Google Adsense Ban; What happen After Ban? My Verdict.

Google Adsense Ban.

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I could have called myself stupid for something I did sometime ago but I guess I wasn’t as experienced as I am now then.

When my domain was banned from the Google Adsense program the first time, I was too eager to get back into the system and as such I heard stuffs like;

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  • When you face Google Adsense Ban, you will not get approved again
  • Adsense approves a single domain into the Adsense program only once
  • There is not chance of getting back into the Google Adsense program once you’re banned
  • Adsense will know it was you trying to apply again
  • Change your domain and try again
  • Change your domain name extension and try again

This last option was the reason I changed my beautiful to (I never regretted it as time went by though).

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The worst of my silly mistakes that crowned everything was the fact that I had to listen to people and use all these tools to check if a website URL was banned by the Google Adsense program.

Tools like;


And a host of several others.

Truth be told, these tools were the biggest joke that ever crossed my mind as they read the same result for every website using Google Adsense Ads to monetize and the ones who do not.

Almost every website tested in these tools were baned from the Google Adsense program.


In our previous content we said something, if you knew me well, I am good at finding out things so I decided to take a hike and find out if this alleged fact about the Google Adsense program was actually true.

  • Here is what I did.

I took over six months to a year to study this and finally drew my conclusions.

Note: I will be using a reference to some websites owned by friends and colleagues as I used their case and mine to find out what was really wrong.

This is a website owned by a good friend of mine and a colleague and this was what happened while he used Adsense to beautify his website.

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Yeah I read the above right when I said he used Adsense to beautify his website.

Samuel Odamah is one good lad I know who earns a huge load of income through freelancing and uses his website dopitech to portray his writing skills and his thirst for technology as last I recalled, he was a tech GEEK.

He paid no attention to Adsense income as he was earning much from his freelance writing job on Fiverr.

Following up with the same step taken by 3ptechies Admin as a mentor and a teacher.

Some few months back, probably last year, 2018, Dopitech was approved for Google Adsense and he got the Ads placed in the website.

Although the Ads performed way good for the records but I gotta say, they didn’t make much money for him as of the time he had them in the website.

Besides he never really cared.

A few months later, one thing lead to another and he started having Google Adsense accounts approved for people as he sells it to them.

In my very own watch, he approved and sold three Nigerian Google Adsense accounts but all accounts were old policy Google Adsense accounts.

In the course of this, one thing lead to another and his Google Adsense account was banned (That’s to bad).

I spoke with him and he confided in me but not too long after that, he got another Google Adsense account approved with the same domain name making it five Google Adsense accounts the same domain name got approved for him coupled with the ones he sold.

He would always say, its all about the TWEAKS.

This was the first case study I took to clear m doubts that a domain gets banned from getting Google Adsense approval once it has been banned from Google Adsense program.

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But hey! I didn’t stop here.

  • Here was what I found out about on Google Adsense Ban

Before I decided not to make use of Google Adsense anymore and no longer hand in my cash into the hands of someone else and they handle it the way they need, I got approved for Google Adsense program just barely a month I acquired the website ( and I was really elated.

Now I could start making money online.

But I was utterly wrong.

Few months later, I was banned from the Google Adsense program as a result of accidental clicks which I solicited for but I wasn’t granted another opportunity.

But of course, I continued using writing and trying to see other means to make money online.

A few months later, I shabbily gave the Google Adsense program a try again and this time, I vouched to be more careful and t my greatest awe, I was approved for the second time into the program.

At first, I felt they didn’t know when this happened but as time went on I started using the Adsense and started making little income through it too.

I got to make my first, second and third withdrawal but just then, their madness started again and I was banned and this time, I didn’t know what the heck I did to them.

Well, most times, Google Adsense publishers get banned for no good reason.

  • How about on Google Adsense Ban?

This was a clients website, launched with the sole idea of Google Adsense arbitrage.

I started this website with my client side by side some six months ago and everything was good, we got Google Adsense approval in two months of starting the website and it was initially a scholarship website.

We aimed at moving it to sugar mummy website which is the best converting site for arbitrage in Nigeria as Nigerians do not joke with the niche.

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In no distant time we made about $350 and made our first withdrawal but it never lasted long and it was banned.

Being the fact that there was no other option for earning such high, the website was moved back to scholarship and in the space of two months, we applied for Adsense again and it was approved for the second time.

We started using the newly approved Google Adsense account till long on the said website but it has been taken down now for reasons best known to us.

These were the three case studies we took, which left us the below options and reviews;

  • When banned from the Google Adsense program, make sure nothing changed in your website such as design, pages, content, links (Incoming and outgoing), categories and tags, then in a long while, try again and see if you get approved.
  • Probably a month or two months you will get approved f you try again.
  • For those who still make use of Google Adsense eligibility checker tools like and, do not make use of these tools as they report false about your website.


Using try your website URL and see their response, even if you have Adsense in it currently.

I tried out with and here is the result below;


But the website is still showing Ads and earning huge from it as seen below;

Can I Get Back on Google Adsense Program After Ban

I tried out syphonnglobal thus a website from a friend and this was the result below;

Can I Get Back on Google Adsense Program After Ban

But the website is still serving Google Adsense ads currently as seen below;


I equally tried out lailasnews and the result showed this;

Can I Get Back on Google Adsense Program After Ban

But meanwhile, the website has been displaying Ads for over a year now as seen below;

Can I Get Back on Google Adsense Program After Ban

  • So here is my point on Google Adsense Ban…

Google Adsense can ban you and you will still get yourself back int the program in no time considering the fact that you did not make any silly changes to your website while this happened.

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Most Adsense ban on websites are usually accidental and they are always open to options of getting you re-approved again if you tried.

With the detailed experimentation’s I have taken, I will conclude to the fact that most web-masters who said and made people believe that when banned from the Google Adsense program, the said domain will never get to approve Adsense again were utterly wrong.

I have seen this happen over and over and the results have been quite different from their expert verdict, so to say.

  • So, how about using these silly websites that evaluates if a domain was banned by Google Adsense?

I would say this is a NO NO for me and it should be same for you.

Given the fact that I checked the websites listed above and all were victims of the same circumstance and also the is a very powerful Google Adsense eligibility checker tool but it has shown and proven to its vulnerability when websites serving Google Adsense Ads were checked and they were reported to be banned from the Google Adsense program.

  • Consider this situation for Google Adsense Ban…

If you are looking to buy a website from flippa, then the website was never serving the Google Adsense Ads currently and you needed to be sure if the domain was not banned from the Google Adsense program, you took to an checked its Adsense status and it was reported that the said domain was banned from Adsense program.

You are no longer open for the purchase right?

But hell no, it wasn’t banned but the tool malfunctioned.

So here is the deal, almost all Adsense eligibility checker tools report 99% of websites as banned by Google Adsense so, do not use them to check websites Google Adsense status.

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I would accord to the fact that there is nothing like a domain being banned from Google Adsense program but a website can also not meet the program requirement of the Google Adsense team but that doesn’t mean the domain name was banned from the program or anything of sort.


Your domain can be penalized by Google but this is only when it have to concern your search engine rankings and not just Ads serving. This is why several people experience drop in traffic when their domain was penalized by Google search engine.

Here is how to find out if your domain has been penalized by the Google search engine according to SEO-Hacker.

But you have to keep this caution…

Do domain name check anytime you feel your search traffic dropped too much than normal and do not trust the tools you used as they could be wrong too.

  • My verdict on if Google Adsense can approve your domain after facing Adsense ban

From what  have seen and experienced, your banned domain have every chance a newly created domain have at getting Google Adsense approval but this time even more.

But do not go around dancing to this and messing around with your website, it could be all a different story for you.

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For the Google Adsense users, you should guard your website the much you can and also try to drive more traffic to your website as much as you can but make sure you are not buying junk traffic which could also be the reason you may get banned if not the most checked reason.

We believe after reading this, you will have to reapply with your banned domain and if everything was fine, you will get approved just as normal.


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