WowApp Review; A Legit Worldwide Get Paid To Website That Actually Pays

WowApp Review; This is a Legit Worldwide Get Paid To Website That Actually Pays its users just to do stuffs online but they are not quite recommended by us.

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In this WowApp review, we will try as much as we can to answer every question you might have concerning the WowApp income program, so we suggest you get a chilled glass of milk, sit down and of course enjoy the long content.

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We pride ourselves with our in-depth research before bringing any get paid to website to you through our website as we do know that many people do rely on these get paid to sites to make some crucial decisions in their daily make money online life.

We take your interests to heart and we will never mislead you.

I always served myself a disclaimer whenever I am writing on all these make money online in Nigeria and this is the fact that I do not affiliate with these make money online programs and as a result, all reviews written here are written with severe and thorough checkout as it doesn’t add any income to our pocket.


With that being said, a few days ago, I took a plunge into a website called WowApp as a get Paid to do stuff website just like the SideGig, NNU version 2, HIWAP and many others but only a little bit different by who can join and who cannot.

WowApp allows users from worldwide locations and this is not just limited to a single country or a single people but almost everyone in the world if you will permit me to use that term.

In a bid to help people and companies make money online, several make money online platforms have just crawled up and we do know for sure that these websites are basically scam but a little number of them actually mean business and is truthful enough and this is why we strive hard to bring you these legit companies and keep the fake ones aside from you.

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WowApp Review; A little insight

WowApp is a very interesting GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that is completely free to join. However, it is not the easiest to figure out how to use and it also has its drawbacks just like every other income program so to say.

Just few weeks ago, I usually get questions about how to use WowApp and how the earnings are calculated every day, so I decided to share this video review and tutorial so you can easily see how it all works and find out if it is for you or not.

In WowApp, you can find quite a lot of ways to earn as a member of WowApp – some of them are quite unusual compared to several other GPT sites.

You can, for example, earn by taking surveys, taking paid offers, reading news, shopping online, chatting and calling, and by surfing online. The great thing is that you can find earning methods no matter where in the world you live.

Did we just say the WowApp get paid to site is a worldwide program? Sure we did.

But it can take some patience to earn any real money depending on the earning methods you use.

Contrary to what you might think from the name, WowApp can not only be used on a phone. You can also use it on a computer but it, of course, also has an app for your Android phone.

Some of the earning methods are only available in the phone app but in general, you can use it on all devices.

The only big drawback on WowApp is the transaction fee when you want to cash out. This is something I have mentioned to the platform myself as it is quite a bit higher than on other platforms.

So if you agree on this and decide to join WowApp, feel free to tell their support this as well – the more times they hear this, the bigger the chance the will listen.

Now lets get down to what we should know about the WowApp Income program.

The WowApp Android App ( WowApp review )

WowApp has an android app that is suited to help you make more money as an android device owner. Here is a link to download the WowApp Android App.

How To Earn money on WowApp ( WowApp review )

There are several ways to earn money on WowApp which is not just what we usually see in the get paid to websites in Nigeria and they are perfectly explained below;

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  • Advertise Me

AdvertiseMe is the money you make by the different ads shown while you use the app to chat. Nearly every page of the app has an ad shown so just using the app earns you a small amount of ad revenue.

But make sure you interact with these Ads very well so as not to raise any suspicion.

  • Talk

You can call anyone that has a WowApp number for free and also make international calls for pretty cheap rates. You’ll earn 10% of what you spend buying points to make international calls or if you purchase a WowApp number.

  • Gaming

WowAp have 100s of games you can play, they show ads during and between games that earns you some ad revenue.

  • Instant Earn

This section has videos you can watch, surveys you can take, and offers you can complete to earn points.

  • Lock Screen Ads

Lock Screen ads are only available for Android phones, but you’ll earn 50% of the ad revenue you generate from viewing ads on your lock screen.

  • Shop

Similar to Ebates, where you’ll earn a percentage back of what you spend shopping online.

I would use Ebates if you’re interested in earning cash back online.

  • News and Chat

This tab allows you to earn WowCoins for making free calls, chatting, reading news, sharing files and more. These activities will pay you 20% of net revenue.

  • Smart Slide

This function is similar to the one provided by another app called SlideJoy. WowApp will pay you 50% of net revenue for displaying news and advertising on your lock screen.

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  • Smart web

This is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. When you use Smart web, you will earn WowCoins for browsing the web, reading news, taking surveys and shopping.

They say you will earn 50% of net revenue, but it’s unclear whether the different categories offer a different pay rate or not.

How does the WowApp pay its members? ( WowApp review )

You could get your payments directly into your Naira bank account if you are working on any Nigerian Get paid to site but that is not the case with WowApp.

The WowApp offers several ways to cash out your earnings including donations, WowCredit, Mobile Credit, Credit Card Credit, PayPal, and Direct Deposit. It seems that most of the options start at $1 or 100 points, but the credit and PayPal options charge a fee.

Direct Deposit does not start until $2.25, but there does not seem to be a fee.

WowCredit allows you to exchange points for credits that you can use to make phone calls. One thing to keep in mind is advertising revenue you earn is locked for 60 days before you can cash out.

WowApp Complaints

Notwithstanding that the WowApp have tried everything they ca to make people see the good side of them and stay clear from scamming people, several persons still have a very bad view of the WowApp and many complaints which ranged from;

  • Small Income

The WowApp is going to be a low income program without having referrals. There’s no way to earn more than pennies a day without having tons of referrals. It’s pretty discouraging to see that you used the app throughout the day and earned .53 of a coin which is $.0053.

From using this app for a bit, I don’t think you could stay motivated to use the app while watching your account balance go up less than a penny a day!

That could really be disheartening truthfully.

  • Its All About Referrals

I mentioned this almost already, but if you just use this app, you’ll be earning less than pennies a day with the advertising, so to make good money you need others earning for you.

Of course, most of you can get a few friends to join, but that’s still not much of a daily income.

In my opinion, this site is not worth it unless you can refer 1,000s of people that earn you ad revenue too.

Since most of my readers don’t have the ability to do this, I don’t think it’s worth joining.

Something else struck me while doing my research which is the fact that WowApp could look like scam to many people as programs like Fast2Earn are a complete scam even when reviewed by Mouthshut the sordid Indian review website.

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Is WowApp A Scam?


What does Mouthshut has to say?

Over half of the review of WowApp on Mouthshut spoke bad of the platform and this is a no brainier we have said this and we are still saying it again, reviews on Mouthshut should be disregarded as they tend to blackmail companies and then take compensation to remove bad reviews, I was review writer there once and I know what I am saying.’

Here is a link to Mouthshut review on WowApp.

After investigating the WowApp I have to say it’s not a scam, I’ve seen several screenshots of payments from the company, with that being said I don’t see how it worth it unless you’d like to take advantage of the international calling.

For someone just looking to make money, I don’t see the advertising revenue you can earn to be worth it.

I will recommend you just keep your focus on referrals and leave the side of watching Ads as it will not earn you much per day.

Here are screenshot proof of WowApp legitimacy;

WowApp review

WowApp review

WowApp review

WowApp Referral Program

WowApp’s referral program is significantly generous compared to many other GPT sites. The reason being that your referral network can grow up to 8 levels.

So, you will earn a percentage of your referral’s earnings as well as a percentage of what the referral of your referral earns, up to 8 levels.

How much can anyone really make from WowApp?

It’s a difficult question because WowApp only mentions the percentage you will earn based on their net revenue.

The problem is that you don’t know their net revenue prior to completing tasks so that basically means you have to accept whatever they pay you.

According to my research, I discovered WowApp pay rate is extremely low. Besides, it’s not difficult to find people complaining about not receiving WowCoins.

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Pros of WowApp Get Paid to website

  • The quality of free calls between wowapp users are as excelent as Skype and even better whatever the internet speed connection you have.
  • The fact that we can earn money as a bonus.
  • Don’t expect to get rich quickly with no one in your network. You need to build a quality and big network to have an interesting way to earn money passively.
  • Its free to join and free to earn.
  • WowApp offers 8 ways to Earn and Do Good from activities I do every day.
  • Every time we use WowApp, we Do Good and make a difference in the world.

Cons of WowApp Get paid toWebsite

  • You will need many referrals to earn some serious money.

The overall benefit of the WowApp get paid to website

  • Earn while you socialize:

Earn revenue every time you engage with people in your Wow App network. we share over 70% of our own revenue with the community(you).

  • Use your earnings to do a good action through Charity

From what you earn you can donate to one of the 2,000 Charities in 110 countries or cash out for yourself. The choice is yours!

  • Cash out for yourself to a bank account, credit card or paypal account:

Virtual currency named wow coins are automatically converted into USD once transferred into your account.

You also make money when users choose to use Wow App as a prepaid phone service and make calls OUTSIDE Wow App network.

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  • Save money on your international calls.

It’s always FREE when you use Wow App to Wow App: The communication in the Wow App network is not charged.

It’s paid when users choose to use Wow App as a prepaid phone service and make calls outside Wow App network . However, they pay the lowest rates.

Prices for chargeable calls start at 0.5 wow coins per minute for calls to the US or UK and reach 1 wow coin per minute for calls to India, for example.

  • Private Mode

get the best privacy feature where messages are deleted automatically when you end the chat.

Wow App works with mobile devices, running Android, Ios, Windows and Mac.

wrapping up on WowApp get paid to website

Many things could go wrong but we never said that the world of making money online has failed, at least not for now.

WowApp is a legit way to make money online without any investment on your own end and it doesn’t require any capital but just your android device.

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Take a hold of this opportunity now and start making money online through WowApp.

Signup on WowApp here!

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