Hostblast Review 2019; Worst Website Hosting So Far.

This is a detailed HostBlast Review in 2019 as this is the year they started making rounds in being foolish and quite bad in service, up-time, security, and pretty much everything else that even Whogohost I brand the worst web hosting in Nigeria is good at.

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So, I have been a customer to Hostblast in the past years and although they had issues just pretty much like every other web hosting company, their issues and customer treatment has never gotten to this height before as it is now.

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So, towards the middle of the year 2019, I started a blog for a client of mine and we sought a good cheap web hosting to use so she wouldn’t be spending much in her website.

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This was the reason that sparked this Hostblast Review 2019 and I promised their customer care that I was going to write this review and promote it so people will no longer buy from them.

This was how it all started…

While I anchored the clients website on Hostblast web hosting company, everything was good for the first two weeks or less, and then their madness started in full.

I experienced a whole lot of unpleasant stuffs while a customer to Hostblast and their services in my clients website in all angle but the least I could do was to ask for my money back which for a fact, I did and I got the shock of my life.

I for one do not believe such a huge company could be filled with bunch of liars and deceitful people but I just found out the hard way.

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Let me start with the overall services offered and state how each and everyone of them failed to meet what a normal website should have.

My personal experience that triggered this HostBlast Review 2019

  • Customer support ( HostBlast Review 2019 )

Getting a PIG to become neat could be much an easy deal to strike than having gotten a good customer support fro these folks.

Hostblast do not ever respond to customer reviews and they do not respond to customer support tickets and this is quite seemingly something they do as a result of the fact that they are aware.

In a previous chat I had with Hostblast, when it concerned my clients website downtime and up-time issues, they took approximately three days to type me a response and this is crude.

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Here is a screenshot;

Now, who does that?

I still sent some other support emails to them which they never responded to till now dated over three months ago.

In the aspect of customer support, I will brand Hostblast as very very poor, even quite beyond being poor.

  • Service up-time ( HostBlast Review 2019 )

Well, I will be damned.

If you could keep a gallon of water outside your compound during rainfall to be filled by the straight downpour from the sky without a collecting gutter, the you could deal with Hostblast web hosting up-time.

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Otherwise, you cannot.

My client had a straight three days up-time error for three consecutive times and they never acted like they are worried.

Now this is because I was speaking of the fact that this was obvious enough but according to Pingdom, she had several hours downtime while she wasn’t monitoring her website always.

This always happened maybe in the early mornings, or late evenings.

As you might know that Pingdom is a software that reports anything going on in a website.

Here are the screenshot proof;

Hostblast review 2019

I had 111hours downtime in seven days while using Hostblast for my clients hosting.

Here are other screenshots;

hostblast cpanel
Hostblast review 2019
Hostblast review 2019
hostblast promo code

The above screenshots are how many downtime I experienced while I used Hostblast web hosting to host my clients website.

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  • Reliable ( HostBlast Review 2019 )

Well, this is the last thin you might want to refer to Hostblast hosting as.

This web hosting company is not anywhere close to being reliable or ever being what people need even for a personal family website ( If anything like that ever existed ).

I will never recommend this web hosting company to my enemy, not to talk about a friend.

I had a very bad experience with them and for a fact, they never seemed to care about any of the problems I had with them, and that was okay.

  • Support ( Hostblast Review 2019 )

This would pretty much seem like the last thing they will ever do.

If you had a problem with them, they will take above one week to reply to your support ticket.

You might think trying to use support live chat or calling their support lines will give a headway.

But that is a no no.

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Live chat support is dead and phone call support seem to be worse.

When it comes to support, Hostblast has an award in very poor support to their users.

  • Refund of payment/money back guarantee ( Hostblast Review 2019 )

Hostblast makes it clear to their customers that they do offer money back guarantee but this would seem like a joke to me.

After two weeks using Hostblast and I got real tired of their mess and I decided to move to Namecheap, I requested my cash back on their money back guarantee policy and equally made a reference but I got nothing back till today.

Worst of all, they did not respond to the email and the support ticket I sent to them about having my cash back.

And when they did, they only told me that my website is okay and doesnt have any further issues.

I requested the cashback still as I need not their services no more and the support ticket has been open till now without any response.

Now, how is that for a result?

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Here s a screenshot proof to back my claim if you felt I was lying…

Hostblast money back
Hostblast money back
Hostblast review 2019
Hostblast review 2019

The above screenshots was their last response to me when I requested my cashback.

Up till now which is above a month, they have never credited me my wanted money upon the fact that I purchased their best performing hosting plan to go with.

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After going through all these, I will like to draw a conclusion on this Hostblast Review 2019 and also point out if you should be using it or not.

  • My verdict on Hostblast Review 2019

Hostblast is undoubtedly a very cheap chip web hosting company but they are really very much unhealthy for your business as they cannot even hold up a family joke website so to say where some family members come to upload their lifestyles and check back later just for fun.

Not to speak of a business website such as this one you are reading.

I used to vouch for the Hostblast web hosting company but that was as of before but currently, they are the worst web hosting company any business can even think of using.

Look beyond the cheap price and focus on what the quality could be as this is the worst mistake I have ever made notwithstanding they offer a very low price compared to Namecheap or Bluehost.

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Now if you needed to find out by yourself if this web hosting company is as bad as I said, you can take a hike and create a website with them and see what happens as I do know several people do love to see before they may believe.

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