Is Peervally A Scam? Peervally Now NGPublish. A Detailed Review

Is Peervally A Scam? Peervally moved to NGpublish until recently and the NGpublish website is now fully functional as can be explained in the photo below;

Ngpublish review

Please note that this website has gone down for reasons best known to the owners but the new wordpress setup is still up.

Here is a full, detailed and professional review of NGPublish as it takes over Peervally income program.

This is a report at the time of writing this Peervally review but the NGpublish is quite open now and working and so is the pervally.

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I have not been a very good fan of make money online quick platforms and other refer and earn money programs but I sure do know that some income programs do pay while some do not.

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So, lets not make this about the bad ones in general.

Now, I know someone might be asking Is Peervally A Scam ( Review )?

Do not feel this is a scam by its name as I did at first before things changed for better.

While I am writing reviews for these refer and earn programs, I do serve myself a disclaimer to exempt myself from taking any part in affiliating with these programs and I only write detailed reviews about them and whatever we write here is what you can trust as you will not be adding anything to our pocket if you registered through the direct links in this article.


So, lets get started with the question; Is Peervally A Scam? ( review ).

Do not get me wrongly I will answer your question in one word but this whole review is just aimed at teaching you how to earn at least 5,000 daily on Peervally income program as I have seen it work for a close friend of mine.


Is Peervally A Scam?

Well, the answer is a NO. Peervally is not a scam program.

However true that may be…

Have you literally heard about Peervally and you might think it’s scam, today we will be writing a detailed review about the Peervally income program.

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You will find a well detailed and Truthful way of making real money on Peervally using this guide we will be writing on sooner.

Now, here is what you will know about Peervally.

  • What is peervally.
  • Who is The founder of peervally.
  • How  peervally works
  • How to earn on peervally 
  • How to register on peervally.

My verification of Peervally (Is Peervally A Scam? Now NGpublish).

Without wasting much of your time, let me detail you about Peervally!!

But, before we continued, let us clear this doubt you might be having…

Is Peervally A Scam?

Peervally is 100% Legit and paying members without Referrals. Check via and find details about peervally.

  • What the heck is peervally?

Of course it will not be far from the others, would it? Peervally is an online income earning platform mainly for reading news, it has an opportunity to read news and make money on there site without referring any single person

Yes, that’s the true definition of Peervally.

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  • Who is The founder of Peervally ?

Joseph Joe is a pro-blogger/Network Marketer Joseph Joe is behind and the owner of Peervally.

Peervally was Launched in Febuary 2019 and since then, Peervally have being running smoothly, paying it’s members without issues.

  • What makes Peervally legit and truthful?

Peervally is a registered company under the federal cooperate affairs company with the Number CAC (466473).

You know what this means?

Well if you do not, let me explain to you.

Once a company is registered under a Federal cooperate affairs, this means the company is 100% Legit, and No scam will be tolerated.

  • Now lets get to how Peervally works

Post Views

You get 3 Points per view.

Unlimited Post. This is quite simple and our main focus on this platform, all you are required is to view as many post as you can and earn unlimited 3points per view.

We publish over 400 post daily, if you can view just 200 daily then that’s 600 points.

This is fact stated from the Peervally website itself.

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Referring Visitors through Your link (CPC)

You get 2 Points per click with daily limit of 3000 views.

This is another simple method of earning, all you are required of here is to share post and earn for each click the post get, e.g visit any trending or eye catching post and share to Facebook wall, groups etc, once someone clicks on it you earn for that click.

This is a lot easier and also a good improvement from the other programs.

Sharing of post

You get 5 points per share. Limit per-day, 20 shares. For each post you share, you earn 5points, I suggest you share only eye catching post that will generate you clicks.

This is another good side of the Peervally income program.

Referring free members

You get 100 points per free referral. with a limit of 100 referrals per month.

You can generate 10,000 points + 10,000 Naira cash using this method, copy your points referral link and invite 50 referrals get you 5000 points + 5000 Naira cash, take advantage of this now while it last.

Now who could believe that free members will also get you some cash?

Post on forum

You get 2 points for each your post some one views, unlimited views.

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This method is simple and will generate lots of points for you, though we don’t credit you for posting but you earn points for every view the post get.

Comment and earn

You can also comment and earn but its totally optional as it’s not our main focus and comments are limited.

So its up to you to choose if you want to earn through this as well.

Referring affiliate

You earn 1000 per any body you refer and upgrade to premium membership, this method is totally optional and only available for premium members.

Making a withdrawal can turn out sometimes to be a little pain in the ass and as such, we put up a way to help you get your cash without going through much stress as we would call it.

  • How to transfer points to your wallet and actually withdraw them

So, you might want to withdraw your earnings…


For you to be able to withdraw your earnings/points, you need to first of all send them to your wallet.

All you need to do is login to your peervally account, in your dashboard, click on transfer and fill in the form, for premium members, click on transfer, then click redeem points and feel in form.

Wait for a confirmation mail of a successful transaction.

Note: you can make the points transfer just once a month, which starts from 25th to 30th of every month.

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We didnt get to mention how much you can get to withdraw as a member; as a free and as a premium member, so here it is below.

  • How much can I withdraw?

10,000 for premium members and we do not know how much for free members so take our word for it.

We already talked about how to withdraw your earnings to your wallet but we never extended it to how to withdraw your earnings to your bank account and here it is…

  • How to withdraw my earnings to my bank account

Login to your peervally account, in your dashboard, click on withdrawal, fill in your details and submit, with for 5mins your account will be credited.

Note you can only withdraw funds in your wallet, withdrawal is made daily with a minimum wallet balance of N1500 for premium members and N2500 for free members.

The above are the methods you can earn with on Peervally.

Bonus facts…

  • Now you see how legit and good to join peervally.
  • Once you Are a registered member on peervally, These How you earn Money on The platform..
  • On peervally, you actually earn when ever you Login to your account.
  • You earn per sponsored post you share on your facebook timeline
  • You earn  per page you view on the site, This can Actually be done unlimited times daily.
  • You actually earn per interesting and educating video you design and post on The site Believe me, with The above written there you are 100% Guarantor of Earning N1,000 per day into your peervally account!!
  • Lastly, you actually earn 1,000 per friend/family you invite into peervally. This can be Done Easily, Assuming you Refer 10 people daily, you earn a hoping amount of N11,000 daily.

Now, I know some people will start complaining about referrals, This does not mean that Peervally is not paying its members without referrals as this is the first and foremost rule they have on the platform.

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We wouldn’t leave you without actually telling you how to get registered on Peervally would we?

How to get registered on Peervaly?

First click here on these link peervally and it will take you to peervally registration page,were you will fill your details, you will have to fill your;

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Surname

Click submit, before your account will be on free member,on free membership,you do not have much opportunity of earning much money on Peervally, so you will be advised to upgrade your account to premium membership in order to have access and make money on Peervally, to upgrade your account to premium on Peervally, kindly login to your account and click on UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT, but first before you upgrade your account, you will have to contact one of Peervally admins to fund your your wallet before you proceed to upgrade your account, you will have to pay a hopping amount of #1,500 before they will fund your account and you will upgrade your account.

When upgrading your account, make sure you copy exactly the sponsors identity for Peervaly and paste it in order to successfully upgrade your account.

Please do not forget to use this Sponsor ID when upgrading your account (Peervaly)

You can contact this person to fund your wallet and upgrade your account, contact Joe Tee on Facebook, you can as well join Peervally group on Facebook for more details on how to earn money in this platform.

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Now again the question…

Is peervally legit? Yes peervally is 100% paying members without issues.

If you have tried NNU, wakanda and HIWAP and they did not pay you, I bet you give a try on Peervally and see the sweetness of peervally, moreover you don’t need to have one income source.

Some useful links and questions you might ask

  • Does Peervally pays without referrals?

Yes Peervaly do pay their members without having any referrals and I a sure about this.

After you have done your registration on peervally, go directly to your Facebook account and search for peervally and join there facebook group for updates.

I believe the Facebook group will be a good place to ask your questions and get first hand answers.

  • Wrapping up

Now I know that you might be afraid to invest in other refer and earn program as many have proven to be scam but I want to assure you that this Peervally platform is more that what you could ever ask for.

Peervally pay their members very well as I conducted a very vast check before writing this review and everything stated here has been verified and made sure of.

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Go ahead and get registered on Peervally and make money referring people.

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