Bomsmovement Review; Make Money Selling Health Products

Bomsmovement review; Now you can make more than 50k weekly as a member.

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Now I understand that several Nigerians are doing whatever they can to make sure the NNU income program or the NNU version 2 doesn’t get t be the only get paid to website in Nigeria but I think they are have finally had success.

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Just recently I heard about the Bomsmovement get paid to program and I began to wonder what this platform actually has to offer and my wonder paid off.

A few days ago, precisely five days, a friend of mine approached me with the newest development as he is a die hard fan of get paid to do stuffs online and even currently a member of the NNU version 2 where he has made above #16,000 reading news and referring people.

I just got to learn about the Bomsmovement get paid to website and I decided to write him a review about this platform.

While I am writing reviews for these refer and earn programs, I do serve myself a disclaimer to exempt myself from taking any part in affiliating with these programs and I only write detailed reviews about them and whatever we write here is what you can trust as you will not be adding anything to our pocket if you registered through the direct links in this article.


Lets now look into what the Bomsmovement is all about.

What the heck is Bomsmovement?

The Bomsmovement is a website that will pay you for your opinion on health matters and issues as they are basically focused on health and its related issues.

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They do not pay you to refer people as you might as well join for free and make money with them when you comment on posts, share them in your social media handles, and also when you post or submit an article of your own.

The Bomsmovement is in one way or another better than many Get Paid To websites in Nigeria for the sole reason of no payment before you are granted entry and as well there are no refer and earn rules to make away with your payments.

They do have several sections of health and you must find what interests you and keeps you there in the Bomsmovement platform.

Now you do not necessarily need to comment on all the posts you see here and you will only need to comment on the ones you like so as to allow your comment to be meaningful enough to the readers.

Writing meaningless comments will go a long way to attract some penalty which you must pay.

The Bomsmovement is the best get paid to platform I have seen for now at least it lets you test it out and see if it is authentic but not loosing your investment alongside.

Now, how does the Bomsmovement work?


Are you looking for where to get paid to Write articles, write meaningful comments and share posts in your social media accounts without paying any registration fee?

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Yo might want to check out the

The offers up to N100 per post you submitted an dget accepted into the platform.

Are you a health lover, do you read posts on Nairaland health section and comment there, I think this is time you channeled your energy to what can pay you while you do the same shit for them.

Leaving quite handsome comments on posts is something you should get paid handsomely for really but several people do not do that.

This is changed as the Bomsmovement is paying you for your own opinion on posts they write in their platforms.

Here is a note of warning from the team.

  • Note: This is not a paid to read articles or click ad offer.
  • Your duty as a member is to read any of our articles of your choice written and posted by us, or any other members, or even post your article?
  • You can share to every social media handle you use and also to you blog if you have one. 
  • All you need do is send the link to us and get paid.

How to make money from Bomsmovement ( Bomsmovement Review )

  • Get paid to comment

(N10 naira per comment) A Minimum of 10 words is required for each comments and your comment must have a BACKLINK to Bomsmovement.

  • Get paid to share contents in your social media  

(N5 naira per share) You share must be backed by comment, 5 words minimum.

  • Write for Bomsmovement and get paid

(N100 naira per post) A Minimum of 100 words is required for each post & must be diseases caused by TOXINS and your post must have a BACKLINK to Bomsmovement.

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The above stated are the only ways to make money on the Bomsmovement but there are more earning opportunities in the platform as they are listed below;

  • More earning opportunities on Bomsmovement ( Bomsmovement review )

If you needed to earn more on Bomsmovement, all you need do is to increase your comments by their words.

Write more in-depth comment and make it look like you are opening a conversation and do not make it seem like a Spam because you needed to write more.

Higher level of comments attracts more opportunities and opens you up to earn more.

According to the Bomsmovement themselves.

  • How to withdraw your earnings on Bomsmovement ( Bomsmovement review )

Taking your earnings from Bomsmovement could be done through direct bank wire once you have been verified and there was no shortcuts you used or black-hat practices you used to get paid.

But there has been a warning and it reads below;

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A note on how to claim your earnings

  • Write down your comment url and for each comment
  • You will get paid up to N100 Naira per post you submit and get approved for
  • Your pay will be reviewed up every month depending on your level of commitment.

How to participate in Bomsmovement and actually get paid ( Bomsmovement review )

There are several steps to this and they read thus;

  • First step

Get registered HERE – to join us. (Ensure you put your valid details to claim you reward every friday.)

You must be a member to get paid.

  • Second step

You will get to choose any of the sections on our community, and write comments, share the written contents and post any article related to the section.

(If you post ABOUT any of the topic related on any of our sections – ensure you send the link to us using the email address below)

  • Third step

Do any of the 2 above mentioned and get paid easily.


For inquiries or to claim your reward send message with the subject;

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My Claim On Post.

Note: You are not required to do anything on each site except to leave meaningful comments on each blog articles and sharing it on your Facebook and Twitter.


Note down your comment URL and make sure you use your original email address in the comment section for verification and payment processing.

You can also get a notepad and list all the URLs of the comment you have posted for verification.

In the last side, please make sure you publish original contents in this platform as copied contents or Plagiarism will not be accepted or smiled at. You will be disqualified without any prior information if this happens.

It is very much important that you try as much as you can to adhere to these instructions to keep you in the platform.

Please take a strong note of the below;

We are not hiring you to click ads, all we want is your opinion on each articles and for you to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Note: It is not compulsory you make comments on all articles on sites you are assigned to, look for a post that interests? you and post appropriate comment, then share it on the social media.

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How about your payment? ( Bomsmovement Review )

Payment: We Pay directly to your Nigerian bank accounts that you registered with. REGISTER NOW!

There is no limit to the amount of work you can do as long as you are available.

Wrapping up on Bomsmovement Review

I do not like Get Paid To websites but I do think I fell in love with this one I just wrote its review.

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This is free, you can head over here and get signed up to get started but if they failed in their promise and did not get you paid then you do not have anything to loose but you will have everything to loose if you did not signup and use this free opportunity.


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