MTN Affiliate Program; How to Make #5,000 Daily Selling Airtime and Data

MTN Affiliate Program; Here is A Detailed Guide On How to Make #5,000 Daily Selling Airtime and Data to people as an MTN Affiliate program member.

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Please do not mind the long Grammar we used here when we said MTN Affiliate program, actually we meant just selling airtime as anyone in your street does but in a way that you make more money off your customers than they actually ever do.

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Being in affiliation with MTN can only bring one thing to your mind which is the fact that you are dealing with Airtime and somewhat mobile Data which is what MTN is just all about.


If you asked me to say, I would recommend the MTN Affiliate program for students and non students who wish to make some cash off their little hustle the legit way and avoid much stress.

This is not a refer and earn program like several of them we have treated in the past with the likes of NNU, SideGig, Racksterly and many others.

In this light, we will walk you through everything you should know about the MTN affiliate program, the requirements and what you need to join as an affiliate.

But first things first…

What the heck is MTN affiliate program?

The MTN Affiliate Program is a program created by MTN which allow people in almost every parts of the world get to earn a commission each time they make a sale which comprise of Airtime sales or Data bundle purchase by either them or their customers.

This will give you an edge to save up some money as a student and as a person for your own airtime and data usage.

If you sell an airtime worth of N2,000, you could make a commission of N40 or a little bit more than that.

Now the goal is to have as many persons as possible that you do these transactions for.

Take fr instance when you had to convince your whole friends and people that stay in your area that you can always sell airtime to them at a very subsidized rate of below #110 which is the general price for airtime in the general public in Nigeria today.

The commissions is not that bad when you consider the little stress you will have to pass through to get this done and also to get registered.

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With the explanation above, you might be asking…

How does MTN affiliate program works?

The MTN affiliate program, will allow you sell MTN or Airtel airtime and data to interested customers in Nigeria and beyond.

As a result of your sale, you will get a commission of 2%.

You get 1.5% of your airtime back when you recharge your own line but that only make sense for huge amounts like #1000.

For instance, if you add a N,000 airtime on your phone, you will get N30 back.

In order to start selling airtime and data, you need to fund your e-wallet with a USSD code “2018“.

But of course you cannot just wake up one good morning and start as an MTN affiliate agent, there are certain requirements that are needed from you to qualify you as an agent in MTN Affiliate but these are not too difficult to provide as they are listed below;

MTN affiliate program requirements

Here are what you need to be a fully registered MTN affiliate program agent…

  • A phone with an MTN sim card (An android phone will be best)
  • A GTBand account
  • Little capital fund your MTN wallet account (Say N5,000)
  • A good business plan (Who and people to sell to)

If you have those in place, you can begin with your registration. Here is therefore, how to register for the MTN affiliate program.

MTN affiliate program registration guide; How to regiser on MTN affiliate program

There are 2 simple steps that are required for you to register to this program

MTN *2018#

  • The first step of your registration is to dial *2018# using your MTN line.
  • Subsequently, a page will pop-up on your mobile screen.
  • Follow the instruction on the popped up page to continue your registration.
  • MTN will require that you provide information like your phone number e.t.c.
  • MTN will also send you a 4 digit pin which you will provide to them for verification.
  • Therefore, kindly put 4 numbers that you can remember (for example, your year of birth)
  • After you are done, MTN will send an SMS to you saying that you can now sell airtime

MTN wallet account

  • After you receive the message from MTN, it’s time to fund your MTN wallet account.
  • A MTN wallet account (otherwise called “2018wallet“) is an electronic wallet located in the cloud.
  • It’s a name given by MTN and funded by Trustvas, and it is used to store money online.
  • Hence, you can load money on it and also use it to sell airtime to MTN and Airtel users.
  • Below is how you fund your MTN wallet account (2018wallet);
  • Dial *737*50*AMOUNT*2018# using the MTN phone you used in registering.
  • As a result, MTN will credit your wallet account immediately.
  • Note, you will only be able to fund you MTN wallet account with a GTBank account. Get yourself an account with GTBank in the shortest time available
  • After you have completed the 2 steps above, you are finally an MTN affiliate program agent and you can also start selling airtime to MTN and Airtel users.

Can we talk more on how much MTN affiliate program pay their agents and how well they pay them? The heart of every business that involves bringing people into it will only involve you to have a good compensation plan and I am sure MTN affiliate program cannot be an exception to this.

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Now, lets look at the…

MTN affiliate program compensation plan

MTN gives you a 2% commission each time you make a sale.

Also, whenever you add airtime to your own phone (the phone you registered with), you get a 1.5 commission from MTN just as we mentioned above.

If you happened to run out of money and wished to run a check on your account to ascertain how much you have left in your account, you can use the procedure and guide below to do that.

How to check your MTN wallet account balance

To check your MTN wallet account balance, Dial *2018# from the MTN number with which you registered. Scroll through the options to check your balance.

Now, getting top sell airtime to people can be the challenging part of this guide and we have done our best to cover this in the below section of this post.

read on…

How to sell your airtime to MTN and Airtel users

To sell dial *2018# code again to see instructions, and you can start selling airtime to other MTN and Airtel users.

You will then send these airtime and Data to their respective mobile numbers that they sent to you and bag your commissions.

How to advertise and make money from the MTN affiliate program

  • You should tell friends and family who uses MTN and Airtel SIM card
  • Leverage Nairaland as an opportunity and tap into their paid banner Ads
  • Advertise on your social media page
  • Join social media groups that deal on make money online, advertise and sell to others
  • Talk to people to talk to people to talk to people
  • Ask for a positive reviews outwards when your customers meet other friends and convince them to bu from you
  • Do a giveaway to create awareness
  • Lastly place your Ads on Blogincomes and get sales.

How to fund your MTN Ewallet as an MTN affiliate program agent

Provided you are making sales, you are open to having your balance get down as a result of many sales but you can easily and quickly fix that.

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Dial 73750AMOUNT2018# using the same MTN sim that you registered with your GTbank‌ (this is why you need a GTbank account). This should enable you fund your account again.

After funding your account, MTN will send you a message that says “Yours have successfully funded your wallet”.

Is MTN Affiliate program legit?

MTN per se is a big brand in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large and I think this alone answers your question on the legit nature of the MTN affiliate program.

For the records, MTN affiliate program is legit and paying its customers without having any issues whatsoever.

wrapping up on MTN Affiliate program

Truth is that there are many ways to make money online and MTN affiliate program prides itself as one of them.

If you happened to have a little capital and wanted to become your own boss, I will suggest and advice you get started with the MTN affiliate program and build a legit business from there.

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