SEOClerks Review 2019; Read This Before Your Next Purchase on SEOClerk.

SEOClerks Review 2019; I am not sure you are aware of these facts about SEOClerks but please read them before actually making your next purchase.

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So, you happened to need a quick service online, like ASAP, but you are faced with different options of where you can get the best freelancer to get your job well done without any flaws or qualms, just then you started thinking of all the freelance websites you know such as Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, and of course SEOClerks and something struck you to choose SEOClerks.

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I, however would regard you as a newbie not minding the level of exposure you might have been with.

I have worked for authority websites, hired freelance article writers online, created Logo and business-cards online and of course bought a couple web traffic packages online through all these platforms I mentioned above for myself and my clients but I have never came across anything that looks like SEOClerks.

This may sound like I wanted to give some credit to SEOClerks but like hell, I am not.

SEOClerks review in 2019


Yes I am a participant in SEOClerks and I work there and buy there as well.

As a result, I will be writing this review as a buyer and as a worker here on and I will challenge any fact written here if ever countered by anyone as not true, as I write all these with proof.

A few days ago, I was checking out SEOClerks reviews in 2019 online to know if anyone else was actually seeing what I was seeing but I was utterly disappointed that I only saw how to create more illusive GIGs on SEOClerks and make more people pay for what they are not getting.

That is not a good idea in any way.

I also saw a review of SEOClerks on Trustpilot and Mouthshut which is an Indian top review website just like Capterra and

The users in these platforms (Trustpilot and Mouthshut) had their own diversified opinions of SEOClerks but that notwithstanding, is not the bottom line.

As earlier stated in our previous article, I do not personally trust reviews on Trustpilot as I have seen several software and products I have used and they did not work well getting good and in fact, excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Besides, Fast2earn is not legit but the reviews on Trustpilot made it seem to be a genuine platform.

Speaking of Mouthshut will be trying to ride a dead horse.

Mouthshut is an Indian top authority software review website that trade bad reviews for a good one for a price according to a source.

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Here is the source below;

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

What does Quora actually think of the Mouthshut review site? See the screenshot below and note where you get your reliable reviews from.

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

However, someone actually made money but never got paid out;

SEOClerk review in 2019

In essence, these people who gave SEOClerk a good review are not worth being trusted.

I wonder how bad this could get.

Just a straight word here;

SEOClerks is a very bad business or freelance platform to get services from freelancers as many of these people are deceitful and lairs. I would recommend you tried out Fiverr, Peopleperhour and Upwork.

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Not for the fact that you will not see a very stupid person selling some stupid shits in these platforms I would recommend but the system itself is not stupid but the sellers and they try as much as possible to eliminate these sellers.

Note; Any service that you tag low quality on Fiverr, Peopleperhour or Upwork will be five times better than the same service from SEOClerks even at a more cheaper or higher rate.

Speaking of branding, SEOClerks have over 99% of freelancers with 0-1% knowledge in what they do.

So, before you make your next purchase or sign up as a freelancer here, you will need to be weary of these facts below;

Since this article is basically focused for the buyers, I will be writing on SEOClerks reviews for buyers and guides to follow.

SEOClerks review in 2019; A detailed guide for buyers


  • Almost all if not every SEOClerk freelancers are non legit ( SEOClerks Review 2019 )

You might be faced with the problem of having to cancel every trade you made on SEOClerk owing to the fact that these services do not get completed but they may be marked as finished by the seller.

In this case, you will request a mutual cancellation between you and the freelancer and you will have your cash returned to you in a jiffy.

SEOClerk when it concerns buyers is not ever a nice idea to buy from them.

Be it any service, as they tend to suck at everything.

Here is a whole list of what I ordered and later cancelled all of them as a result of not seeing any result upon the GIGs being marked as completed by the sellers.

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

SEOClerk review in 2019

  • Freelancers in SEOClerks are only amateurs and basically spam websites ( SEOClerks Review 2019)

If you have ever requested back-link services from SEOClerks, then you will be successfully spamming hundreds of websites in their comment box and who likes that?

All SEOClerks freelances who promise you a very good DA and PA do-follow links will actually go out there and start spamming websites with your link and this could get you penalized by Google search engine and you will loose your rankings.

You might be wondering how many of them get such good ratings and stuffs but I dare you to try them out and see how fake their services will be.

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These good ratings are as a result of…

  • SEOClerks freelancers do go out there to buy positive reviews in their GIGs ( SEOClerks Review 2019 )

Just in a bid to drag you in to buy from them, SEOClerks freelancers will go out to pay people to come to their GIGs and give them mouthwatering reviews and leave you always wondering if these guys are not for real, why then are there so many good reviews about them?

Funny thing is…

You never get to see a small priced GIG having so many good reviews but only the highly priced ones because they do know what they are paying people to give them the good reviews and as such, you shall be used as a bait to get laid.

Such as these;

SEOClerks review in 2019

  • SEOClerks freelancers are basically Indians and Pakistani who are second to none in spamming and scamming

For the fact that almost everyone you get to see on SEOClerks is either an Indian or a Pakistani should ring a bell that you are in for two things if you buy anything from this platform.

You either get;

  1. Scammed or
  2. You get spammed

Its your choice to buy from them or not.

  • Nothing is costly and everything is cheap

If you had done your homework, you will be sure that everything that is designated as free is not actually free.

They are always of the lowest quality and boasts of getting you no good result no matter how hard you try with it.

The most costly SEOClerks GIG can be found on Fiverr or Peopleperhour for two or three times the price with a satisfactory rate of 100% from the customer but that cannot be found with SEOClerks.

A friend and a contributor to our website, Owner currently do have over 500 positive reviews from Fiverr on content writing and a customer satisfactory rate of 100%.

These figures were not bought anywhere but from genuine customers and this cannot happen in SEOClerks.

Choose your next order wisely.

  • You must always get a substandard or even no result at all

Most times, when you purchase web traffic GIGs, the sellers will deliver these traffic in just three hours and you will not get to see any of it in your dashboard (Either wordpress or Wix) and they will claim they already sent it.

You might get to see a hundred visitors while you ordered over a thousand (Which is even fair considered to what worse I have seen with SEOClerks).

Same thing applicable to every GIG they offer on SEOClerks.

  • SEOClerks freelancers are cunning and shabby ( SEOClerks Review 2019 )

Ever seen a freelancer that refused a mutual cancellation of an order that didn’t go the way you wanted?

I have and this happened in SEOClerks.

This seller (name with-held) refused a mutual cancellation I initiated after I rejected his job as it something way below what I expected and in fact, I did not see any result.

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Thanks to the SEOClerks customer care that brought this issue out from his hands and refunded me, although it was only $5.

Last but not the least…

  • SEOClerks freelancers are the worst thing that will happen to any online buyer ( SEOClerks Review 2019 )

Every bad quality of a freelancer is what they pride themselves with in SEOClerks as freelancers.

They are usually;

  • Late in delivery
  • Lie about what they have to offer
  • Pretend to be good before payment and turn harsh after payment
  • Extremely bad writing skills regarding the SEOClerks freelance writers
  • Slow in discussions and never responds once payment is made
  • Never stays online
  • More and more and definitely more

Now, some persons may not want to be buyers but have a specific skill they may want to earn a living from and they will have many options to choose from as a freelance base such as Fiverr, Peopleperhour, and Upwork but they might choose to stand with SEOClerks.

I will have to point out to a single thing to you as a freelancer in or planning to join SEOClerks…

Do not be stupid, many freelancers with good skill and intentions towards buyers have been pulled down by the black-hat practice users in SEOClerks and they have been forced to leave.

I will highly recommend you go with Fiverr and start a life as a freelancer the right way.

Now, if we may wrap up

Being identified as a freelancer on SEOClerks could be one of the dumbest thins I have seen people do but the thing I find most dumb is people  who try to buy from SEOClerks as a freelance arena.

You will get below what you asked for and even may not be able to tell the good story.

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The only thing that you could be advised to buy from SEOClerks marketplace is the courage to say no and check out other freelance platforms which offer better services at a very good price or even less.

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