as a blogger to make money online

Note: I took out time to create this post and I have researched everything I am about to tell you here, so this will not sound like the articles you read somewhere else that actually says nothing about making money online.

So, let’s get started

  • What do the newbie bloggers actually need to make money online

First off, let us start with telling you that starting a blog is not just about creating a blog on WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal or wix.

  • It is more about, what marketing idea do you have up there?
  • What is the aim of creating the blog?
  • Did you really wish to make money online?
  • Did you venture into niches that are not marketable or niches that there is no money in?

Many newbie bloggers think this is about getting a WordPress website setup, apply for Adsense, get approved, start running promotions on Facebook and start making money but this is not how it works anywhere.

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This is why many of these bloggers get banned from the Google Adsense program even before they got started.

In the real sense, this is what you should be doing when you started off a new blog?

  • Get yourself a chair and think of what website niche is profitable enough for you to get into

I have made mention of this before but I will still repeat it again.

Some website niche is not too good to jump into which means that some website niches are unprofitable while some are very very profitable.

You will need to wrap your head around the website niche that is profitable ad not just get open a website in a niche that will not profit you a thing.

In this scenario, you do not want to consider your passion but you have to consider profit unless you wish to blog for fun but of course no one ever did that.

  • Get a domain name

We have been able to get you a detailed guide on how to choose a domain name in our previous guide and you will be sure to check that out before you proceed.

Getting yourself a good domain name can stand you out from the crowd and also get you featured where people would want to see you.

Do not look at the domain name extensions as this is not something of much importance to SEO. But you might be advised otherwise by some folks but that isn’t the truth.

  • Get a good web hosting plan from a good hosting service

We have never been skeptical about recommending the best web hosting company we know and it is quite a  cheap one to our visitors and they have used it without any complaint about anything bad.

We do recommend you buy a web hosting package from here so that you can start off on a low-cost scale to avoid burning a hole in your wallet.

They do offer unlimited bandwidth host for $6 annually.

Now, this is what you will need if you are planning to start a website that will receive a large number of visitors over time.

Be sure to check out other better packages with the web hosting company that we proudly use here!

  • Setup WordPress with WordPress one-click installation

Most web hosting companies do offer WordPress one-click installation to serve their customers better and also to make for people who don’t have the background knowledge of being a webmaster to self serve themselves.

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It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) thing.

The WordPress web hosting company we recommended above offers WordPress one-click installation just as you might imagine they do.

  • Get a good website design

Here is where the trick comes in.

(You will be needing a very SEO optimized theme and a fast one so that you can do well on search engine results). Do not go around seeking these never-ending loading heavy WordPress themes.

If you had a design that stands out from the crowd, you will have your visitors stuck to their mobile phone screens even when you are writing what they do not like actually.

Now, this is the freebie I can offer you in return to this, you can request my website theme through and I will duly oblige in a few hours.

  • Use the services of an SEO expert to get your website noticed by search engines

We can fetch you a good SEO service if you do not know the How-Tos in a very perfect way or you can request a service for every SEO jobs you will ever need to rank your website on Google search engine or any search engine of your choice just with a twinkle of an eye.

Request the service from here!

  • Write an epic content

Produce your first website content and make it EPIC.

When I said epic, I mean an evergreen content that will stand the test of time in your website and serve as the backbone to your website and this is why we said to produce an EPIC content.

You can learn how to generate an EPIC and outstanding content from this detailed guide from Neil Patel here!

  • Promote your Blog post (Content marketing)

You have to choose what everyone knows how to do which is facebook or you can employ our professional service and we will walk you through another content marketing platform which is 3x more active than Facebook.

We harness the USA, Europe, Australia, and other good countries so I guess you might want to send us an email and get started.

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  • Build links (Internal links and backlinks from high authority blogs)

In this level of your blog, I will employ you to try the SEO, Backlinks and blog ranking professional services of the HOTH SEO agency and you will meet success in your blog in a little while.

Lesser than two months I suppose.

This is why I do recommend their service for website owners and people who just got started with their first website project.

  • Get featured on Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and many other search engine first pages

When you must have used the HOTH SEO agency services, you will be overly featured on several search engines first pages for each article you write.

This will give you the exposure you needed for your website and also bring you the traffic you needed to make money online.

  • Drive pure and targeted human traffic to your website

When you are done with these steps I leveled above, you will start seeing pure human web traffic to your website and I seriously recommend you use the HOTH SEO agency services for this.

If you still needed to learn how to drive pure human targeted traffic to your website without buying from the HOTH SEO agency, you can send us an email on and let us get started.

  • Wait for a month, two, three or even five months and then decide which Ad network you wish to use

Do not be in a rush as you will be making a mistake if you do.

Take your time, seek an Ad network that will work best for your website, place the Ads on your website and start making money.

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  • Make money with either Google Adsense,, Infolinks or any other alternative Ad network

You can make money with every other Ad network using any traffic just from anywhere and from any country or demographic but you do not dare to try this with the Ad network and this is why we wrote a review of how not to get banned from the Ad network.

If you need to generate pure, human, USA, UK, Canada and European visitors to your website, then contact me and get started.

  • You can also decide on which affiliate you wish to use and make money with it

If you do know that using Ad networks might not work for your own game, you might want to switch to using Affiliate marketing.

If you are considering affiliate marketing, you will need to read the affiliate marketing blueprint to get started and make money with affiliate marketing.

The above is what the newbie bloggers need to start making money from their newly launched websites.

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Now, considering how far you have gone with your website but you have had a limited amount of success, you may want to apply another measure in your approach to SEO, link building, creating content and ranking well on search engine results.

This is why we have a section of this post that covers what the existing bloggers without much online presence need to make a good income online

You will need to employ the services of the HOTH SEO agency and get started with skyrocketing the success of your website through their diversified services.

Click here to get started with the HOTH SEO agency.

Now speaking in general terms, about what actually you should do as a blogger to make money online

Well, from my long-time experience as a webmaster, I would say that bloggers would need to start making money online are;

If you are an already existing blogger you will find this guide above quite what you know and this is why I am not explaining it in any way.

  • Wrapping up

If you can understand how important it is for a website to get noticed and rank on search results, you will get the HOTH SEO services and jump start your website success process and make money doing what you love.

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If you are a newbie blogger, you will need the services I can provide you and also you can use the professional services of the HOTH SEO agency and get your blog started without much stress on your own end.

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